Top 10 Creative Business Card Design Inspirations

best creative business card ideas for inspiration

Have you ever thought of making your business card impressive enough to fetch sound business out of it?

Yes, a business card is the root of developing business relations and if done right, it can turn the tables of your business growth.

The first thing that comes in mind when thinking of a business card is “Quality and the size of the paper”. The recommended quality is Linen textured paper. Most of the business card designs in this list are printed on textured paper only.

Once you’re done with the choosing the right quality of paper and a perfect size of the card, you need a perfect design that represents your business.

Let’s have a look at some impressive, creative and provoking visiting card design ideas for your business card.

Top Business Card Design Inspiration for an Impressive Business Identity

1. East&Co by Studio Parallel

1 East&Co by Parallel

Studio Parallel came up with the identity of East&Co which was launched in London’s E17. The concept behind the design was the colors used on racing jackets of GreyHounds. The inspiration was taken from the Walthamstow Stadium, the shapes, scoreboard and all was well introduced in the design.

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2 The Conference by Hvass&Hannibal

2 the Conference

This visiting card is creatively designed and crafted really well by Hvass&Hannibal Studio. The Conference brand by Media Evolution got a great impact on the prospects with this amazing design.

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3. Yoga Trainer Business Cards

3 Yoga Trainer Business Cards

Yeah, the card is not flexible or stretchable but when you put your two fingers in the two holes, it seems to be your legs being shown above your head as a result of the yoga stretch.

This clearly conveys the message behind the business. The contact information is on the back of the card.

4 Yoga Mat Business Card

4 yoga mat business card

This creative yoga mat business card for Vancouver yoga center was totally able to give a glimpse of what the company is actually selling. Portable flexible mats for yoga purpose and this business card totally explains it well. One can roll it in the same way you can roll a Yoga mat.

5 Event Photographer Viewfinder Business Card

5 Event Photographer business Card

What can be a better idea for the business card of a professional event photographer than a wireframe of a DSLR?

This creative business card has transparent plastic paper pasted inside a DSLR frame. Moreover, the screen of a DSLR is printed on that transparent film. So, you can see thorough the card.

6 Hair Dresser Business Card

6 Hair Dresser Business Card 1

A simple looking card has cutting grids printed on the back.

6 Hair Dresser Business Card 2

Cut it with a scissor and fold the card to create an awesome creative cartoon with spike hairs.

6 Hair Dresser Business Card 3

Creativity and design by Igor Perkusic

7 Investment Broker Business Card by Rethink, Canada

7 Investment Broker Business card

Credits: Rethink, Canada

Forex Trading or a investment broker? Show when to buy and when to sell with this creative business card. What about a business card having graph of incline and decline containing your contact and business details? Isn’t it creative?

8 Transformable Card Design for Cargo Business

8 Cargo Business Card 1

Cargo business is on the box cartoons to pack and move the goods. This business card be transformed into a perfect boxed cartoon ready to be shipped.

9 iLabs Business Card by Hoang Nguyen

9 iLabs Business Card

This creative business card has the power of material design standards and amazing colored elements. The back of the card has nothing but the business logo with a deep blue background.

10 Business Card Real Deal by Roden Dushi

10 Business Card Real Deal

Last but not the least is the Creative design by Roden Dushi for the property dealers, RealDeal. The minimalist business card design has the business logo, Name, designation and contact details on the front. The back of the card has two versions, Darker and lighter.