Bright Data vs Soax [Head to Head Comparison] 2023

bright data vs soax

Do you want to find out which one among Bright Data vs Soax is a better proxy network? Read head to head comparison between Bright Data vs Soax to learn about their pricing, features, and support.

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Bright Data

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Features of Bright Data


Bright Data provides over 72 million IPs in any region across the world.

You can find proxies worldwide in the United States, Germany, Italy, France, China, India, Japan, and more.


Bright Data proxy manager is an amazing tool that helps you manage all your proxies in a single interface.

This open-source proxy manager offers waterfall routing, reduced bandwidth, key metrics, ssl decryption, etc.


People use Bright Data proxies for social media marketing, travel aggregation, eCommerce, stock market, SERPs crawling, and a lot more.


Bright Data proxies are highly reliable with 99.9% network uptime and fast output results.

The platform requires minimum in-house resources. New features are released frequently so you get the best of technology.


Bright Data proxies are 100% compliant with the highest security infrastructure incorporated.

For any security issues, you have a 24/7 global support to tackle any security concerns immediately.

Features of Soax


Soax has a worldwide coverage of IPs in location including US, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, France, and more.

You can easily filter IP addresses by country, region, city, or provider from within the dashboard.


The Soax dashboard is an easy to use dashboard to help you configure proxies, get traffic insights, and do more.

You can export your list of proxies via TXT, CSV, or HTML and even share them with others using a personal link.


You can use Soax proxies for price monitoring, ad verification, website availability, SEO monitoring, data collection, market research, speed testing, and brand protection.


Soax is also highly reliable with its routing logic technology that gives access to the proxy pool without any interruption.

The pricing is flexible and allows you to use any number of proxies you want.


Soax ensures that all of its IPs are 100% anonymous keeping your real IP hidden.

All the IPs are clean, whitelisted with zero bans or penalties.

🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data provides proxy manager with lots of functionalities.

More about Bright Data

Bright Data provides four types of proxies. These are Datacenter, residential, Mobile, and ISP.

The platform is trusted by over 15000+ customers worldwide and used by Fortune 500 companies and even small businesses.

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More about Soax

You can test Soax proxies at only $1.99 by accessing a clean and whitelisted pool of IPs.

The platform provides targeting by country, city, region, and provider.

Soax has been rated 4.8+ on Trustpilot for its elite proxies with no limitations.

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🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data has a wide coverage compared to Soax

Bright Data's Pricing

bright data pricing

Bright Data proxy plans start at $300 per month with $15/GB for residential proxies.

If go buy the plus plan, then the cost of residential proxies decreases to $8.50 per GB.

You can pay via popular payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Wire Transfer, etc.

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Soax's Pricing

soax pricing

Soax provides cheap proxy plans starting at $99/month which is the Starter Wifi plan. You can purchase residential proxies at $12/GB with 300 ports.

If you want to buy residential proxies at low cost, then you can choose the Regular Wifi plan at $700/month with residential proxy at $7/GB.

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🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright data proxy pricing can come down to 3$ per GB when you've large requirement of proxy network. However, for low-budget and low-usage customers, Soax offers 11$ per GB in $300/mo plan.

Bright Data's Support

bright data support

Bright Data has an awesome 24/7 support with a dedicated account manager.

You get tailored solutions and real-time dashboard to meet your data collection and retrieval needs.

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Soax's Support

soax support

Soax provides articles, video guides, FAQs, and tutorials to help understand the platform better.

There is no such mention about 24/7 support via chat, email or phone.

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🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data provides personal account manager

The speed with which data collection can be done by using Bright Data is extremely good. Bright Data has been awarded by Proxyway, provides 24/7 global support, and makes integration look super-easy for the beginners.

Moreover, Bright Data has a KYC process which lags in Soax. This makes Bright Data more secure than Soax.

With the end of head to head comparison between Bright Data vs Soax, we can conclude that Bright Data is a clear winner.

🏆 Winner: Bright Data
Bright Data offers easy integration and intuitive user interface.
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