10 Best SERP Tracking Tools In 2023 For Accurate SEO- Find Out Which Is Best SERP Tool For You?

You’ve decided to track your rankings on SERPs with one of the best SERP tracking tools, but you have no idea where to start.

As a part of today’s post, we’ll review the 10 best tools for monitoring your search engine results pages.

10 Top SERP Tracking Tools

#1. ProRankTracker

proranktracker- serp tracking tool

It was developed for companies of all sizes, and even individual users, to analyze and understand the position of their website in search engine results. For the most accurate and up-to-date SERP ranking statistics, ProRankTracker has the most accurate algorithm. Tracking Amazon products is made easy with the eCommerce site tracking feature.

The nice thing about ProRankTracker is that it provides you with the best reporting options to analyze and report your success.

It is free to add multiple users to your ProRankTracker account, unlike SEMrush, which charges extra for additional users.

Features of ProRankTracker

1. High-Accuracy Algorithm

When it comes to rank-tracking, accuracy is key. That’s why ProRankTracker uses the most accurate algorithm of any tool on the market.

This algorithm outperforms any competitor, giving you the most accurate, up-to-date results on your website’s ranking (deep to the top 100 results). With this level of accuracy, you can be confident that you’re always making the most informed decisions about your SEO strategy.

2. Multi-Lingual

ProRankTracker has a common language translation feature that helps users to translate the interface into various languages. Some of the languages that were supported include English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Arabic.

3. Web-Based Tracking for Ease of Use

There is a release of the new version of ProRankTracker®. With this release, they’ve improved web-based application features, including some you’re definitely going to enjoy. Plus, it’s still free.

Pricing of ProRankTracker

ProRankTracker offers four different types of packages for Enterprise customers. The base package is Bronze which includes 300 terms. The other three packages are Silver, Gold, and Pro Rank Tracker’s Elite Package which include 1500 terms each. The higher the package, the more terms you get for your money.

Enterprise customers also have different pricing options depending on how many terms they would like to track.

Pros & Cons of ProRankTracker


1. ProRankTracker is one of the most popular rank tracking tools available.

2. It offers amazing features for checking your website’s SEO rankings.

3. It provides a detailed picture of how your website is performing.

4. It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

5. You can track your website’s rankings for an unlimited number of keywords.

6. It offers real-time ranking updates.

7. It has a comprehensive range of reporting features.

8. The customer support is excellent and always available to help you out!

9. The price is very low considering what you get for your money.


  • One of the cons of ProRankTracker is that you have to pay for each term.


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#2. SERPWatcher – Mangools (KWFinder)

serpwatcher review

Mangools’ SERPwatcher includes four other tools – Link Miner, SERP Checker, KWFinder, and SERP Profiler.

My list of top 10 SERP tracking tools is topped by this tool since it’s affordable, easy to use and trusted by leading brands like Adidas, Alexa, and Airbnb.

Anyone with the link can access the interactive report. Different options can be used to filter it, such as the time period. SERPWatcher also provides scheduled and event-based reports so you’ll be updated on any crucial changes.

This feature informs me via email when there is something new on my reports that I need to pay attention to. Checking for new updates does not require logging into the system.

Features of SERPWatcher

1. Tracking

SERPWatcher lets you track your website’s search engine rankings for an unlimited number of domains. You can also narrow down your data tracking based on country, state, or city. This way, you can get a more detailed picture of how your website is performing in different parts of the world.

2. Dashboard

The SERPWatcher dashboard is a great way to get an overview of all your data in one place. You can manage your time frame for the position progress of the keyword, choose to export the keywords from here, filter them by your preferences, and more.

In the right-hand side column of the dashboard view your current dominance index plus a chart of its progress throughout the month, view a table of your top keyword rankers and outrankers, and your keyword position flow which basically gives an overview of how you’re doing overtime.

It’s a great way to keep track of your progress and see what’s working well for you.

3. Reports

The SERPWatcher tool offers a variety of different reports, alerts, and sharing features so you can be sure you always have the most up-to-date information on your SEO progress.

The reports are designed to track SERP in real-time so they’re always updated and shifting along with the SEO landscape. This way, you’ll be able to see how the SERP of your keywords changes when you start tracking them through SERPWatcher.

And if that wasn’t convenient enough, the automatic alerts feature sends you updates on any changes in the SERP so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Pricing of SERPWatcher

There are three different pricing plans, which are the Basic, Premium, and Agency. The prices are $29.90 USD/month billed annually, $49 USD/month billed monthly, and $79.90 USD/month billed annually. The Agency pricing plan includes 1,200 keyword lookups daily.

SERPWatcher is a great tool for people who are looking to get an edge on their competition. The different pricing plans make it affordable for everyone, and the amount of data that is available makes it the perfect tool for agencies and businesses alike.

Pros & Cons of SERPWatcher


1. SERPWatcher is an easy-to-use, all-in-one dashboard.

2. It provides you with an overview of your keyword’s SERP performance with all the relevant data available to you at a glance.

3. By adding in keywords as you see fit you’re able to create a custom menu of keywords that you can manage data for without overflowing your dashboard with irrelevant keywords or SERP data that you’re not interested in tracking.

4. Make use of the convenient email update feature to get real-time updates when your keywords enter or leave the top 10 ranking positions (and thus, the first page of search engine results).


1. There is no free trial available.

2. The pricing structure can be a bit confusing for first-time users.

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#3. SERPWoo

serpwoo rank tracker

Among the many tools you can use to track the top 100 pages of any website, SERPWoo monitors more than 130 million domains and URLs daily.

You can use this tool to check and analyze historical SERP results to make informed decisions based on the reasons why your competitors rank higher.

This tool will help you understand how and why certain websites are ranking, why there is a change in positions in the SERPs, and why these websites are attracting organic traffic.

My favorite feature of SERPWoo was its SERP analysis.

The user interface is colorful and packed with graphical information related to your SEO projects.

Features of SERPWoo

1. SERP Analysis

SERPWoo is a tool that helps you track your site’s position in the search engine results pages (SERPs). It also provides you with an overview of your site’s performance, including changes in position and a color-coded graph showing an aggregated view of the rankings for your domain or URL.

SERPWoo is a great tool for any SEO practitioner. It enables you to track your site’s progress and make changes accordingly. You can also use SERPWoo to compare your site’s performance against your competitors.

2. Locality

Locality allows you to narrow down the search results for rankings for businesses that may be targeting a specific market.

The locality feature on SERPWoo is easy to use — simply type in or select from a list of cities on the map. Website owners can now keep up with local competitors as well as national websites by comparing their rankings against those sites.

Please note: SERPWoo does not provide access to Google’s keyword tool, which is an added-value feature of Google’s premium accounts. If you are looking for this information, we recommend upgrading to a premium account.

3. Alerts

It’s always refreshing when an SEO tool offers you something different. SERPWoo is no different, with the Alerts feature they have. This feature will let users know whenever one of their domains/URLs changes across any of their projects.

This is a great way to be able to quickly review ranking changes, rather than having to manually check every project in the morning or evening.

It also lets users choose which mode they want SERPWoo to display alerts in – either Projects or Classic. Projects will sort the alerts based on projects, while Classic will list them based on recency of change, among other things.

SERPWoo’s Affiliate Program

SERPWoo’s Affiliate Program is perfect for people who are looking to increase their income. Not only does it offer recurring payments, it also offers up-to-date reporting that is available in real-time.

A referral newsletter is also released that is jam-packed with helpful content marketing tips and tricks. As an affiliate, self-signing yourself up as one of your referrals will get you thrown out of the program!

Lastly, affiliates are able to create custom URLs to make getting paid even easier!

Pros & Cons of SERPWoo


1. SERPWoo is an SEO software that has a vast amount of data to help businesses make informed marketing decisions.

2. It bridges traditional rank tracking with deep data analysis from social signals and 3rd party data sources.

3. SERPWoo tracks, monitors, analyzes and saves the keywords’ SERP archives.

4. It also provides quick external links to Moz, Alexa, OpenLinkProfiler, Netcomber, Moonsearch, and more.

5. Keyword research is one of the main features of SERPWoo.

6. It monitors brands for online reputation management (ORM).

7. On-page SEO analysis is another key feature of SERPWoo.

8. Rank tracking is also included in SERPWoo.

9. The top 100 SERP view is another useful feature of this software.

10. PDF reporting can be sent to clients to keep them updated on the campaign’s progress.


The cons of SERPWoo include the following:

-The lack of a full-screen mode

-Lack of an offline mode

-Issues with scrolling

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#4. AccuRanker


AccuRanker tops my list of the best online SERP trackers due to its user-friendly interface and high level of data accuracy.

AccuRanker’s integration with Google Analytics and Search Console is one of my favorite features.

In the screenshot, you can see how the “pageviews” metric is displayed right in the report once your site is integrated with Google Analytics, for example.

In addition to looking at rankings and visitors metrics side-by-side, you will be able to determine if traffic loss or gain is occurring as a result of ranking fluctuations, and you will be able to adapt the content accordingly.

The Google Analytics traffic mapped to your rankings can be very useful when you’re looking at the historical data of a keyword.

A noteworthy feature is the comparison of historical competitor rankings. When you are tracking any keyword, AccuRanker also keeps a record of changes in your competitors’ rankings too.

AccuRanker is a web-based software that offers excellent customer service and support. It offers many features, such as unlimited users and unlimited reports. AccuRanker also has a user-friendly interface for desktop and mobile platforms!

Features Of AccuRanker

1. Keyword Dashboard

The Keyword Dashboard displays the ranking information of individual keywords and keyword groups on a scale of 0 to 100.

Hundreds of keywords and keyword groups can be sorted and filtered by different data points such as Organic Positions, SEM Competitor Positions, AccuRanker Score, AccuRanker Rank, Google Searches per Month, YouTube Views per Month, Social Shares per Month, etc.

Users can also add notes to any keyword or keyword group on the dashboard (e.g., “this is my competitor”). Any note will appear in real-time in all search reports for that keyword or group.

AccuRanker is currently available as a 100% free alternative to other premium rank tracking services such as Spyfu, Ahrefs, and SEMrush!

Users can track rankings data for up to 100 keywords or keyword groups per account. Paid accounts are also available.

2. Multiple Search Engines

The Multiple search engine & locale features of AccuRanker helps you to get rankings from different regions and also in different languages.

You can add as many tags as you want and also choose the location you would like to see ranking information for. Once again, this is a really easy process and can be done in just a few seconds.

The tag clouds feature is a great way to see what keywords you are targeting and how well you rank for them. The bigger the word, the higher your ranking for that keyword. This can be really helpful in identifying new opportunities and also tracking progress over time.

3. 3rd Party Integration

AccuRanker’s 3rd Party Integration feature makes it easy to connect with a range of different services, from Google Analytics to Adobe Analytics.

This provides users with more in-depth data on their website traffic and landing pages. The integration also makes it easy to track how well your SEO campaigns are performing. Overall, AccuRanker is a data-centric tool that is perfect for professionals who need to track their website’s performance.

Pros & Cons of AccuRanker


  • Excellent customer service and support: AccuRanker provides individualized service for its customers with accurate answers to any questions you may have. All the features on Accuranker are accessible at all times which gives you instant access to them when needed, unlike other rankers.
  • Unlimited users: AccuRanker is great if your company or agency has multiple people checking rankings because it allows you to upload as many as you want onto the system. It also allows you to track rank changes for as many keywords as you need.
  • Unlimited reports: With AccuRanker, you can create as many reports as needed and produce as many changes over time. This software allows you to analyze the results of your optimization strategies without having to pay incredibly high costs for other programs that offer similar features! Not to mention, you get all of this for a very affordable price.


The downside of Accuranker is that it’s expensive for small businesses to afford. The other downside is that it takes a lot of time to learn to use the program.

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#5. Ahrefs

ahrefs academy

The Ahrefs all-in-one SEO tool will allow you to not only identify the best keywords to rank for but also monitor their performance in search results. A keyword update takes place every 7 days.

Although daily updates won’t matter much since we tend not to act impulsively based on daily fluctuations, they are nonetheless a useful feature.

This tool has a very powerful keyword research and backlink tracking feature, which I liked. In our business, we use Ahrefs on a daily basis for SEO.

Just as with SEMrush, it is not recommended to buy Ahrefs for rank tracking only. You should buy Ahrefs if you’re in SEO and do not have it. SEMrush also features a feature to track your search engine position.

With the position tracking feature, you can see the SERP features that you have won with your target keywords.

Features of Ahrefs

1. Ahrefs rank 

Ahrefs rank is based on the volume of organic traffic a site is getting. It is better than Alexa rank. Ahrefe’s UR (URL ratings) determines how influential a URL may be based on the number of backlinks pointing to it. Ahrefs DR (Domain ratings) due to the large backlink index of Ahrefs, this metric is more accurate than Moz’s Domain Authority.

Other data are obvious. AccuRanker is a tool that helps you measure your website’s rankings and provides actionable insights to help you improve your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). It also allows you to track your competitor’s rankings.

2. Backlink Profile

When it comes to your website’s backlink profile, you want to make sure that you have a healthy mix of links coming in from a variety of different sources. This will help to show Google that your site is authoritative and trustworthy.

One great way to improve your backlink profile is by obtaining links from high-quality websites. You can do this by creating valuable content that people will want to share. You can also reach out to other websites and ask them to link to your content.

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you evaluate your website’s backlink profile, then I recommend using AccuRanker. This tool will show you all of the backlinks that are pointing to your website, as well as the referring pages and keywords that are driving traffic to your site.

3. Organic search 

Organic search is the way people find websites by using the engine of a search engine, like Google or Yahoo. You can show up on these results if you have content that provides something useful to people looking for it. For example, if I search Google for “How to cook an egg”, then the top result is wikiHow’s article How to Boil an Egg.

It’s no secret that ranking high in organic search is important for website traffic. That’s why many businesses invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to help them rank higher. But how do you know which keywords are the most important for your business?

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs offers different pricing plans depending on the features you need. The Lite plan is $99/month and gives you access to Site Audit and Site Explorer tools.

The Standard plan is $179/month and gives you access to all features, including Site Audit, Site Explorer, Position Tracker, Backlink Checker, Content Explorer, and SERP Checker.

The Advanced plan is $499/month and gives you access to all features, including those in the Standard plan, plus Link Intersect, Domain Comparison, Batch Analysis, and White Label Reports.

The Agency plan is $999/month and gives you access to all features, including those in the Advanced plan, plus Client Management, Team Accounts, and Branding.

Pros & Cons of Ahrefs


Here are 8 Pros of using Ahrefs to increase your SEO:

1. Ahrefs is great for competitor analysis. You can spy on your competition to see what links they are acquiring and how you can replicate their success.

2. Ahrefs has one of the largest data pools in the SEO industry, which gives you unparalleled insights into your website’s SEO health and potential areas for improvement.

3. Ahrefs has an extensive database of backlinks that you can use for your own link-building campaigns.

4. The “Explorer” tool in Ahrefs is fantastic for finding new potential keywords to target with your website content or for PPC campaigns.

5. Ahrefs provides detailed information on each and every backlink including the anchor text, country of origin, and website ranking.

6. The “Content Explorer” tool in Ahrefs is a great way to find high-quality content to reference on your website or to pitch as a guest post opportunity.

7. The “Site Explorer” tool lets you see how your website’s SEO health compares to your competitors. You will also be able to see details on backlinks for each individual domain.

8. Ahrefs provides one of the most comprehensive lists of link-building resources on the internet, including premium and free tools you can use.


There are a few cons of Ahrefs.

  • First, the learning curve is steep, and the software can feel overwhelming at times.
  • Second, the accuracy of some of the data is questionable sometimes.

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#6. RankRanger

rankranger- best serp tracking tool

The RankRanger tool allows you to discover keyword rankings that are at risk or compare the correlation between keyword rankings and clicks.

Graphs can be created to compare your rankings to any key metric you can think of.

You can be proud of their keyword grouping feature when you purchase this tool.

Do you even need it?

You may have a mental spasm if you manage a large keyword list. RankRanger allows you to effortlessly group keywords in different segments or tags, and manage voluminous keywords with ease.

Locate specific keywords by clicking on the filter icon.

Features of RankRanger

RankRanger is the perfect tool if you want to perform SEO audits, link management, or keyword research. With RankRanger, you can:

– Perform a deep and detailed site audit in order to identify the website’s SEO competition and opportunities.

– Identify and replace broken links pointing to your pages with the new ones.

– Find more keywords for a better online marketing strategy.

– Monitor your site traffic with Google Analytics integration.

– Perform content analysis by identifying the most popular pages on your website.

– View your page’s backlink profile.

– Monitor your site reputation on over 50+ international search engines.

– Export all the information to a CSV/XML file.

Pricing of RankRanger

RankRanger offers a few different pricing packages, depending on the features you need.

Their “Lite” package starts at $79/month and includes 15 campaigns, 500 keywords, 2 search engines per campaign, 15 marketing and client dashboards, 25,000 pages of site crawls per month, and Site Explorer – 50 URLs per day and 10,000 rows per month.

If you need more features or want to use their software for more than one website, their other packages are priced accordingly. You can get a quote for a custom-fit package on their website.

Pros & Cons of RankRanger


  1. RankRanger is very affordable, the cost of the monthly plan will be less than your coffee budget.
  2. RankRanger’s dashboard provides a quick snapshot summary of information for you to compare all aspects of your marketing efforts at once.
  3. You can use RankRanger to rank keywords on Google, YouTube, and Bing making it easy to find out what positively or negatively affects your rankings on each platform.
  4. It’s easy enough for an intermediate user but allows experts to really dig in and get specific data points when they need them to. Pro 6: RankRanger delivers weekly reports on site rankings.
  5. RankRanger shows you the Estimated Click-through rate (CTR) for your ranking keywords so you can see what search phrases are attracting users to click through to your website or lead-generating content.


  • Not a robust tool – focusing mostly on keyword performance, it does not have other features that further help us flesh out strategic next steps based on keyword performance
  • Reporting dashboard is lacking – we rely on our other tools more so for this function as a result

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#7. AuthorityLabs

authority labs- serp tracking tool

By monitoring rank trends over time, AuthorityLabs is my number 9 Google SERP tracker which will help you determine whether your SEO efforts are worth your time or not. By using top search engines like Google, it guarantees accurate keyword data. 

When it comes to optimizing your website for organic search, tracking its keyword ranking is crucial. There are a few features that Authority Labs provides that grabbed my attention.

The first one is the local rank tracking. Through this feature, you can track your Google rank by country, city, and zip code. It all depends on where your customers are searching.

Your Google My Business profile may be found on page one of the SERPs by a customer two miles from your store, but not by another customer ten miles away.

With local rank tracking, you will receive daily updates on how you are performing in local search results for all locations you are trying to target on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Features of AuthorityLabs

– Competitor analysis to make sure you know what’s going on in the industry.

– Global and local tracking so that you can see who is visiting your site and where they’re coming from.

– White label, which allows for a more personalized experience for clients or customers.

– Know how well your competitors are doing to stay ahead of the game.

– Track customer behavior with ease so that you always have an edge over them.

Pricing of AuthorityLabs

AuthorityLabs is an enterprise SEO rank tracking solution.

It offers a Plus Plan for small businesses, which offers 250 keyword queries at a time.

The Pro Plan gives 1000 queries at the lowest price of $99 per month.

The Pro Plus Plan claims to give 2500 queries for the lowest price of $225 per month.

AuthorityLabs is an enterprise SEO rank tracking solution that works with the top search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing to help you stay on top of your game when it comes to ranking in organic listings.

Pros & Cons of AuthorityLabs


1. Complete SEO software that you can use on any website

2. Affordable plans for small-scale entrepreneurs

3. Great customer support

4. Comprehensive keyword tracking with the ability to rank new keywords

5. Exportable data so you can generate reports for your clients or boss

6. It meets the requirements of all SEO professionals, even haters!

7. Easy installation of new sites- just enter the domain name and the site name and let the software do the rest automatically

8. Great for on the go experts- the responsive layout is easy to access on mobile devices

9. The architecture efficiently provides affordable solutions quickly

10. They also offer 3 different license options: free, pro, and premium.


  • The interface is clunky and difficult to use.
  • AuthorityLabs doesn’t provide enough information about what it does or how it works.

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#8. SE Ranking

SE Ranking tool

You can track keyword rankings for all major search engines with this all-in-one SEO toolkit. With our tools, you will be able to audit your website, track SERPs, and create marketing plans.

One question is sure to arise: what are the keywords that your website ranks for?

In SEO agencies, the first thing you want to know about your clients’ websites is how they rank in search engine results. Once you know how to optimize a website, everything else follows.

It is sure that the only way to understand what searchers type to land on the site is to analyze the already ranking keywords.

SE Ranking has this super-accurate, useful feature – the keyword ranking tracker that tracks keywords in major search engines, including YouTube, Google, and Bing.

Features of SE Ranking

1. Rank Tracking

Among the many website rank tracking tools on the market, SE Ranking is one of the most comprehensive and well-developed. Its key feature is the ability to track your website’s performance on search engine results pages (SERPs).

This functionality is very well developed and lets you see how your website is performing on multiple devices, geographic locations, and languages.

Once you’ve entered the keywords you’d like to track, the tool lets you monitor your performance across multiple devices, geographic locations, and languages. This is especially useful for marketers doing SEO in different parts of the world or who need to know how their website is doing on mobile devices.

2. Website Audit

The SE Ranking website audit is an informative tool that can help you find out how your website is performing on search engines. You can also find out exactly why your website isn’t performing well in the SERP.

SE Ranking uses a powerful page crawler capable of going through up to 1000 pages in just two minutes.

The bot monitors metrics, including domain metrics, page indexation status, and technical parameters like HTTP status codes, and page load time. Additional metrics include page resources such as JavaScript and CCS, and page breakdown, including links and images.

Pricing of SE Ranking

SE Ranking offers three pricing plans, the essential plan, the pro plan, and the business plan.

The Essential plan is their most popular option and it starts at $18.60 per month.

The Pro plan starts at $42.50 per month and the business plan starts at $90 per month.

The Business plan is great for companies that want to track their rank for up to 2500 keywords.

SE Ranking also offers a free trial for all of their pricing plans. So, if you’re not sure whether SE Ranking is the right tool for you, be sure to check out their website and take advantage of their free trial.

Pros & Cons of SE Ranking


8 Pros of SE Ranking:

1. It contains a lot of material for training SEO novices and intermediates that, as a freelancer myself, has been helpful to me.

2. It provides tools that I find useful as a freelancer and have been able to increase my revenue by around 30% in the last 2 months as a result of using it.

3. I have found it easier to use and more valuable than competitors.

4. The author is very responsive if questions arise or anything needs clarification or help with.

5. I have been able to learn about SEO trends from this service that I would not have been aware of otherwise – which has helped me be more effective at my work.

6. A lot of the material is current – it is constantly evolving and being updated with new research into what works and what doesn’t work in terms of SEO, which is very helpful to know (and also cannot be said for many competitors).

7. The training modules are organized in a way that makes sense and also makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

8. The website is extremely responsive and I have never experienced any difficulty in using it even though it’s clear that many different types of people use the site (which can often slow down some websites).


  • One disadvantage of using SE Ranking is that it can be expensive, depending on the size of your company and the number of keywords you want to track.
  • Another disadvantage is that the software can be complicated to use, especially for those who are not familiar with SEO.

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#9. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced web rankings- Ahrefs alternative

The most accurate and long-standing white label SERP rank tracking tool, Advanced Web Ranking is accessible from any device.

Web-based SEO tool with tools to monitor visibility evolution, ranking distribution, and ranking comparison, helping to identify SEO flaws.

The fact that it has a website visibility tracker is really cool.

By using the visibility metric, you will be able to see how visible your website is on major search engines.

Features of Advanced Web Ranking

1. Competitor Analysis

Within AWR, you’ll find the top contenders in your industry, their social media following, and their SEO rating. You can also view a breakdown of your competition’s organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is a great way to get a feel for the SEO climate in your industry and set a competitive bar.

2. Google Analytics Integration

AWR will pull all of the data from your Google Analytics profile so you can see it in one place. With this information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to see which keywords are performing well for your competitors that are getting the traffic – then just copy-paste them into your own campaign!

3. Keyword Tracking

You don’t have to worry about losing track of your progress when you’re using AWR. The software will track your keywords for you, so you can see how you’re doing over time and make any necessary adjustments. This is an essential part of any SEO campaign!

So there you have it – three great reasons to choose AWR.

Pricing of Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Rank offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different needs.

For startups, the price starts at $49 per month for 2,000 keywords and 286 keywords updated daily. For in-house teams, there’s a plan that starts at $99 per month for 7,000 keywords and 1,000 keywords updated daily.

For agencies, the pricing is $199 per month for 14,500 keywords and 2,070 keywords updated daily. And finally, for enterprise companies, the cost is $499 per month for 35,500 keywords and 5,070 keywords updated daily.

Pros & Cons of Advanced Web Ranking


1. The user interface is great and easy to use.

2. The tool is accurate and provides reliable data.

3. It offers great report options.

4. The amount of data available for export is impressive.

5. It is a very versatile tool.

6. It is helpful for tracking rankings and keywords.

7. The support is excellent and always available to help users with any issues they may have.

8. The platform is constantly updated with the latest changes in search engine algorithms.

9. It is affordable and cost-effective.

10. Overall, it is an excellent tool for online marketing professionals and business owners alike


The main con of Advanced web ranking is that it generate slow reports

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#10.  SEMrush

semrush dashboard

SEMrush is the best all-in-one SEO software.

It is a popular tool in the digital marketing space that allows you to do keyword research, SEO site auditing, Social media tracking, content analysis, organic analysis, etc.

The tool offers SERP tracking even though it is not a SERP tracker tool.

The only problem is that you have to buy the full pack in order to access it. If rank tracking is all you want, then the $99/month is overkill.

The all-in-one SEO suite includes more features than Ahrefs, especially geared towards agencies. Though they’re rolling out a lot of changes on the front end, the UI/UX isn’t that well-thought-out.

Moreover, it has a very interesting hyperlocal and device targeting feature.

Get the best discounts on SEMrush with coupon codes.

SEMrush Features

helping you optimize your website. These features include:

SEO Alerting: This feature sends you real-time alerts whenever there are changes in your website’s search engine rankings, so you can take action quickly to maintain your position.

-Link Building: SEMrush provides a variety of tools for building high-quality links to your website, including backlink audits, competitor link analysis, and email outreach.

SERP Rank Tracking: Track your site’s position in search engine results pages for specific keywords and compare your rankings with those of your competitors.

-Localization: The SEMrush platform is available in 26 different languages, making it easy to work with search engine optimization efforts for any country.

SEMrush Pricing

semrush pricing as cheapest ahrefs alternative

There are 4 pricing plans for SEMrush: Free, Pro, Guru, & Business.

The Free plan includes 10 searches per day and access to the basic features of the tool.

The Pro plan costs $119.95 per month and includes 50 searches per day and access to all of the features of the tool.

The Guru plan costs $229.95 per month and includes 500 searches per day and access to all of the features of the tool.

The Business plan costs $449.95 per month and includes 5000 searches per day and access to all of the features of the tool.

Pros & Cons of SEMrush


1. SEMrush is an intensive keyword research tool that can provide you with detailed information about your visitors.

2. It is reasonably priced, making it a one-stop solution for all of your marketing needs.

3. SEMrush provides a wealth of data, including information about your website’s ranking, traffic, and competition.

4. It is easy to use, making it perfect for both experienced and novice marketers.

5. The data provided by SEMrush is always up-to-date and accurate.

6. SEMrush offers a wide variety of features, making it the perfect tool for any type of marketer.

7. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and find the information you need.

8. The information provided by SEMrush is invaluable and can help you achieve your business goals.

9. SEMrush is a great investment, as it helps to streamline your online marketing efforts and works to maximize your ROI.

10. With a history of excellence in the industry spanning over ten years, there is a reason why SEMrush has a ton of positive reviews online.

11. It allows you to optimize your SEO efforts, as well as those of your PPC campaigns and social media strategies from a single platform.

12. SEMrush can help to give you the competitive edge that your business needs in order to succeed online.


  • One of the main concerns is that, once you log out, your account activity history will still be visible to other users. Other people might be able to see your information even if they’re not logged in.
  • If this doesn’t bother you, it’s worth considering that SEMrush’s UI isn’t very friendly either.

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Conclusion- Best SERP Tracking Tools In 2023

In light of the buying guide above, it’s no surprise that AccuRanker is the best SERP tracking tool available.

This is the best and most affordable standalone SERP tracker, whether you’re a large SEO agency or a freelancer.

It was hand-picked because it focuses exclusively on tracking SERP movements, which ensures accurate and timely reporting on all major search engines.

I recommend SEMrush for those looking for a complete SEO solution that will handle other tasks in addition to tracking SERPs.

A content marketing toolkit, an SEO audit tool, and a brand monitoring tool are some of its highlights. You can also see the number of visits, dwell time, and bounce rate using the traffic analytics feature.

This is an ideal tool for Digital Marketing Professionals, SEO firms/agencies, and large enterprises looking for an all-in-one SEO suite that is cost-effective.

For startups hoping to boost their search rankings quickly, I recommend Advanced Web Ranking. You can make meaningful improvements to your website during the 30-day free trial period, even though AccuRanker is our top pick.

You now know which is the best SERP monitoring tool and what to look for if you have to purchase one. If you want your SEO campaign to reach the top of the SERPs, try these three tools.