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Corporate Blogging Platform When it comes to serving a company rather than an individual, there are corporate blogging platforms that are specifically designed to assist businesses with their corporate blogging. Companies have much different demands than individuals, including support, education, the ability to handle high volumes of traffic, enterprise moderation capabilities and search engine optimization.

Corporate Blogging Software

  • Compendium Blogware – Compendium has a platform that is optimized for keywords and does not require the user to tag and categorize their content. Compendium’s Software as a Service package includes keyword analysis, analytics integration, a high performing platform, unlimited storage and traffic, social media integration, security and administrative moderation. Disclosure: Douglas Karr is a shareowner in Compendium and devised the original concept.



  • WordPress VIP – WordPress VIP offers both support and hosting packages. VIP Support offers assistance and advice for enterprise users who are running large-scale WordPress deployments of WordPress, WordPress MU (Multi-User), VIP Hosted sites, and Open Source WordPress plugins like BuddyPress. With VIP Hosting, your site is hosted on the award-winning grid.



  • Typepad – TypePad helps businesses of every size engage with customers and stay ahead of the competition. Smaller businesses might prefer a more do it yourself approach, with TypePad Premium. Larger clients can get direct access to our talented team and our most powerful software with TypePad Business Class.




  • Awareness – Awareness provides enterprise-grade social marketing tools to some of the world’s largest brands, and we understand enterprise needs from both a technology and business requirements perspective. The Awareness Social Marketing Hub is hosted by Awareness in highly-scaleable datacenters, which feature automated failover, backup, and intrusion detection.




  • Marqui – With Marqui’s business blogging features you can easily manage multiple blogs on your website from a familiar user interface and interact with your customers in a whole new way. Workflows and approval management included.





  • Traction – Traction┬« TeamPage is an award winning Enterprise 2.0 social software product that combines wiki, blog, social tagging, activity streams, discussion and social networking capabilities using Traction’s secure, scalable hypertext platform.




These vendors work specifically with businesses to drive inbound marketing for small, medium, large and enterprise businesses utilizing their own platform. There are other content management systems and popular blogging software out there as well:

There are also a ton of corporate blogging tools out on the market.

5 Responses to “Corporate Blogging Platform”

  1. Thank you guys for this, it is great to know about these tools, especially when advising clients.

    I knew some but not all, so definitely will be checking them to se what they are all about.

  2. Would love to know from you what, in your opinion, makes corporate blogging, well.. corporate?

  3. Douglas Karr says:

    My personal answer is that the goal of the blog is grow the overall organization rather than an individual. Publishing blogs are about promoting their own content. Professional blogs around promoting their bloggers.

  4. Douglas Karr says:

    Wow – so sorry for the late response on this Hussein. ┬áI only define a corporate blog seperately in that the goal is to advance the goals of a company rather than an individual.

  5. Thelma Case says:

    This is a great article on various corporate blogging platforms. Those who do blogging for their businesses are surely grateful of this. Thanks for sharing.

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