Cloudways Review – Pricing, Performance-Test & Setup Tutorial

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I wrote my honest feedback in this Cloudways review as I have been using their amazing hosting platform. I used it for more than 2 years and still using it.

There are tons of cloud hosting providers. Every provider claims to be the best. Such providers have also proved that cloud hosting is the best way to host a high-performance website.

But who has the time to learn SSH commands to deploy a high-performing server for your website?

Cloudways utilizes the top cloud hosting infrastructures like DigitalOcean and lets you host your website.

You must have heard of several managed hosting service providers. There is one that is renowned for its value for both money and time. I am talking about Cloudways, one of the most outstanding web service providers in the cyber world.

Promising innovation at its best, the simplicity and teamwork provided by Cloudways is quite impressive as these two factors are what make Cloudways the best choice for customers.

There are a number of online platforms that provide excellent hosting services, however, mostly on a shared basis. What makes Cloudways standout is its ability to provide individual space over the internet world.

Having your own personal hosting makes your website work with a higher speed as compared to the traditional ones. See how Cloudways is actually brilliant?

Let me tell you more about how wonderful this platform is in the review below. Read on for more.

Why migrate to Cloudways?

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Do you want to make your website load five times faster? Are you still using old-school shared hosting to host your money website? Are you fed up of the slow loading backend of the WordPress dashboard? 

If you’re nodding your head in a YES, this Cloudways review is for you.

Yes, many report that their WordPress site loads too slow. This is something affecting their business adversely. But what to do?

I also heard that cloud hosting is the best option to make your website faster. Eventually, I tried digitalocean and AWS both.

But, I didn’t have time to mess up with the SSH command line and install putty to manage my server. Installing WordPress on a cloud server using SSH is not that easy (even though I am a professional in this).

I would rather focus on creating more content on my website, decide on different marketing plans. Right?

The Solution (Cloudways)

Cloudways is a Malta-based managed cloud hosting platform where people come together and create scalable and manageable web applications. The sole vision of the company is to empower individuals, businesses, and teams.

There is a range of hosting products and solutions provided by Cloudways may it be WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce hosting, Magento, Laravel, Joomla, Ecommerce, and many more. 

cloudways features

Cloudways can be described as a mediator platform that helps you deploy a server of your choice out of the five best providers.

These servers are from the best providers such as DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, AWS (Amazon Web Service), and Google Cloud.

managed hosting from cloudways - list of providers

By providing any of these under one platform, Cloudways works with a vision to make things easier for its customers who are both technical experts and amateur.

However, you need not be an expert of managing and creating websites to be able to host and run a site with Cloudways.

What if you can use the power of your favorite cloud infrastructure and manage your websites like a pro at the same time?

What if you can install WordPress or any other CMS with just one click? and make your website load faster enough to beat the competition?

speed test results of a website hosted on cloudways with digitalocean

I made this possible with Cloudways. I am explaining the same in my honest and tested cloudways review.

I was thrilled to start using the Cloudways platform because it simulated the curiosity to know what else is there inside the platform to discover and manage my site even more professionally.

The best part of Cloudways platform is, “This has no cPanel.” The Cloudways platform is designed in the best way that you understand quickly.

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