Best 💰 Paid Surveys – Earn Money Online in 2023

The best survey websites provide opportunities to earn money by sharing your ideas. Some allow you to exchange your points for gift cards. Through third-party platforms like PayPal, some surveys offer cash payouts. It’s crucial to have reasonable expectations. Although doing surveys for cash is a simple method to work from home and earn incentives during downtime, it won’t make you wealthy. 

With that in mind, the best thing you can do if you believe doing online surveys would be for you is to look for multiple reliable survey websites and join more than one. You will always have paid surveys available to do in this manner.

Top 10 List of the Best Paid Surveys in 2022

Here is my selection of the top survey websites to use in 2023 for making money online. You get paid for doing premium surveys and can withdraw your earnings through PayPal, Gift cards, or Cryptocurrency.


pawns app by iproyal is a paid survey service that enables anybody to earn money online by taking surveys. provides you with a passive income. By participating in surveys, you can earn money while helping our associates develop better products in fashion, cosmetics, technology, politics, and more. 

You can install their android app from the official Google Play Store and start making money by doing survey from time to time.

pawns app on google play store

Your rewards are determined by the number of surveys you complete, and the length of time you keep the program operating.

After you earn money, the withdrawal process is also pretty easy. You just need to set it up in your account.

pawns app payment withdrawal process

If you spend more time online, you may be able to make more money. Pawns app users may earn anywhere from $5 to $140 per month when their app is active on their smartphone. The current fee for each shared 1GB is 0.20 USD.

2. Lifepoints

lifepoints google play store android app

Lifepoints has reportedly given out over $22 million to its subscribers in the last year alone. Of course, you can do that when you have millions of subscribers in more than 40 countries. Every day, Lifepoints users discuss their thoughts on various goods and services. Additionally, you get to express opinions on some very fascinating topics. 

It claims that items like anti-lock brakes, child safety seats, and even cash incentive credit cards were inspired by its members. This is how it goes: The firm sends you surveys via email, and you may participate. 

There are times when you’ll be given “diaries” to record your actions, mannerisms, or routines. You can also get free goods to test out. Sports, travel, health, and other everyday living topics are covered. 

The benefits are also rather tasty. The LifePoints catalog offers hundreds of choices, including being paid in cash through PayPal. Starbucks, Amazon, and iTunes are more choices. You may even give your points to a good cause.

3. InboxDollars

inboxdollars - get paid for taking surveys or playing games

This year, InboxDollars has remained among the top survey websites. One of my favorite features is that InboxDollars eliminates the need to deal with points. Instead, you only conduct internet surveys and other tasks for money. In this manner, you are constantly aware of your actual income. There are several methods to make money with InboxDollars. If doing surveys isn’t your thing, you may also play games, view movies, and buy online—all activities you might already be engaging in. 

Even redeemed coupons and email reading may earn you money! Survey payouts vary, but the majority pay between 50 cents and $5.00 and take between three and 25 minutes. Just from InboxDollars surveys, you could make an additional $365 yearly, even if you completed two 50-cent surveys daily. You may accumulate substantial cash if you engage in further online activities and sign up for more survey websites.

4. Toluna

toluna homepage for survey taking

Earn money by sharing your knowledge and influencing well-known companies like Coca-Cola, Amazon, and Expedia. Use an iOS or Android smartphone to sign up as a Toluna Influencer. Toluna gives its users points for completing surveys and polls, participating in games, and introducing friends. There is a vibrant online community where anyone may publish their articles and polls. 

You can earn up to 1,000 points for superior material. Surveys usually pay 15 to 50,000 points depending on their duration, and a daily sweepstake gives an active Toluna Influencer 1,000,000 points. Use PayPal to exchange points for gift cards, cash, or other prizes – whatever suits your needs! Although using points isn’t as simple as using money, 30,000 points are equivalent to around $1.

5. MySoapBox

mysoapbox homepage

Talk about the things you purchase, use, and do every day. Share your ideas and experiences. Enjoy it?     You may want to try MySoapBox. Earn points by participating in research and polls, then exchange them for gift cards to stores you already frequent. 

Amazon, Walmart, Target, Apple, Home Depot, and more retailers come to mind. There are two distinctive features of MySoapBox. Before redeeming your points, the firm first asks you to wait a bit. In particular, you must accumulate 25,000 points before you may use your points for the first time. (Most surveys start paying when you reach 750–1,500 points.) 

By doing this, MySoapBox hopes to build a community of active users rather than simply visitors looking to make a quick buck. But if you hang in there, there will be plenty of chances to rack up the points, and it will be well worth your while. 

MySoapBox also supports the neighborhood. Members decide the charity the business supports each month. Past causes have included the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the American Bird Conservancy, and the Alzheimer’s Association. So far, MySoapBox has given more than $30,000.

6. Swagbucks

swagbucks for surveys to earn money onliine

Swagbucks is among the top survey sites since it offers many options to get money. Members have received incentives worth more than $470 million! Start by participating in paid surveys. Then, to earn extra rewards, browse the web, view movies, play games, and purchase online. Numerous of those choices are included in the free smartphone app as well. How simple was that? You have a variety of options at Swagbucks for using your points.

To begin with, you may use Paypal to exchange your points for cash. It’s OK if you’d like to buy some gift cards. You may exchange your points for credit at merchants like Walmart and Amazon, among others. The organization reportedly distributes 7,000 gift cards every day, according to Swagbucks! 

With good reason, Swagbucks has long been one of the most widely used online survey platforms. The majority of these businesses offer free memberships. And although it varies among offers, some of the income options are incredibly high.

7. Survey Junkie (coming soon)

One of our favorites, Survey Junkie, is still one of the top-paid survey websites. It’s one of the most popular and has over 3 million members. One of my favorite features is that Survey Junkie is fast and straightforward. Just create a free account, fill in your information, and you may start earning money from surveys right now. 

The best part is exchanging your points for cash (through PayPal or direct bank transfer) or gift cards! To pay out, you need 500 points worth $5. With Survey Junkie, you can do paid surveys on any device and from any location. You may sit down and start earning some fast, simple money as long as you have an internet connection. It is that easy.


surveyclub community

SurveyClub is undoubtedly one of the best survey sites available, with many possibilities to earn. The research recruiting platform SurveyClub was founded in 2005 and had a long history of connecting consumers with paid survey and study opportunities. 

Researchers, product testers, focus groups, clinical trials, and more are available to members and surveys for cash. You’ll get possibilities that are local when appropriate. While other changes may pay cash, sweepstakes entries, or prizes, surveys pay in Amazon gift cards. Naturally, there is no fee for registration. Select whether to get opportunity updates by text or email. SurveyClub is a site you should certainly check out if you’re interested in these kinds of chances.

9. Panda Analysis

Panda Research is another one of my favorite survey websites. You may do paid surveys here and be paid up to $50 each. Even if your earnings vary depending on the deal, that’s still a fantastic sum. You don’t even need to wait that long to get your money since PayPal processes payments twice every month. 

Panda Research offers discounts, promotions, and prizes in addition to survey-paying opportunities. Even reading your emails and referring friends can earn you money! Enrolling is quick and straightforward. Just enter your name and email address and answer a few questions. You may terminate your account at any moment, and membership is free.

10. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion completes our ranking of the top survey websites. Every time a user of this website responds to a survey or participates in a research study, they get compensated. Additionally, they could be given free goods to try before being asked for feedback. 

American Consumer Opinion surveys typically pay between 100 and 5,000 points and take about 10 minutes to complete. Once they have 1,000 points, members may pay out their remaining amount. At one cent for each topic, it is $10. Payments are often made through PayPal, but you can also turn them into entries for prizes/

Conclusion – The Best Website for Paid Surveys

You have it now! We hope you have enjoyed reading about the top paid surveys websites of the year. Again, I’d strongly advise signing up for numerous of these websites, so you have a steady stream of paid surveys to do.