10 Best Online SEO Courses and Training Programs in 2023

In this article, I will show you the list of best online SEO courses by analyzing their characteristics. This would include cost, depth, and reliability of the proposed online SEO courses.

Let’s immediately take a small step back. Everyone talks about SEO, but only few know anything about it. SEO (Search engine optimization) is the discipline of the web that deals with improving the visibility and positioning of web pages of a site on search engines. SEO can be classified into two parts:

  • On-Page SEO (or On-Site): All the activities that could be applied to your website to optimize it like modification of pages, contents, site structure, and user experience.
  • Off-Page SEO (or Off-Site): All activities that take place outside the site, but have an impact on the progress of your site in Google and other search engines.

10 best online seo courses

What are you learning with an SEO course?

With an SEO course, you will learn to create, structure, write, and keep online the content required to position your site successfully on search engines.

SEO also means knowing:

  1. How to structure and manage a website.
  2. Know the importance of link building.
  3. Know the cornerstones of a site’s user experience.
  4. Monitor and read data/visits related to a site.
  5. Knowing how to develop an online project over time (in the sense of making it grow).
  6. Knowing how to observe and understand the choices made by the competition.

Who needs an online SEO course?

In my opinion, this is very important knowledge for many professional figures who work in web marketing:

  • For those who deal with Copy-writing: If you don’t know the SEO principles to position the text you are writing, you won’t go anywhere.
  • Very useful for any Web Developer, because it is precise during the web development phase that there is a risk of errors or bad practices that undermine the success of an online project.
  • Those who deal with Web Design and site architecture. SEO is also the choice of layout and order of elements (as well as texts and call to action/conversion points) within the web page.
  • If you are involved in Digital Strategy, or love to read Google Analytics data, or other tools for monitoring and analyzing online results.
  • In my opinion it is a strategic choice for a Social Media Specialist. Social Network management provides excellent writing and creativity. But let’s face it, social management is always highly inflated.
  • From experience, many Social experts have strengthened their position by becoming good SEO Copywriters over time. So, whether they are freelancers or employees in the agency/company, they do need quality SEO training.

With these premises, let’s see what are the best online SEO courses available:

SEMrush Academy SEO Courses

semrush academy online seo courses

SEMrush like all industry leaders offers its online training school and its certifications.

Within the platform we will be able to explore the various courses available. It has the functionality of the various toolkits explained to us and primarily act as tutorials.

The structure of the courses is simple and intuitive. It is divided into modules with the possibility of immediately putting into practice what has been learned in the tool.

SEMrush is also a well-known name in the world of web marketing and SEO. I can say that a certification issued by this company does not go completely unnoticed for those who work in the SEO sector and want to enrich their CV.

All in all, it is a positive experience, especially for those who intend to learn how to use this specific tool or who need a basic smattering on SEO.

From a support point of view, SEMrush offers different options. In general, the response times are quite short according to the different needs.

First of all, we can count on a rather broad knowledge base, full of guides and in-depth articles.

At any time, we can also decide to contact them by email, LiveChat, or even through a toll-free number.

The level of support, between training and direct assistance, in my opinion, is quite high.

  • Do you want to know if there are any active Masterclass discount codes or coupons available now? Check out this article to discover the latest deal for the Masterclass All-Access Pass.

SEMrush’s plans and prices:

Let’s talk about money, how much does everything we have seen cost?

Like most software, SEMrush offers different options based on how much data and how many searches we do through its tool.

The Pro plan starts at $99, and in my opinion offers ample room of use for small and medium-sized companies. Even freelancers can manage their site or create articles or campaigns for their customers.

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Brainstation Search Engine Optimization Training

brainstation seo training courses

BrainStation offers SEO/SEM & Analytics courses both on-campus and online.

The course is for beginners and will teach you how to implement an SEO/SEM strategy and analyze your results.

The course is 2 months long, 3 hours per week program, where you will learn SEO and Web Analytics.

BrainStation campuses are located across all cities, and they are constantly working with companies in a range of industries including Shopify, Facebook, and Lululemon to provide auxiliary learning opportunities for our students.

As a student, you will join a community of more than 70,000 individuals who share a passion for all things digital.

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SEO That Works SEO Training

seo that works

This course is teaching excellent content marketing and at a basic level. The course teaches you how to create content that has the best chance of succeeding, and then how to market that content to the right influencers.

The course shows you how to carry out research to find the right people who are likely to care about your content.

Then, you get admittance to some of the content frameworks, such as in-depth ultimate guides, extended list posts and roundup posts.

Once you’ve identified your link targets and the topics they care about, you can then look to create content built around these frameworks.

This program goes into outstanding detail in terms of how to structure your content, and the information provided is step-by-step.

You’ll also get access to some incredible content promotion, and link building techniques along with a selection of email scripts that are easy to personalize.

If you want to learn how to do content marketing and link building the right way it’s extremely recommended.

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HubSpot Academy

hubspot academy

The HubSpot Academy Certification is free, as is the majority of their training, so if you are in SEO, why not get the certification?

Will the world beat a path to your door, because you have the symbol on your LinkedIn profile? Probably not.

Will you have more conviction in your prospecting, blogging, networking, and sales encounters? Definitely.

Their training is second-to-none, which is why I suggest even beginners and smaller businesses who think they aren’t ready for HubSpot’s Pro or Enterprise editions, to start with their Basic edition to benefit from the training they provide.

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The SEO Playbook

the seo playbook online seo course

The SEO Playbook training course teaches you step-by-step methods to scale organic traffic and conversions over any website.

What’s Included in the Course?

A library of step-by-step search marketing processes you can use to deliver steady organic traffic and conversion gains for your business, boss or clients.


People that are an intermediate to an advanced marketer, who want to learn repeatable methods that will deliver greater results for your business, boss or clients.

You want to quickly build new skill sets that will make you a more worthwhile employee.

You are an agency who wants step-by-step training programs to get new employees billable faster.

You’ll avail from “over-the-shoulder” tactical walk-through that show you precisely how to perform specific search marketing strategies.

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ClickMinded SEO Training

clickminded seo training

This course from ClickMinded couldn’t be simpler to understand.

It will tell you virtually everything you need to know about optimizing your site for the search engines, without the technical language.

Whether you are a novice online marketer, or you’ve been in the business for years, you can get a lot from this SEO training course.

The guidance is broken up into little, manageable chunks, and those well-versed in SEO can skip the introduction if necessary.

What You’ll Get:

  • The Google Panda update, Penguin update, and Hummingbird update
  • The Keyword Planner
  • International SEO
  • Local SEO
  • SEO for mobile devices
  • Schema markup
  • Secure searches
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Moz SEO Learning Center

moz seo learning center

Moz is one of the greatest and most reputable sources of SEO knowledge. This is where SEO programs and training abound.

You can join many classes and study more about Keyword Research, SEO Site Audits, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Reporting on SEO, and more.

There’s even the opportunity to go for customized SEO training.

What does that mean?

It means you get to build an SEO team and Moz will grant them some excellent customized training.

This indicates you can have multi-day training events delivered via webinar or live at Moz’s headquarters.

This will eventually allow you to build your own in-house SEO team from the feet up!


There are many tutorials, training, and programs. This means the costs vary. You can pay as little as $99 or as high as $595.

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Ahrefs Blogging for Business

ahrefs academy

Ahrefs is the one of the best online SEO courses for beginners and businesses. Anyone that has ever tried to start a successful blog, knows the value of keywords and search statistics.

This all comes down to your SEO strategy, which allows Google to determine where you’ll be assigned in their search results.

This Blogging for Business course is principally targeted towards this type of traffic, SEO systems that will get you to the top spots in the SERPS.

One point I would like to mention is that the course is also concentrated on persuading people to sign up for their Ahrefs Keywords Explorer Tool.


Ahrefs is a well-known website that boasts many integrated tools that can be used to help you reach great heights in terms of rankings. Whilst most of these tools are expensive, they are largely valuable.

The fact that the course authors have access to those tools, provides them with outstanding knowledge in the SEO industry.

Added Humor

Having gone through the program, I really like the humor that has been included. It’s not much, but a little entertainment goes a long way to your enjoyment of completing any program.

No Fluff in This Course

Another thing I really like about this program is the straightforward approach. They get to the point of the message immediately without filling the videos with a fluffy dribble.

I find that if videos go for longer than 6-7 minutes, your mind tends to drift. Keeping these videos short is a winner for me.

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Yoast Online SEO Training

yoast seo online training

The Yoast Basic SEO program covers the basics of SEO. The program begins with a primer on keyword research.

After all, how can you optimize your site till you know what keywords and key phrases you need to optimize for?

The program discusses the basics of making sure that your website is crawl-able, find-able, and available by search engines and, more importantly, the people that use them.

Next, the program covers SEO copy-writing.

This part explores how to write for the web in a way that’s visually and intellectually compelling while feeding search engines what they need to understand and rank your content.

The Content SEO portion of the training relies massively on the fact that Google’s goal is to give the best ranking to content that best answer’s a user’s query.

Finally, Yoast Basic SEO incorporates UX and Conversion Optimization.

This part helps you learn how users interact with the web, and how you can use simple design patterns to nudge visitors toward the steps you hope they’ll take.

Conversion Optimization includes formulating hypotheses about how users will react to changes in your content, and then inquiring those ideas to maximize your conversion rates.

Yoast Basic SEO gives precisely what it advertises: basic SEO knowledge.

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Udemy SEO Courses

udemy online SEO courses at lowest price

Udemy is one of the greatest places to get some online learning about a lot of things and can compensate for your certificates of completion.

Most of the programs though are a little pricey, but there are many sales events where each program is $10 even for the most high-level ones, and there are easier courses that are free.

Udemy is a site you can go to gather lessons about the topics that you like and you can keep for a lifetime.

Get Udemy SEO Courses


Buying one of the best SEO courses is essential to better launch your online business.

If you want to be at the top of Google, then choose any of the top online SEO courses.

You will also discover some tricks of the trade to position yourself faster than your competitors.

Now it’s up to you which course suits you best!