Bright Data vs Limeproxies [Head to head Comparison] 2023

bright data vs limeproxies

With lots of proxies to choose from, it could be difficult relying on one. To make it look easy for you to choose the right proxy, I have prepared this article comparing Bright Data vs Limeproxies. So read head to head comparison between Bright Data and Limeproxies.

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Bright Data

Check Bright Data $15.00/GB
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Check Limeproxies $75/mo

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Features of Bright Data


Bright Data can be integrated with numerous third-party applications with no coding skills required.

You can seamlessly integrate Bright Data with Google Analytics, SAP, HTML, JSON, and more third-party apps and tools.


Bright Data proxies are operated on fast servers available globally. This provides 100% uptime without causing any hinderance. So, you can rely on Bright Data proxies undoubtedly.


When using unreliable proxies, there is always a threat of getting caught easily. But Bright Data proxies are 100% compliant ensuring you are always safe when accessing any content on the web.


With real-time reporting, you get all the statistics inside the dashboard. You can manage proxies, scale your plan, and do a lot more with complete flexibility.

KYC Process

KYC is mandatory for every new customer to be able to access some features such as residential proxy network and mobile proxy network.

Features of Limeproxies


Just like Bright Data, you can seamlessly integrate Limeproxies with other tools at one-click.

You can integrate ScrapeBox, Zapier, SEnuke, and many more premium applications.


You can run any number of concurrent sessions with Limeproxies premium private proxies.

With 1 Gbps of unmatched speed, and on-demand IP refresh available on all plans, you can experience great performance.


Limeproxies provides some serious security features like 256-bit AES encryption and DNS IPv6 leak protection.


Limeproxies self-managed control panel helps you manage your proxies without any complexities.

You can order new proxies or refresh IPs automatically in the control panel.

KYC Process

Limeproxies has no such process.

🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data is the winner with awesome dashboard and flexibility.

More about Bright Data

Whether you are an individual, agency or an enterprise, you can use Bright Data for any application you want by integrating with major software seamlessly. The accuracy is top-notch, and you get unique IPs in any region you want.

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More about Limeproxies

Limeproxies offers lots of premium private proxies so you never get blocked out. It helps you keep a track of your Google rankings so you can build powerful strategies and rank high on Google.

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🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data is for everyone

Bright Data's Pricing

bright data pricing

At Bright Data, you can access high speed residential proxies starting at $15/GB in the Experimenting plan.

The experimenting plan starts at $300/month but you can upgrade up to Plus plan at $3000/month.

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Limeproxies's Pricing

limeproxies pricing

As compared to Bright Data, Limeproxies residential proxy pricing is cheaper.

The starter plan costs you $75/month with up to 5GB bandwidth. You can access Residential static and Residential Rotating proxies.

The proxies are available in over 100+ locations worldwide.

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🏆 Winner: Limeproxies
Limeproxies is the winner with more affordable plans

Bright Data's Support

bright data support

Bright Data releases new features everyday, so the platform is updated regularly.

There’s a network performance dashboard with real-time statistics.

A dedicated account manager is always available with the support team 24/7 to help you resolve your issues.

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Limeproxies's Support

limeproxies support

You might face issues anytime, and therefore Limeproxies provides knowledgebase and 24/7 support via chat, email and phone.

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🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data support is quick with less response time

The main difference between Bright data and Limeproxies is that Bright data has a very formal and structured process of KYC which is necessary to use residential proxy network.

This makes Bright data more compliant and secure network and that’s why it is a preferred option for enterprise-level usage.

With the end of Bright Data vs Limeproxies head to head comparison, you can now choose Bright Data without any doubt.

🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Overall, Bright Data wins the race.
Use Bright Data before you decide
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