BuzzSumo Alternatives- Best Content Research Tools in 2023

Creating content is a tedious job. You need to keep a tab on trending topics and understand what your audience is expecting from you. That is the thing that BuzzSumo can assist you with.

While it is an amazing tool it comes with a price tag that may be excessively high for certain organizations. In case you're searching for BuzzSumo alternatives, I have your back. Here is a list of different tools that you can use instead of BuzzSumo.

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BuzzSumo is an extraordinary tool that helps you to find new content and find popular topics. What’s extraordinary about BuzzSumo is that it utilizes genuine information to give you bits of knowledge in trending content in any niche. It can assist in locating the correct influencers to work with. What’s more? It additionally shows highlights for content alerts, competitor analysis, progressed filtering, and data export.

Top Alternatives & Competitors to BuzzSumo

More leads turn into more sales, and more sales will automatically increase your revenue. This is what SNOV does for you. This outreach automation tool is everything you need to come up with exciting content for your target audience. 

SNOV allows you to fill your funnel using its quality for targeting leads as per your business requirements. Moreover, it is best at nurturing and converting engagements, accurate competitor researches, and scale up your business growth. 

  • Get access to cold outreach that works best for you
  • Work smart with SNOV, not hard
  • Filter audience for your business growth 
  • Save the startup cost of your business
  • Run drip campaigns and automate your cold-outreach process
  • Build roundup posts, get reviews for your products and lot more
  • Do backlinks outreach or find clients for your services

Ahrefs discovers more than 5 million pages every day. Isn’t it great? Absolutely. With a particularly gigantic list, it’s perhaps the best tool that content marketers can depend on. 

While BuzzSumo allows you to see the posts that are generally connected to and shared, Ahrefs goes above and beyond. It helps you to check the pages that are most visited too.

  • It is great at highlighting research, keyword, traffic, and other assessments
  • It gives you a broad content discovery platform
  • Available for a 7-day trial and the free version is available too
  • Thereafter, the subscription will cost you $99/month and goes up to $179 a month

Here we are with HootSuite which is another great BuzzSumo alternative. It simply assists you to come up with incredible content for your website. Even if you are looking for ideas to share on your social media platforms, this is the right way to get the best information. 

You can easily use keywords, hashtags, or even geographical locations for accurate analyzes. Thereafter, merge all the content information and get the easy accessibility it offers. 

  • You can test this tool using a 30-day free trial
  • The subscription price starts from $29 /month and goes up to $599 /month, depending upon the plan you chose
  • Plan content, create it, and schedule your analyzes with HootSuite. Connect with the team anytime

This BuzzSumo alternative is an incredible tool for marketers searching. This is the best choice for people who are content creation, social media influencers, or content curation tools. 

ContentStudio can easily predict how your content is going to perform on the internet even before you make it live. So, this magic and the possibility to make your content a web sensation is everything ContentStudio can do for you. 

  • Content Studio comes with a 14 days free trial
  • The subscription price starts from $39/month and goes up to $239/month, depending upon the plan you chose
  • Get the best of social engagement information

Up next we have Feedly which is one of the best BuzzSumo alternatives. It works like an RRS channel with many application integrations. What else? You can utilize all its tools by easily discovering and offering content irrespective of what niche you are from. 

What makes Feely a great tool is its ability to interrupt. You don’t need to go into deep searches to get your trend, Feedly is here to do that for you. 

  • Feedly is free of cost
  • Free doesn’t mean it will disturb you with its advertisements. There are no pop-ups
  • It is great at monitoring your social media accounts
  • It shows you your suitable results and keywords

Here we are with one of the best tools there is, Ninja Outreach. Its awesomeness makes it a great BuzzSumo alternative. It assists you in influencing marketing which indeed makes every task easier for your organization. 

To have the best of Ninja Outreach, just have a clear niche, create your profile and start getting the best result.

  • Locate the correct influencer for your business marketing
  • Discover your target audience and their contact information
  • Try its 7-days free trial
  • To subscribe, you would have to spend $299 a month that can be as much as $499 a month

Oktopost is our next element in the list. It is made especially for social media administrators and content marketers who work in B2B organizations. Alongside content discovery, you can set up RSS channels to watch out for content sources. 

Through their excellent program, you can simply and quickly schedule and share content. Also, its principals are focused on B2B organizations and guarantee remarkable ROI for the users. 

  • You can try it for 30 days without any payment. 
  • Its subscription starts from $99/month and goes to $249 a month. 
  • It takes you through stages like Marketo, SalesForce, and others. 
  • OktoPost allows alteration of packages as per your requirements is one of the best BuzzSumo alternatives out there. It motivates you to go deep into the world of the best content and have the best one for your website. So, if you need a trustable platform for your content marketing, is a good choice for you. 

It not only helps you analyze content trends for you but also helps you come up with curation of blogs and websites. 

  • Publish your content with a single click
  • You can easily switch to automatic content discovery
  • offers a free version
  • The subscription price starts from  $14.99 /month and goes up to $67/month depending on the plan you choose

Moving on, we have SproutSocial which is another excellent BuzzSumo Alternatives. It truly cares about your activity and marketing over social media platforms. Marketers can see how effective and organized your social media is.  

It has a great combination of tools that helps it to engage with clients. No matter if you need help with your social media channels or simply want to forward messages, you can access anything on the dashboard. 

  • It understands the metrics of your performance
  • Enjoy incredible tools for better performance
  • Sprout Social offers a 30-day free trial
  • The subscription price starts from  $99 /month and goes up to $249/month depending on the plan you choose

BuzzSumo Alternatives

There are several Buzzsumo alternatives available in the market. However, if you are looking for the best ones, then follow the list and get your best match.