Best CRM Gmail integration Tool Akvelon

In today’s world full of competition, a customer is everything. If you are running a company, you obviously want to retain your potential customers with you only. Here comes the concept called Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

If you are into the customer relationship management then I am sure that you have seen many CRM tools on the market. CRM tools are very simple but highly effective tools to grow your business. They are used to analyze data to know customer’s history of business and after proper analysis, you can get in touch with the customer and help them to grow their business. Eventually, you drive the customer to your company using CRM tool.

Gmail is a great free and widely used email client due to features they provide. Akvelon has created CRM Gmail Integration tool for all those who are looking forward to growing their relationships with customer and grow their businesses at next level.

Let me tell you more about this cool CRM Tool

Akvelon’s CRM Gmail Integration Tool

crm gmail integration tool

Customer Relationship Management is very necessary for any business and that’s why to help your business with current trends, you need CRM tool. Akvelon has created an awesome tool that helps you to grow your business with all your CRM activities.

With Akvelon’s dynamic CRM tool, you can manage all your CRM activities directly from your Gmail. This small tool compiles a lot of Gmail data and helps you to understand your customer in much better and detailed way. The tool allows you to perform common CRM tasks like Email tracking, the creation of records, and management of activities directly from Gmail. It will reduce your time and increase your productivity.

Akvelon has recently updated their version by adding a ton of new features. They have just launched their 3rd version of CRM Gmail Integration tool. The tool is Google Chrome Extension which can be downloaded from Google Chrome Store for free.

Best Features of Best CRM Gmail Integration Tool Akvelon

  1. Gmail Integration

Gmail Integration of Best CRM tool Akvelon is quite easy and straightforward. You just need to add one Google Chrome Extension in your Google Chrome and you are all set to start using this superb CRM Gmail Integration tool.

With the updated version of the tool, they have improved email tracking functionalities drastically. With Track Email Option, users can easily create CRM entities directly from Gmail.

Email tracking is quite interactive and easy to check. A user can quickly check if the email is tracked or not by having a glance at it. If the email is tracked by dynamic Akvelon tool, it will be displayed by green arrows and for not tracked email, the red arrow is used.


  1. Calendar Syncing

Calendar syncing option let the user sync their CRM calendar with Gmail or their Gmail calendar with CRM. Often when you are having a big business, you will have a various calendar for various customers and various purposes. You can sync them all using Akvelon’s CRM Gmail Integration tool.

This option is highly effective and convenient for those who are using many calendars for various clients.

  1. Creation of CRM Activities

You can easily create and review your CRM activities inside this tool. Creation of CRM activities using this tool is extremely easy and fast. You can see due date, time and duration, subject, priority, and descriptions from activity tab in your Gmail.

You can open any activity at any time by clicking on it. Some extra and useful functionalities like filtering, searching and shorting is also added an updated version of the tool.

  1. Easy Connection with Global Search and Global Preview Tool

Akvelon is known for its CRM tools. They have developed two more tools called Global Search and Global Preview for CRM activities. Global Search is used to manage CRM records from a single location while Global Preview tool can be used to preview any CRM entity from CRM list.

Integration of CRM Gmail Integration tool with Global Search and Global Preview tool is quite easy and it is added in the 3rd version of this tool. So now you can use all these 3 tools together and expand your business with them.

  1. Supported Platforms

CRM Gmail Integration tool by Akvelon is a Google Chrome Extension. So you don’t need to install any external tool on your system to work with.

This CRM tool will work with Google Chrome and that’s why it is needed that you install Google Chrome on your system. Google Chrome is supported by most of the systems nowadays because it is becoming widely accepted web browser.

Once you have Google Chrome installed, you just need to install Google Chrome Extension called Dynamics CRM Integration for Gmail to get started with CRM tool.

Final Words on Best CRM Gmail Integration Tool Akvelon

Akvelon Dynamic CRM is a free and very useful tool and I highly recommend you this tool if you are into customer relationship management. Each and every business should have a healthy relationship with their customers and if you are serious about your relationship with clients, you should start using this tool for your business today.

I am sure you can improve your product, relationship with clients and grow your business with this tool. This tool can work like charm if you are having high email volumes on Gmail.

Make sure you give it a try. Download its Google Chrome Extension NOW and try it for free.

Have you tried this tool? What’s your take on this tool? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments.