Adplexity vs Idvert 2023: Which One Is The Best & #1 Ad Spy Tool? [Features & Pricing Comparison]

Adplexity vs Idvert

Adplexity and Idvert are both companies that provide insights from marketing campaigns across the world, but which is best for your ad campaign or spying tool? To find out, let’s take a closer look at each.

Marketers all agree that affiliates need to monitor a huge number of variables in order to be successful. However, rather than monitoring each element from scratch, affiliate spy tools allow marketers to see what the leading brands are doing and implement similar concepts for an increased chance of success.

There are dozens of different types though so choosing one isn’t straightforward but depending on your goals there may be better choices out there

Adplexity vs Idvert, which is better for your ad campaign and spying tool? Let’s figure it out in detail below.

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Adplexity vs Idvert


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Screenshot of Adplexity

Adplexity vs Idvert

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Adplexity vs Idvert

Features of Adplexity

Exciting landing pages for download

The AdPlexity landing page allows you to see a copy of the landing page. This is beneficial as it gives you an idea of what your audiences expect from your ad and how they will respond or react when they land on that specific web space which has been created just for them, thanks to this platform!

The redirecting ads tracking

A pop ad is a type of online advertising that consists of either a popup or underpop depending on which one appears after the user has completed an action. A popup advertisement will appear above what you are looking at while an underpop will be shown underneath it.

Monitor your ad banners

Banner ads, one of the oldest ad formats online, might be regarded as ineffective by some. However, when used correctly Adplexity can boost brand awareness and even help you convert users into customers!

Database that works in multiple international languages

Different regions have different preferences and you need to consider them when creating your advertisements. The images, symbols, and other graphic elements used are important to keep in mind but it is also necessary that the ads use correct language for their target audience.

Affiliates and network analyzer at its ease

The affiliate program is the ad format between advertisers and independent marketers. It includes different details, such as target audience, techniques allowed during promotion periods, etc.

Features of Idvert

Easy to analyze using visuals

The line graph shows the traffic on a particular day. By moving your cursor along it, you will find out how much of that is from Facebook, Native and Adult sources respectively. This gives us an idea about Idvert’s actual performance compared to what we had expected according to its claims.

Publishers analysis for handling data better

For a quick look at how an offer is converting, take a glance at the graph to see if it maintains a steady number of publishers over time. If so, then chances are that it’s converting well because no one wastes their time with offers that don’t convert.

Get access to the money page

The “Money Page” is the page on a site where you can buy something. It’s the place to be for marketers, so some companies try to hide their Money Pages from spying on tools like Idvert. But not us! We show every Money Page of different publishers in our database and it gives you tons of insights about how advertisers are selling things across sites that interest your audience.

Tracks a variety of ads for you

To explain how the same offer is presented to different audiences, Idvert shows you Device Types and Ad Samples for three specific ads. You can see that some Ads feature in every demographic while others don’t appear at all. It’s important to remember that these advertisement samples represent a small percentage of what has been created so far.

Tracks your ad domain with high-low feature

This would save time for research because it can help avoid wasting your efforts on sites that have no traction. Two, You are also able to view traffic stats from 6 months ago as well as which GEOs are responsible for the traffic so there is opportunity here in discovering new audiences!

🏆 Winner: Adplexity
Adplexity has all the features that a Ad Spy Tool should have.

More about Adplexity

Adplexity vs IdvertAdPlexity is the best affiliate marketing tool available today, and it comes with a monumental collection of features. With AdPlexity, you can see how different affiliates are promoting your product in real-time across the world! AdPlexity is designed to allow users to see the most profitable campaigns across a variety of industries. You can browse through offers from hundreds of networks, and download all creative elements in one .zip file for easy access.

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More about Idvert

Adplexity vs IdvertThe new tool, Idvert from social creatives and advertiser analysis spy platform is going to be your favorite! The system has some cool features that allow you to dig deep into competitor’s ads on Facebook or Google Search. You’ll also get a chance to see how cross-border ecommerce ad campaigns are targeting customers through COD and knock off advertisers in order drive more sales. The only downside of this software for us was its lack of focus on other types of advertisements.

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🏆 Winner: Adplexity
AdPlexity is the best affiliate marketing tool available today.

Adplexity 's Pricing

Adplexity vs IdvertIt’s one flat monthly rate for AdPlexity Desktop that will save you money. But if this is not the service that’s right for your business, we also offer other options to choose from below:

  • Monthly (Native Ads)- $199/mo/user
  • Annual (Native Ads)- $1990/year/user
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Idvert's Pricing

Adplexity vs IdvertIdvert offers One Flat Monthly Rate that includes services that are helpful to affiliates, such as marketing tools and the ability to track earnings. There is no set-up fee or monthly cost:

  • $199 per month/user
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🏆 Winner:
Both have same pricing plans, so it's a tie between AdPlexity & Idvert.

Adplexity 's Support

AdPlexity offers live chat and email support, so you can communicate immediately or start an exchange if your inquiry isn’t urgent. Their responsive team goes the extra mile to deliver a quick solution for any technical issue that may arise! We hope that you find the new service easy to set up and use, but if there are any issues or concerns don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

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Idvert's Support

Idvert customer support is always available to help you. Their FAQs, email support, and many more services are just a click away so that your questions can be answered immediately by our team of experts 24/7. Idvert has a variety of ways to get in touch with their support team. You can call, email them anytime or even find an answer on one of their many blogs.

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🏆 Winner: Adplexity
AdPlexity offers better customer support.

AdPlexity and Idvert both offer different advantages over each other depending on what kind of budget or goals the advertiser needs: one targets users based on their interests whereas the other focuses only attention ones that have higher buying power – this makes them ideal partners for eCommerce companies but also depends whether they’re looking at an early/growth stage company vs later in life.

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🏆 Winner: Adplexity
Overall, I recommend AdPlexity Tool.

FAQs (Adplexity vs Idvert)

πŸ‘‰ Is AdPlexity Accurate?

Before you choose a tracker, keep in mind that accuracy is one of the most important elements. AdPlexity has an internal structure with many methods to verify their reading's accuracy. They've gone above and beyond for accurate data every time!

🀟 Is There any Free AdPlexity Trial Available?

Depending on the type of platform you want to use, AdPlexity costs can range from a couple of hundred dollars per month to thousands. All platforms have their own price ranges and depending on your needs as an advertiser, this may determine how much money you spend in order for it all to work correctly.

πŸ‘ How Much Better is AdPlexity than Other Leading Tools?

The AdPlexity advertising platform is known for being among the most comprehensive marketing intelligence tools available to affiliates looking to expand their reach. The software provides insight on dozens of countries and multiple ad formats, so it's appealing no matter where your business currently stands or what you hope to achieve in the future.

πŸ™Œ How Idvert subscription works?

Idvert is a subscription plan that has an automatic 30-day renewal and will automatically charge for another period if the previous one expires. If you do not want to continue using this service, but know your account already generated charges, it cannot be refunded as of now. I hope this makes sense πŸ™‚

πŸ™†β€β™‚οΈ Does Idvert go with automcatic deduction?

Idvert will charge your account 1-2 days in advance. If you do not want to keep using Idvert, please cancel within the subscription period to avoid additional charges

🀷 What are the pricing of Idvert?

There is a free trial but only limited access. It allows for 5 searches and detailed reviews, however, you can also purchase the monthly plan at $199/month which would give you unlimited collections of your favorite ads and websites as well as full-version database access with ad analysis strategies such as black hat COD FP data too.