The Cheapest Cloud Hosting Companies – Developer-friendly servers

cheapest cloud hosting providers

The top cloud hosting companies emerged with the need for speed and scalability. Physical servers have not been very impressive in cost-effectiveness. There is no more hassle of limited storage of physical hard disks. Now you can sync with a cloud server and host all your data on block storage, computing machine, or on object storage.

The best cloud hosting companies offer you the best cloud solution with their powerful infrastructure and datacenters.

Cloud servers are not that easy to manage. You need developer-level knowledge to handle one. All providers will offer you developer-friendly hosting.

If you do not want to mess up with the command line code, consider using managed hosting providers. Most of them will host your website on the infrastructure provided by below cloud providers only.

There are many factors that can tell the quality of any particular cloud hosting service. But the discussion to choose anyone generally can be quite hectic. But, here we have a thoroughly researched list of some of the best cloud hosting companies/computing service providers.

Best Cloud Hosting Companies Pricing Comparison

4v | 8GB
1v | 1GB​
1v | 1GB
1v | 1GB​
1v | 1GB​
2v | 2GB​

** Updated on May 25, 2021

When it comes to talk about cloud, you may either choose to buy a managed cloud hosting or a developer-friendly cloud hosting solution. In this article about the best cloud hosting companies, I have listed the top 10 companies that offer developer-ready cloud hosting. You’re definitely going to have a hard time managing your server if you have no clue about a web server’s infrastructure and web-development. Trouble-free cloud hosting is what you need as far as you’re a perfect newbie to the cloud hosting world. People have named it managed cloud hosting.

Without much ado, let’s check out the top 10 cloud hosting providers and their top features.


digitalocean homepage

DigitalOcean is an USA-based cloud service provider. The basic services provided by the company include cloud servers for developers and scaling of applications on multiple systems. With incredible growth in last one decade, the company stands at the top of the market of cloud hosting providers. It a close competitor to AWS which is one of the top cloud infrastructure called AWS.

Below is the pricing structure to start a cloud compute server and deploy any of your favorite web-based application such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

Cloud hosting pricing by DigitalOcean

I have written a dedicated review of DigitalOcean which explains how to start a website on DigitalOcean cloud hosting along with the frequently encountered problems.

The DigitalOcean platform is easy to use and a scalable cloud hosting solution for your website. You can have as many servers as you want in a single account.

multiple servers in DigitalOcean

A lot of webmaster would like to keep every website’s IP unique. In that case, you can deploy 1 server for each website you host.

However, there are ways to host multiple WordPress sites on a single server. I have prepared a series of videos with the OpenLiteSpeed server to make that possible.

  • DigitalOcean platform adds many basic facilities including security, increased storage, and monitoring to run and manage applications.
  • Deployment of Droplets, a scalable computer service helps in getting a good and reliable connection.
  • Droplets also help in picking the price points that are beneficial to the user among data center regions.
  • Deployment of the custom image, standard distribution and one-click features is present.
  • According to the service you need, you can choose from – standard plans or performance plans.
  • DigitalOcean has a community-based system, which can help in exchanging the information and learning the know-how.
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vultr is one of the top cloud hosting providers

Vultr is not as old as some of the other offerings in the list. But they surely have done very well to make themselves a brand to trust. I have hosted my website on Vultr cloud hosting service for more than 2 years and I am really impressed with the performance of the smallest cloud instance.

As far as you don’t need ipv4 and can host a website on a IPv6-only server, the cost would be only 2.5USD/mo for a 1vCPU, 10GB SSD and 512MB RAM server. This is enough to start with cloud hosting and run a small WordPress website.

Vultr hosting pricing

And it was during that time that he decided to make a cloud computing service as simple as possible.

  • The starting services are easier to choose from as you get many packages.
  • Another great thing going in its favor is the hourly pricing model.
  • Deployment of a server is quite easy and many simple as well as advance options are present.
  • Vultr also has a feature called High Frequency Compute for hosting demanding apps.
  • Some basic features such as DDoS protection and automatic backups do come at a price.
  • You might get in a pickle while finding good customer support.
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The Cheapest Cloud Hosting Companies - Developer-friendly servers

Linode is an American-based company that does provide virtual private servers. Being in business for less than two decades, it has made its name a cloud computing service that has taken care aspect of users.

Here, I am talking about only the compute engine (standard linodes) pricing. However, you can also deploy block storage, S3 compatible object storage, memory-optimized servers, and a lot more with Linode.

Linode pricing plans

Check out the details pricing page of Linode or read my Linode review for more details.

The dashboard to deploy a new cloud server or manage existing one is very elegant. It keeps you updated about the monthly network transfer pool as well.

The Cheapest Cloud Hosting Companies - Developer-friendly servers
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UpCloud as one of the top cloud hosting provider

UpCloud is yet another company for your cloud server needs. I have been using a 10$/mo server for this website. It has been more than 6 months since I moved to UpCloud.

No doubt, the server’s uptime is fantastic.

UpCloud pricing of servers

It can be said that this company is better for those who know what they are doing and first timers may feel burdened. The security can get loose sometimes, which make it a quite big issue sometimes.

UpCloud is the only cloud service provider in this list that offers a 100% uptime on SLA. Furthermore, the resources are your own and you can deploy a high-performance cloud server today with $50 free credits. My UpCloud review explains almost all the features and products by UpCloud.

The Cheapest Cloud Hosting Companies - Developer-friendly servers

They have datacenters in more than 7 locations. Since the company is expanding their network worldwide and continuously working on launching more, you get nice perks.Also Read:

Detailed pricing and more Info


skysilk cloud hosting built for gamers, developers and bloggers

Launched in 2015, it is new in the market as compared to other cloud hosting services. Being a not so big name in the world is largely because of using its main and only language as English. Features like high bandwidth, manual backups, unlimited transfer, etc are provided by the company.

Skysilk hosting plan

It has become famous in the cloud computing universe due to its feature called VPS boost, which can help you get ready in advance for the influx of high traffic. It is great for all type of businesses as it gives almost every management option with affordable prices.

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Amazon Web Service

AWS - Amazon web services

Amazon Web Service, as the name suggests is one of the subsidiaries of Amazon. Launched in 2006, the company didn’t waste any time in climbing to the top. Especially in the last few years, company has been dominating the cloud market. Many other enterprises like gaming, media and healthcare rely on Amazon Web Service.

  • Windows as well as Linux based cloud hosting configurations are present.
  • More than 70 availability zones are present in 22 world regions.
  • Flexibility is high as there is no set plan and every user can get the experience they like.
  • Billing options are mainly put in three categories – ‘pay per use’, ‘save when you reserve’ and ‘pay less using more’.
  • Many security features are present including the assistance of Amazon Web Service’s team.
  • Due to being highly-customizable, it is not as suited to beginners as some of the other cloud computing service providers.
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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft azure cloud VM

After seeing Amazon’s success, Microsoft launched MS Azure and quickly became the biggest competitor of Amazon Web Service. Sometimes, it’s hard to find a fault in something and in this case, that something Microsoft Azure. Microsoft provides over 600 services in different areas of cloud computing. With almost 17% of the total market share, it can be seen how popular this service is.

  • Even though it’s a Microsoft product, you can still get Linux support but Windows is preferred.
  • Languages like Python, Java and Node.JS can be used to run web servers. MySQL databases can also be used.
  • Options such as deploy, test, build and manage are provided to give control over your projects.
  • The support team is one of the best as you can expect a big corporation like Microsoft to deliver.
  • Scaling on Microsoft Azure is one of the best in any given platform with customization given on every level.
  • Prices are affordable and better when chosen with monthly subscription.
  • Learning and using can be stiff for new users.
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Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform free tier

Now, Google is regarded as one of the best if not the best company in digital age. With so many products and innovations in Artificial Intelligence, media, machine learning, and other internet related avenues, it was a matter of fact before Google Cloud’s success matches that of its sister services. One unique thing about Google Cloud is that other technological companies prefer it to any other cloud computing service. With over 8% market share, it’s only behind Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud computing service provider.

  • As you would expect, Google Cloud do provide users with control with their multi-layered infrastructure.
  • Features like App engine, big query, Compute engine and Cloud object storage are also present in the toolkit.
  • With the help of many user-friendly applications and focus on intelligent analytics, this cloud computing service helps to provide an increased productivity.
  • Security is not an issue thanks to the multi-layered security of Google Inc.
  • Support is provided in various levels depending upon the category of problem. Two general levels of support are – basic level and role-based level.
  • The one thing in which it does go a little behind a competition is pricing. Google Cloud can get very costly indeed.
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kamatera pricing

Kamatera originated from Israel and has been present for a quarter of a century in internet based services. The company has made its name steadily by providing a world class experience. With servers in the most of the data centre locations of the world, the company keeps the quality of computing high.

  • Kamatera does provide with two basic packages – basic and advanced.
  • It’s the advanced package that will provide you with quite good service and options.
  • Features like the weekly reviews, DNS updates and log clearings will be provided by Kamatera’s support team.
  • Servers are highly customizable and emergency options like disaster recovery are also present.
  • Billing system can be managed as per your choice in hourly and monthly basis.
  • Beginners might not like the user interface as it can get complicated.
  • This cloud computing service can get costly.
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IBM Cloud

Last in the list of best cloud hosting companies is IBM. One of the oldest technological companies, IBM has been around since 1960s. Started their cloud service in the 1990s, IBM Cloud has managed to make its own brand thanks to its reliability image. The quality of IBM Cloud can be assessed by the fact that major corporations still use IBM’s cloud services. Banking sectors generally seem to love IBM Cloud all over the world with almost every top bank associated with it.

IBM Cloud Config
IBM cloud compute pricing
  • Services and solutions such as ‘infrastructure as a service’ or ‘platform as a service’ and Infrastructure Management System (IMS) are given easy access.
  • IBM Watson, a supercomputer processing service is provided to answer questions and can be used as an assistant.
  • The backup planning and disaster recovery method of IBM Cloud is surely one of the best in its class.
  • Free Lite account set up is not too hard and can be a useful starting feature.
  • As with some of the other names in cloud computing service providers, the pricing of IBM Cloud is not very clear and can be quite frustrating.
  • Complex file management system and not being very intuitive also work against it.
  • You can start a virtual machine on public cloud compute engine from $25/mo
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Your Take: Did you find the Cheapest Cloud Hosting Providers?

Above listed cloud hosting companies can help you deploy a hosting infrastructure of any need, any load and any purpose. You can 100% depend on any of the provider from the above list and stick to one after due research and testing.

Winner: Contabo