Bright Data vs Smartproxy [Head to Head Comparison] 2023

bright data vs smartproxy

Finding the best proxy server is not at all easy. There are so many free proxies available but at high risk. But I will share only genuine proxy comparisons. So here’s a head to head comparison between Bright Data vs Smartproxy. let’s find out which one is the smartest.

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Bright Data

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Check Smartproxy $75/month

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Features of Bright Data

Global location

Bright Data has several server locations around the world with over 72 million IPs, all clean and transparent.

You can choose proxies from around 195 countries and pay for the usage.

Whichever proxy you choose, you will always get 99.9% network uptime.


With the proxy manager, you can effortlessly manage all your proxies in one interface.

You can reduce the traffic with proxy manager features such as regex and custom rules.

You can install the proxy manager with minimum requirements


The dashboard is easy to use and can be used for multiple purpose.

You can use the proxies for data extraction, eCommerce, stock market data, SEO & website testing, and more.


All residential proxies are 100% compliant and patented so you will never face any legal issues.

Moreover, the KYC process adds another layer of security when using residential proxies.

Overall, you can access content anonymously with security at par.


The pricing is flexible along with unlimited concurrent sessions.

Payment methods supported are most popular ones.

If you are not ready to make a purchase, you can start Bright Data 7-day free trial and then choose a perfect plan for your needs.

Features of Smartproxy

Global location

Smartproxy has over 40 million residential IPs located globally in major countries and cities.

Key features include advanced rotation, zero setup fees, response time less than 3 sec and sticky sessions of up to 30 minutes.


You can easily setup Smartproxy and choose from over 40M + rotating IPs worldwide.

Inside the dashboard, you can gain insights into the traffic usage. You can access IPs of unique devices from around the world.

The setup is fuss-free and you can follow the instructions for easy setup in the documentation.

Money-back Guarantee

Unlike other proxies, Smartproxy offers a 3-day money-back guarantee.

This means you get your money refund if you aren’t satisfied with the proxy services.

The money-back is applicable for any plan you choose.

Unlimited concurrent sessions

Smartproxy allows you to send unlimited connection requests so in no time your scraper can access all the pages that you need.

You will have more power in your hands as a unique proxy is used for every new task.


You can create separate proxy accounts for each task. By doing so, you can limit the traffic amount for any project without causing any hinderance to other task.

For each proxy account, there’s a separate login credential and traffic measurement.

🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data is the winner with more easy setup and security.

More about Bright Data

The reason for Bright Data fast proxy service is its 2600+ super proxy servers. These super proxy servers eliminate sidetracking and bottlenecks, can handle any amount of traffic, and provide efficient traffic ratios.

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More about Smartproxy

One thing unique about Smartproxy is that it provides Dedicated Datacenter proxies unlike Bright Data or any other proxies.

With the proxy generator, you can export the proxy list to any third-party software.

There’s a 3-day money-back guarantee also available in case you aren’t satisfied with the proxy service.

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🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data can handle any amount of traffic

Bright Data's Pricing

bright data pricing

Bright Data pricing starts at $300/month and goes up to $3000/month.

For customized plan, you can contact the support team with your requirements.

By choosing any plan, you can access unlimited proxies in any region you want.

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Smartproxy's Pricing

smartproxy pricing

There are three plans offered by Smartproxy. For smaller projects, you can choose the Micro plan starting at $75/month + VAT with traffic limit of 5GB.

For running multiple projects you need more traffic, so you can choose the Starter plan starting at $200/month + VAT.

Finally, if you are a freelancer, you can choose the regular plan starting at $400/month + VAT.

Your payment is secured with SSL and you can pay via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Amex, and Bitcoin.

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🏆 Winner: Smartproxy
Smartproxy pricing is affordable compared to Bright Data. Bright data has lucrative pricing plans for enterprise-level users.
🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data dedicated account managers are available 24/7

There are some major differences that you can find out between Bright Data vs Smartproxy. Smartproxy provides a Firefox proxy add-on that allows you to pick a country and get a residential IP assigned automatically. The smart scraper helps you scrape any website and get the right data that you need.

But when it comes to security & reliability, Bright Data beats Smartproxy. Bright Data KYC process makes the use of residential proxies more secure and reliable. This is not the case with Smartproxy.

I hope this head to head comparison of Bright Data vs Smartproxy was useful.

🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Overall, Brightdata wins the battle because in a head-to-head comparison, you will find that Bright data wins in speed, reliability and trust.
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