BuzzGuru Review – #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

Influencer marketing is a marketing channel that just cannot be abandoned by a modern brand. Social media platforms, especially popular ones like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, have transformed marketing and given birth to something new – something really powerful.

Today, your brand’s image depends on what they say about it on social media – maybe not entirely, but a lot. 

It’s no surprise that influencer marketing software of all kinds pops up here and there. The developers know what the market needs, and it needs precise data, analytics, transparency, and ways to increase effectiveness.

What is BuzzGuru?

buzzguru influencer marketing platform

BuzzGuru is a product of its time that had to appear one day to cover all the market’s needs. It’s an all-in-one platform for managing influencer marketing from A to Z. It’s made by people from the industry: 🔥 BuzzGuru started in 2017 as an influencer marketing agency, so they’ve learned everything from their own experience and have faced all the challenges that agencies, brands, and solo marketers face every day.

Actual experience has combined with high-tech, and now we have the pleasure of using BuzzGuru for:

  • influencer search;
  • influencer account, content, and performance analysis;
  • competitor analysis;
  • influencer marketing campaign management;
  • content search on social media;
  • market research;
  • ad campaigns analysis.

BuzzGuru has a database of more than 27M influencers from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch. This allows us to find relevant creators for ad campaigns of any kind, see what other brands are doing on social media, and the overall landscape in any niche we want to research.


BuzzGuru is a complex platform that includes several different tools, from influencer discovery to campaign reporting, from influencer account analysis to competitor research. And while all the tools are widely used by brands and agencies, some may have a need in a few particular of them only. So, BuzzGuru doesn’t charge you for the whole thing, no matter what. You can select the instruments your business really needs.

To help you learn more about the platform and how to use its tools to get the maximum profit, BuzzGuru suggests customizable pricing for the platform. The price depends on what your business really needs, so first BuzzGuru’s experts have a call with you to know you and your business better, and learn more about your brand, strategy, and expected results – then they can make you a negotiable offer

BuzzGuru User Dashboard

Also, as a nice addition, there’s a tool BuzzGuru gives for free–the Chrome extension. It shows the basic data of any influencer right when you’re surfing a social media platform.

BuzzGuru analytics on Youtube page


The first thing you notice when starting to use BuzzGuru is that the platform is extremely user friendly. There’s an entire knowledge base with a bunch of useful articles, but honestly, you only need those to show to someone as everything is clear from the first sight. 

BuzzGuru is easy to navigate, and the first thing you’ll want to try is quite transparent: the influencer discovery tool.

Influencer Discovery

This is the first section on the list and the one I recommend using first, too. Here you have the entire 27M+ database of influencers at your service. To make your search more distinguished and convenient, BuzzGuru splits the search pages for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch.

Search and discover influencers with BuzzGuru

To start, you only need to choose the platform and type an influencer’s name. The search engine works even if you don’t know the entire name or don’t remember the correct spelling – the platform is smart enough to guess and suggests some variants.

Find influencers for your campaign with BuzzGuru

Or, if you don’t want to see some particular creators but need a list of those who fit your criteria, don’t type anything. Just use the smart filters. Most filters simply have to be there, no doubt, like an influencer’s broadcast language, country, or average number of views – BuzzGuru doesn’t forget about the basics. Other filters are a nice and helpful addition, like the games filter that helps see the YouTube creators who have played specific games (maybe yours or your competitors’). They have additional value for gaming brands and app developers.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

The more filters you use, the more specific lists of influencers you get on the search results. I strongly recommend learning what your target audience loves, as it will help you greatly when searching for influencers they definitely follow and like – this especially concerns using such specific filters as “Channel topic”, “Game genres”, and “Games”. Yes, your perfect customer may be a gamer, but it’s not enough to know just that: you must also learn what particular game genres they prefer, at least. There are hyper-casual games for the elderly and horror action games for edgy youngsters – they sure are different audiences, and BuzzGuru knows it and shows it to you.

Influencer Analytics

Okay, now, to the next part – the influencer profile analytics. BuzzGuru gives you access to the data of each of the 27M+ creators – with all the figures checked and calculated for you by the AI.

Select any influencer you’ve discovered previously, and you’ll get to their profile page. It’s nice to have an overview of the account right at hand. You get the information about the influencer’s subscribers count, the average number of views and likes they get, their average engagement rate, and the estimated cost for the ads on their account. Further, you will see how it all is calculated.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

The further you scroll, the more you learn about the influencer’s performance, content, and audience. All the data are precise, collected, and calculated by the AI, and also neatly organized for easier understanding. You get more detailed information about the influencer’s audience, views, and engagement rate, and AI estimates the cost of the influencer’s services based on their CPM. Note this one: you can use the information about the estimated price when negotiating with creators and make sure you pay a fair price. 

Also, you can see the creator’s posting schedule, audience activity dynamics and forecast for it, and the catalog of their content – videos (including the videos’ stats) here, as for the YouTuber. 

Dynamics charts and forecasts help you understand how profitable it may be to collaborate with the selected influencer. They also help you set goals for your ad campaign, such as coverage, CPM, CPA, etc. This way, even before you launch a campaign, you can get an image of what results to expect.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?
BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?
BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

A special note for the Brands section. Here you can see what apps and brands the influencer has mentioned in their content – another good opportunity to analyze your competitors and their ads’ performance.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

See some brands you’re interested in? Click on it to get more details on how exactly the influencer engaged in their ad campaign. Here you get the overall data of the brand’s campaign and the data of each video made for it by the creator.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

Want to know even more? BuzzGuru can show you more – just click on the video you’re interested in.

Then watch it and see the analytics on the video: the brands promoted, the number of views, comments, and likes, the ER… You also learn how much a brand could have charged for the ads, in this case, the price is also estimated by the AI based on the CPM. And another nice thing that helps analyze the content’s performance is the popularity chart showing the dynamics of the viewer’s engagement with the video.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?
BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

The data available for other platforms can be slightly different, depending on what’s more important and available. For example, on TikTok, you get more info about an influencer’s audience demographics, as TikTok shares it, unlike YouTube.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

Content Discovery

It’s not necessary to know some influencers beforehand to discover those who your target audience is hyped up for. You can use the content-first search strategy to find the posts that resonate with your brand and audience and then see who’s the content creator and whether they fit your requirements. BuzzGuru has the “Search by keywords” tab that allows you to search for particular content and, in general, see what’s happening on social media in your niche. The search by post/video is also separated by platforms: YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or Twitch.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?
BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

The filters are also available here: you can combine them with some words typed or just use the filters only to get a selection of relevant posts.

Competitor Analysis

Moving to the next stage, competitive analysis is just as easy. You may search for brand mentions or go separately for apps or games, as these categories have more specific filters.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?
BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

Any brand that has been mentioned on social media platforms can be found here: you can see what exact influencers the brand has worked with, what types of ads they made, how the ads performed, what budget the brand had for the campaign, and much more. All this gives you a decisive advantage over your competitors as you can learn from their mistakes and use what was best in their campaigns for yours. Also, the data gives you insights into their strategies in different markets, which helps build your own unbeatable marketing strategy.

BuzzGuru shows you a brand’s estimated budget, how many influencers have mentioned it, the total number of paid and organic mentions, the coverage, and the dynamics of it all.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

Need to know what countries your competitors aim at and where they are already the most popular? BuzzGuru shows it.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

To get more insights and understand what content works best for your competitors, check out the influencers they engage with and the posts containing ads.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

You surely have a portrait of your perfect customer, but what about your perfect influencer? BuzzGuru creates it for you based on the profiles of the influencers who worked for your competitor so that it would be easier to search for relevant influencers for your own ad campaign.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

Campaign Management 

Okay, now, when you’re done with your market research, and you’ve also completed your competitive analysis and have even selected influencers to work with, you need a place to manage your ad campaigns. BuzzGuru has the place, or better say, the tool for this – the campaign management functionality. Here, you create, launch, monitor your campaigns and analyze the results. To arrange multiple campaigns, you have folders. And to keep your data safe, BuzzGuru suggests setting specific roles with restrictions for different users: your employees, collaborators, clients if you’re operating as an agency, etc.

This instrument is, on one hand, a space for you, your teammates, or clients to manage campaigns in the most effective way. On the other hand, it’s a full-stack influencer marketing assistant. BuzzGuru saves you approximately 125 working hours a month and doesn’t require an extra desk in your office. 

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

Previously, you have automated your search, analytics, calculations with the help of BuzzGuru. Here you make your workflow faster and more efficient, and also get reports at any stage of the campaign.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

The more information you enter while creating an influencer marketing campaign, the more specific goals you set, and the more detailed reports you’ll get. Each campaign can include influencers from different platforms, and BuzzGuru will show you the reports in all the formats: the overall overview, the overview of each platform separately, and also the detailed report of each influencer’s performance. BuzzGuru allows you to be more flexible, and a flexible approach helps increase ROI and ensure every dollar you spend is worth it.

The reports have all the necessary information: the number of influencers engaged, the amount of content uploaded, the number of views, likes, and comments, the engagement rate, CPM, and the charts show the dynamics of it all. Also you can control your budget here and see what part of it has already been put to use.

BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?
BuzzGuru Review - #1 Influencer Marketing Platform?

While monitoring your ongoing campaign, you can see whether your goals will be achieved even in early stages. Yes, you can get reports every hour if you want, and no, nobody will have to spend time preparing them as BuzzGuru does it automatically. With this, you can quickly learn what types of content work best for you and what influencers outperform others: tests are necessary for the influencer marketing field, just like in any other that concerns advertising. Seeing the intermediate results, you can buy more ads from best-performing influencers or ask others to adjust their creative content so that it works better.

What’s also nice is that you completely control your campaigns and how they look on the BuzzGuru platform as all the settings are customizable.


BuzzGuru is the platform that simply had to appear, eventually. It’s the answer to the industry’s demands for clear and relevant data, wise automation, and efficiency boost. 

BuzzGuru review by Vashishtha

What BuzzGuru has: smart tools for influencer and content discovery, competitive analysis, and campaign management. In short, it’s a fully equipped and accurately organized space for influencer marketers. 

What’s nice and intelligent about the devs is that they don’t try to make BuzzGuru a one-fits-all solution. It’s a stack of customizable tools where each brand can select only the ones they really need. To the extent that you can use the discovery tool only. Or you can choose apps and games research and analytics or add the campaign management tool to the stack – it’s all up to you. The BuzzGuru team strives to know your business and make the best offer. This makes the platform suitable for small, medium, and large businesses that do their marketing in-house and for influencer marketing agencies with a broader range of duties.

The BuzzGuru platform is a solution where human experience and approach meet high-tech. Such a combination makes it one of the industry’s leaders – and the platform I highly recommend.