Bright Data vs Netnut [Head to head Comparison] 2023

bright data vs netnut

Read head to head comparison of Bright Data vs Netnut to find which proxy service provider is a clear winner. In this comparison, you will get insights into pricing and features of both the proxies. So read on further.

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Bright Data

Check Bright Data $15.00/GB
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Check Netnut $300/mo

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Features of Bright Data


Numerous third-party applications can be easily integrated with Bright Data.

Even if you don’t have any coding skills, you can still connect your apps with Bright Data.


Bright Data servers are ultra-fast and this makes proxy response time reliable and 100% uptime without causing any hinderance.


Bright Data security ensures you never fall prey to any suspicious activities.

The platform is 100% compliant so you can securely browse the internet for any content you want.


The dashboard is quite simple to use with lots of functionalities.

You can get all the statistics inside your dashboard. You can even manage proxies and change your proxy plans as and when you want.

KYC Process

The KYC process helps tighten the security and is mandatory when accessing different proxies.

Features of Netnut

Rotating Proxies

The advantage of rotating proxies is that they get rotated per each browser session.

The rotating proxies can be seamlessly integrated into any browser.


Netnut proxy network is one of the fastest ones as it incorporated dynamic P2P proxy network.

The network is available 24/7 with minimal or zero fail rates.

For a high success rate, you need a high security and Netnut is a leader in security.

The platform is highly scalable and secure with excellent IP availability.


Netnut also provides a real-time dashboard with updated statistics that includes total usage by filtering for a specific country.

The graphical information shows usage statistics in GB for the selected date.

KYC Process

There is no KYC process in Netnut which makes it a little less competitive compared to Bright Data.

🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data is the winner with secured KYC process.

More about Bright Data

Bright Data offers fast and reliable proxies from around the world. The global servers located in every corner of the world provide over 72 million IPs.

99.9% uptime and real-time network status monitoring makes Bright Data a favorable proxy network.

Bright Data is GDPR and CCPA privacy compliant.

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🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data has lots of functionalities

Bright Data's Pricing

bright data pricing

At Bright Data, you can choose monthly plan with per GB price of different proxies.

The residential proxy cost starts at $15/GB, Data center at $0.62/IP + $0.097/GB, ISP at $17.50/GB + $0.50/IP, and Mobile at $35.00/GB.

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Netnut's Pricing

netnut pricing

Netnut rotating residential proxies plans start at $300 per month with $15/GB including email support.

You can install the Netnut Chrome extension and use it limitlessly.

There’s a 7-day free trial so you can start with any plan without paying a single penny.

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🏆 Winner: Netnut
Bright Data and Netnut offer same pricing for residential proxies, but Bright Data charges per IP also.

Bright Data's Support

bright data support

With new features released regularly, customers always get updated with the latest technologies.

The performance dashboard gives all the information in real-time and a dedicated account manager is always handy to help customers in every manner.

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Netnut's Support

netnut support

The Netnut residential proxy network provides awesome support with a dedicated account manager.

If you still need online support, then remote sessions are organized to help you in integration.

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🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data has a fast response time

As security is the main concern when using any proxy network, it is necessary to choose the right proxy platform.

Since Bright Data offers KYC process for using residential proxies, it makes this platform compliant and more secure.

Overall, this head to head comparison shows that Bright Data could be considered as the preferred proxy choice. Start using Bright data proxy platform now.

🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data is the winner considering the support, security and performance.
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