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It’s unfortunate, but most corporate blogs fail. They didn’t have to – but they lacked the strategy to ensure growth and a return on investment for the effort. Here are 10 tips to get your corporate blogging strategy off the ground:

  1. Select the right platform – if you don’t have internal technical resources to support you, you may want to blog with a Software as a Service solution.
  2. Make sure you’re blog is optimized for search – search engines will be a dominant source of new visitors to your blog. If no one can find your blog, then there’s no opportunity for growth. Some platforms are optimized better than others, but even the most popular platforms require a lot of work to get them optimized.
  3. Make sure you’re measuring – analytics will cover your blog’s visitors, but don’t forget Feedburner to get your feed’s consumption data as well as using a service like to measure how your site is being distributed in social media.
  4. Know your keywords – before you ever write your first post, be sure to fully understand what keywords will attract perspective customers to your blog.
  5. Create a path to engagement – after finding and reading your blog post, do you have calls-to-action to attract the visitor to take the next step to finding out more information, downloading some material, or becoming a customer?
  6. Post a disclaimer and terms of use – you must legally protect your company.
  7. Create your team – select your bloggers based on their excitement about your product, ability to write, and enthusiasm about the opportunity. Don’t simply grab executives… people within the organization that touch the customer can often evangelize, teach, and share more than just your leaders.
  8. Set goals – set goals for your bloggers to get content out, reward them for great reactions to that content, and continue to inform and educate the team on how to write, what to write about, and where the results are coming from.
  9. Talk about your customers – blogging isn’t just a new medium for selling or marketing, it’s an opportunity to share the stories of your customer. Throwing a pitch out on a blog post is a sure-fire way to push away visitors.
  10. Be transparent – share the good and the bad, provide insight that you’re humans, too! Use the blog to create a personal relationship with your visitors. When criticized, don’t hide – defend and protect your brand and allow your customers to as well.

There are hundreds more tips to developing a great corporate blogging strategy… we know you’ll find the book compelling and useful!

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