How to Create an Event Listing Site in 30 Minutes

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I love events because I like hanging out with like-minded people and share ideas. Do you?

In the present time, there is a gathering everyday somewhere near me.

To reach BIG audience, every organizer look for a platform. This platform helps organizers and attendees to connect with each other and gather on the venue.

Today, I am going to show you How to create a Event listing site with top.

The website will look like this:

WP Event Manager Plugin Demo

This is divided in three parts

  • Installing the plugin and setting it up on the site
  • Role of the Admin
  • What organizer is able to do in the platform
  • How attendee will enroll for the event

So let’s start with the setup.

Admin Part

Step1. Download the FREE plugin and install it in your WordPress blog (I Assume that you already know how to setup a WordPress blog.)

Download the plugin here.

Step2. Once you install and activate the plugin, a quick setup wizard will popup. Just go through the 3 Step setup.

1 setup 2 making pages automatically

In this setup, three pages will be created automatically. Now you will reach the third page which says that setup was successful.

Step3. Setup the configuration Now

Here we have to setup the site actually. Everything you need to manage is here.

event submission settings events plugin

Here you will configure how the event listing will be submitted. The options you can customize here are

  • Need of an account to submit event listings
  • New User (organizer) can create account on the site or he has to contact the admin for a new account. This will improve the security of your website. You can prevent spam also.
  • New Account Role (default is organizer)
  • Multiple Banners that form a slider thereof
  • Expired listing to be active after expiry or be deleted

Settings EventsListings — WordPress

This config page contains a wide range of options that you can enable or disable. You will control the Event listing page.

  • Ticket Pricing
  • Type Filter
  • Enable/Disable Category
  • Listing Per page et cetera

Once you complete the setup and configuration part, you’re all set to launch the site.

Submitting an Event

Event listing can be added by

  • the admin
  • the organizer
  • a custom role you create for this

and will be visible on the site upon the approval by an admin.

How to Submit an Event Listing (From Admin Dashboard)

Step1. Click the Add Event link from the site menu

Step2. Fill up the form

Add Event Events site— WordPress

Step3. This listing will be live as soon as you submit the form because you’re adding this from admin dashboard.

Submit Event (from Frontend)

Here a user of your site is going to submit an event listing. Sure thing that the user is an organizer.

Step1. Open Create Event page

Step2. Submit the event listing with the from

event listing form

Step3. Wait for the approval. The submitted entry goes to the admin for approval.

approve event lisiting

Step4. See the event listing live upon approval

wp theme

Woohooo. The event is live on the site.

Editing the Event listing as Organizer

The organizer role in your site will get an front-end event listing dashboard. From this dashboard, the organizer can edit, delete, pause and duplicate the event. However, the any event listing will be live only after the approval from an admin.

event dashboard

Enhance your site for more functions.

If you want your event listing website to have more functions like

  • Google Maps for searches and venue details
  • On site Attendees management for proper management
  • Sell Tickets with a Payment Processor,

You can add by purchasing an add-on from the WP event Manager plugin website.

Wrapping Up & Over To You

Anyone with basic WordPress skills can easily develop his own event listing platform with this FREE plugin. Furthermore, The wordPress theme especially for the users of the plugin is also available here. You can customize this theme for a custom event listing platform.

Please hit me up with any question about this tutorial using the comment form below or the contact form.