Anstrex vs Spyover 2023: Which One Is The Best Ad #1 Spy Tool?

Two ads spy tools, Anstrex and Spyover are the best to help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors.  Both are great tools to go ahead with and see the competitor ads. However, to get more insights on the features and the differences, let’s compare both the tools and find out the best one.

In order to know more about these two ad spy tools read on for an in-depth analysis of each tool including what they offer.

Let’s read to figure out which one is the best for you. Read on.

Anstrex vs Spyover


Check Anstrex $69.99/mo
Anstrex vs Spyover


Check Spyover $149/mo

Screenshot of Anstrex

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Screenshot of Spyover

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Features of Anstrex

Get the real secrets of the market

Find out what your competition is up to with Anstrex. Not only can you use this tool to research and discover how they’re doing in their marketing, but also the AI bot will do most of the work for you!

Inclining success graph using ads.

Conventional methods are the best way to market your business. If you want guaranteed results, it’s time to stop wasting money on trying out new things and spend more of your budget developing ways that work well with what you already have in place.

It helps you create your own community

You can always ask questions about the platform or if you run into trouble, there is a dedicated community of users and moderators who may be able to help. If you’re ever stuck on our platform or have any questions, there are resources online to help!

The insights of the competition

For example, images with catchy hashtags can increase conversion rates for businesses on social media websites. Campaigns are not limited to one aspect of marketing; they work together as a whole in order to make the most impact possible with your target audience.

It offers images to advertise

Advertisements are often difficult to get right. If you want to learn about what makes a successful advertisement, look at various ads and try putting your own spin on it! Make an ad that will work for you – start promoting once people see its greatness!

Features of Spyover

Making spy easy with innovation.

This powerful tool makes it easy to monitor your competitor’s ads based on the filters such as traffic source, affiliate networks and countries. You can also filter by devices like browsers or trackers so you can see their native ads in action!

Get a detailed ad statistics

Affiliates can use the data they have access to and it will help them prove if their offer is good, whether or not they should invest more in a campaign, and how ROI would be affected by future campaigns.

Get access to amazing landing pages

SpyOver is a free tool that allows you to view different types of lander formats such as zip files on your computer without any restrictions. In addition, use our tools to download images or icons for marketing campaigns!

Get access to Native ads

Native ad spy will help you to monitor and analyze ads by your competitor. This is not a hard job because we have done all the work for it, bringing this wonderful native ad spy tool to give us an edge over them.

Create strategies using excellent records and data

If you have multiple marketing professionals in your company who need access to data and reports but don’t have internet, exporting this information may be beneficial.

🏆 Winner: Anstrex
Free Dropship Ads Spy Tool and separate billing for Push and Pop ad Spy Tool.

More about Anstrex

Anstrex vs SpyoverAnstrex helps users run successful marketing campaigns. If your company is struggling to reach its goals, I highly recommend taking the free trial!

You can sign up for a paid plan after two days of testing it with no strings attached. The new marketing platform Anstrex is the perfect solution to all of your business’s problems. Sign up for a 2-day free trial before committing financially!

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More about Spyover

Anstrex vs SpyoverThe SpyOver Ad spy tool is a watch that cloaks you in invisibility with the power to monitor all of your digital advertising campaigns globally.

With over 15 ad networks, 6.4 million ads, and 223 thousand landing pages in 115 countries around the world at its fingertips, users have nothing but confidence when it comes to working with this ad-spy!

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🏆 Winner: Anstrex
Overall, Anstrex wins the race as it is not only more affordable but also has the top feature required to become the best media buyer.

Anstrex's Pricing

Anstrex vs SpyoverThis software is known for its wide range of features and relatively low price. It’s cost-effective pricing makes it a popular choice in the market when compared with other options that offer similar functions. Its prices are:

  • Solo Plan- $69.99/MO/USER
  • Bundle & Save- $139.99/MO/USE
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Spyover's Pricing

Anstrex vs SpyoverThe SpyOver platform offers you free demo access to test the accuracy and flexibility of their software. However, they are crafty in that a clever mind doesn’t need much convincing when it comes down to why only limited features are available during this trial period – after all, getting full use requires one of their paid plans!

  • Tarif Professional- $149/month
  • Tarif Corporate-$299/month
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🏆 Winner: Anstrex
Single Plan with unlimited data. Also, there is a bundle plan that is more budget friendly.

Anstrex's Support

Anstrex is an affiliate marketing company that offers access to competitor data, tracking software, and other useful tools. The Affiliate Offer Wall provides access to the 27 network’s information with over 58K advertisers in 15 countries as well as competitors’ most effective campaign strategies – allowing users improve their ROI through this new information.

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Spyover's Support

The SpyOver team is dedicated to improving its ad spy tool and providing the best features for monitoring native advertising. They are available day or night. The working hours of The Spyover Team are 8:00 am – 5 pm DEU (Germany). But what happens when it is not possible to send your messages according to your country’s time zone? In this case, our wonderful Customer Success Team will respond as soon as they can with high priority.

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🏆 Winner: Anstrex Spyover
Talking about support, there is a tie. Both companies offer top-notch support for the customers.

Two companies are vying for your attention in this marketing campaign. Anstrex and Spyover have a lot to offer you, so what will set them apart? We’ll let the features speak for themselves! Both companies match the requirements you need to be successful in your marketing campaigns–so it’s up to you which is best!

🏆 Winner: Anstrex
Anstrex is the champ of all native or push ads spying tool. It is very well-known tool and you can utilize it to get insights on ads and campaigns.

FAQs (Anstrex vs Spyover)

🤟 In how many countries does Anstrex works?

Anstrex Native offers an extensive list of 65 countries they support. Customers include multinational organizations with operations in one or more regions around the world. This includes their multi-national customers who are based out Australia; Canada; Chile; France; Ghana Greece Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Jordan Kenya Kuwait Lebanon Malaysia Mexico Morocco Netherlands New Zealand Norway Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia S Korea Saudi Arabia Serbia Singapore Slovakia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Tajikistan Thailand Turkey UAE UK USA Ukraine Vietnam.

👍 Does Anstrex offers free trial?

Anstrex doesn't have a free trial, but if you cancel within 2 days of signing up, they'll give 100% refund. This is just like having a trial period because it allows plenty of time to evaluate the software before making your final commitment. To cancel customer service will handle this for you as soon as possible!

🙌 Does Anstrex support banners and displays?

Currently, there are no ads available for Anstrex. However, this may change in the near future so keep an eye on our social media accounts!

🙆‍♀️ What is SpyOver?

SpyOver is an ad spy tool for anyone who wants to monitor and analyze competitor ads. SpyOver provides information on your competitors' latest campaigns without anything needed from them, making it one of the most accessible tools available today.

💁‍♀️ How do I Spy native ads?

Choosing the best native advertising tool depends on what you're looking to get out of it. If you want more data, then $249 per user per month may be worth it but if not, there are free tools that can give your business insight into how effective your ads are without having to pay anything at all! When choosing a spyware program for small businesses versus larger companies with deeper pockets -- do some research before making any decisions because they might offer different features or have different price points.