Best Survey Apps – Collect Surveys and Get Paid for Doing Surveys

What happens if you want to know what people think about a specific item or service or if you want to gather their opinions on a topic that everyone finds attractive? There are a lot of tools available that may assist you in asking the question directly to the folks in instances like these. 

top notch survey apps for making money online

Depending on what people need, there are various online survey tool choices, each with a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Since there are many alternatives on the market, this article will provide you with a quick overview of some of the top online survey applications.

Top Survey Apps (iOS & Android)

1. Pawns App (Get Paid for Doing Surveys)

pawns app by iproyal is a “Get Paid To” app that allows anybody to make money online by taking surveys.  By participating in surveys, you can earn money while helping our associates develop better products in fashion, cosmetics, technology, politics, and more. Once you download the app through the google app store, you get the surveys to fill. 

pawns app on google play store clients utilize this bandwidth for various commercial objectives, such as pricing research, trademark protection, and content distribution.

Thus, earn money while using the internet and filling out surveys. Can it get easier than this? 

2. SurveyMonkey

Surveymonkey homepage

SurveyMonkey offers one of the easiest methods to create surveys, including on mobile devices, in addition to its well-designed survey programs. The program uses a wizard to walk you through creating your survey, including examples of how questions have been asked in the real world to help you decide how to format it. This wizard is significantly more effective when used with SurveyMonkey’s mobile app. 

SurveyMonkey allows you to create, update, collect answers, and evaluate results from your phone or tablet, unlike other survey applications that will enable you to do so. Additionally, anything you do on your phone and vice versa syncs with your PC account. With SurveyMonkey, creating a simple survey is simple, and you can post it right away using a link or embed code. 

This is a good option for smaller businesses with fewer customers since the free version only allows each questionnaire to include ten questions and collect 40 responses. However, it does allow your team to create an infinite number of surveys, enabling you to conduct as many 10-question surveys as you like.

3. Google Forms

Google forms for collecting survey responses

Google Form is a survey builder that you can customize more than any other in this group. Customers may create several surveys with many options and get many answers. Also, it enables users to export their data to Google Sheets for further analysis. Like the others, it has no premium version and is free to use. You, therefore, get all the features without needing to pay anything. 

Google Forms is another program that enables you to construct an endless number of surveys, subjects, and responses. Customers get access to all of Google Forms’ features since there is no premium edition. This implies you’ll have access to various personalized planning and data export options. 

Because Google Forms automatically sync with Google Sheets, it is straightforward to export data from them. Google Forms is a fantastic option for small companies searching for a complete set of features in a simple design. You can upload pictures and videos, apply endless skip logic, and include collaborators.

4. Typeform

typeform survey maker app

This survey tool offers something different from other survey tools. It emphasizes user engagement as the most excellent method to draw in end consumers and get the best reaction. Customers profit from this method because they surpass industry norms with a completion percentage that is four times higher. 

Here is another free survey creator that lets you change your survey looks. Integrating your brand’s aesthetic may make your survey stand out, and Typeform enables you to create many custom surveys with no restrictions on the number of essential questions to ask. 

The ability to include responses in the survey’s text is a genuinely fantastic benefit. You may thus connect to a reply by name in the remaining questions if they identify themselves in the first. This personalizes your surveys, resulting in a better relationship with your customers.

5. SoGo survey

With an online survey solution such as SoGoSurvey available, automatic data collection is a breeze. You can rapidly create surveys using SoGoSurvey, which is appropriate for small and big organizations that are thorough enough to meet your demands. 

From evaluations to customer feedback to employee satisfaction surveys, the online survey suite covers all the essential components surveys need to thrive. SoGoSurvey is a comprehensive platform for free survey developers. Similar to SurveyMonkey, it offers an endless number of subjects for surveys. With over 20 different question categories available, you may ask your customers as many questions as you want. 

Consider performing a single comprehensive study or a series of smaller, more targeted surveys, as your organization may get 200 responses annually using SoGoSurvey.

6. Qualtrics

Over 100 different question kinds and a range of ready-to-use survey layouts are included in this feature-rich survey tool. The creators of a popular essay writing service claim that this program has several features enabled to provide users with a beautiful experience. 

These features include email triggering, logic splitting, and display logic. More than 30 different graphs are available, and the data may be exported as SPPS or CSV. This survey tool offers its customers a drag-and-drop builder, pre-built templates, and speedy survey creation. 

To create a customized examination experience, the evaluation also contains complicated reasoning, looping, and questions from over 100 different categories. You will get a collection of data analysis and predictive intelligence tools to help you find insights.

7. Zoho survey

It is an expert online survey tool with a well-designed user interface and many features. This tool is very intuitive and user-friendly. There are 25 different question categories accessible, from multiple-choice questions to visuals. Using your mobile app, it’s also easy to monitor the progress of your survey. This program provides audiences based on your chosen demographics if you don’t already have any and enables users to submit their surveys across various channels. 

The free version of Zoho Survey has all the components you’ll need to create a good survey, even if the paid versions include various essential features, including multilingual surveys, offline surveys, and comprehensive reporting. This option allows you to create an endless number of surveys, but each can only have ten questions and 100 responses. This is a respectable substitute for small businesses that need to design quick, detailed surveys with a little flare.

8. SurveyPlanet

SurveyPlanet is a fantastic place to begin. You may utilize the 90 survey templates provided as-is or modify them to suit your requirements better. You may examine a live copy of your survey as you make changes in the same window as you construct it. The right side of the screen will show and fill your survey in real-time as you add your survey title, choose from nine question categories (for example, from multiple choice to an image-based question), and enter questions. 

The editing panel is a narrow column on the left side of the screen. Other ways that editing is made quick using SurveyPlanet. You’ll see one text area to submit an answer under each question you input by default. However, if you choose Multiple choice, Rating, or Form as your question type, extra text boxes will automatically display as soon as you enter the first answer option. 

This helps you rapidly add replies to each question without clicking the + button or hitting Enter on your keyboard. Unlimited surveys, questions, and responses are free; a Pro plan with question branching and result exporting starts at $20/month.

9. QuestionPro

QuestionPro’s branching goes above and beyond. In addition to basic survey logic, it also has custom scripting, which gives you even more flexibility if you know how to code. You could write a script that makes a pool of questions and then choose a few of them at random to ask different people.

This might be useful if you want to undertake A/B testing or lessen survey bias. QuestionPro’s bespoke scripting could be out of your price range if you don’t work for a significant firm. But even for individuals, there are some basic logic tools on the free tier, and the $85/month Advanced tier has even more advanced branching logic.

The variety of questions offered by this software is another fantastic feature. You may choose from the standard choices, such as multiple choice or a scale of 1 to 10, but you can also use card sorting, which enables the survey taker to arrange the alternatives in a question. 

There is also a stopwatch question that lets you start the watch, complete a job, and then stop it (accessible on mobile). Additionally, you may add responders to your CRM or get automated notifications when new replies come in by integrating QuestionPro with the other applications in your IT stack.

10. YesInsights

Sometimes it’s better to keep doing surveys easy. YesInsights inspires you to keep things simple by only letting you do surveys with one question that people can answer with a single click. That is right.

You can only do surveys with one question, but this means that the answers you get will be very accurate. The process of setting it up is easy. You can decide if you want to send out your survey or put it on your website using a beta widget. You can also choose between a regular survey and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey.

Now you can start writing your one-question survey. If you send your survey to respondents by email, you can either set up a follow-up email or make a landing page for them to see after they click their answers. When you’re ready to send out your survey, you can choose from more than 35 email providers, and YesInsights will give you the plain text and HTML to copy and paste into your email client.


Online surveys are sensory perceptions that may sense the user satisfaction’s pulse and the tiniest wave of emotion. The world and everything in it is changing quickly nowadays. Customers’ wants and requirements get more sophisticated and highly competent. Select the online survey instrument best suits your needs and launch online surveys immediately.