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There are various tools in the market to peep into the competitor’s activities and data but if we talk about a few of the best ones, Anstrex has a special position.

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Bottom Line Upfront-

Anstrex has a very user-friendly interface and it has a very easy to navigate UI. You can simply follow the information given and extract what you want in order to make your native ads successful.

anstrex testimonial

Anstrex will surely help you to stay ahead of the competition, by spying on other publishers’ top websites. You can simply explore the current trends right in the native ads industry and then ramp up your ROI and sales conversion.

Plugins for Google Analytics and Adsense are also available in this tool and it works directly with WordPress. So, if you want to track multiple websites at one go, then Anstrex is the perfect tool for you. You can get exclusive discounts on Anstrex by using our coupon codes. We highly recommend this tool to all the website owners who want to make the most out of their native ads.

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Anstrex Coupons

How to avail of the Anstrex Coupons & Deals? 

  • To gain profit from arrangements given during the Anstrex Coupons, you have to join their official site and enter substantial coupon codes.
  • All codes have not been uncovered at this point, stay blocked to discover more limits and coupons for the Anstrex Coupons.
  • The coupon code is easy to copy this code and use for your ad campaigns. So, better analyze strategize using Anstrex and get the best and maybe free spy tool.

What Is Native Ads Spy Tool?

Native Ads are the future of advertising, but if you’re a marketer without an understanding or insight into these new strategies it can be difficult.

Native ads are one of the most effective ways to monetize your website and this tool will help you to get the most out of it. You can track your competitor’s ads, their traffic sources, and how they are converting. You can also spy on their bidding strategies and then make the necessary changes in order to beat them in the competition.

Fortunately for us, there’s now a tool that helps us spy on our competitors’ Native Ad campaigns and get detailed insights in order to better ourselves as well!

The foremost provider is called Anstrex – they offer many features including analytics (such as impressions & clickthrough rate); campaign tracking with goals set by date range; ad copywriting services where we write compelling messages tailored specifically towards users who clicked this particular banner/ button, etc.

What is Anstrex?

Are you looking for a way to increase your ad revenue?

Anstrex is the industry’s leading performance-based media buying platform. They update your campaign data before you even have time to change it so that you can get back to what matters most – growing your business.

Anstrex is an agent device that centers overwhelmingly around local promotions and pushes advertisements. They offer a scope of various highlights and can give information on more than 50 promotion organizations, 17 million advertisements in 90+ GEOs around the globe.

You don’t need to worry about manually updating any of your ads or placements anymore because we do all of that for you! With their unique technology and advanced algorithms, they are able to optimize campaigns in real-time without human intervention. This means more money in your pocket and less time wasted on tedious tasks! Try it out today by clicking this link now!

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Services provided by Anstrex:

A) Anstrex Native

The Anstrex Native plan costs you $59.99 per month but if you click on the blue button below, you can have it in much less cost. So, what do we get under this package?

  • This is a solo pack
  • 27 Native Ad Networks
  • Information from 64 Countries
  • Progressed Search and Filtering
  • Presentation page Ripper
  • Contender Alerts
  • Online Chat Support

B) Anstrex Native With Push

A little beyond the basic native plan, this one gives you the chance to explore things pretty well. However, where you get it at $124.99 a month, you can get it at a minimal amount.

So, what do we get in this ‘Native with push plan’?

  • 27 Native Advertising Networks
  • 38 Push Advertising Networks
  • Information from 92 Countries
  • Progressed Search and Filtering
  • Greeting page Ripper
  • Contender Alerts
  • Online Chat Support
  • CPC Bids on Push Campaigns
  • 2-day No Obligation Trial


C) Anstrex Push

Anstrex Push generally costs $79.99 per month but with these Anstrex Coupons, you will be spending a lot less. The services you will get under this plan with filter are:

  • 38 Push Ad Networks
  • Information from 92 Countries
  • Progressed Search and Filtering
  • Point of arrival Ripper
  • Contender Alerts
  • Online Chat Support

C) Pro Plan

Under this professional plan, you will get a lot more than any other plan. However, instead of paying $69.99 per month, there is a chance to pay a lot less.

Simply click on the button below and know more. Plus, the services you will get are:

  • 6 M+ Products Available To Import
  • Import Up To 30,000 Products
  • Information From 10,000+ Retail Stores
  • Hot Products From 140+ Countries
  • Hot Viral Products Updated Daily
  • Robotize Ordering Process
  • Boundless Alerts To Manage Inventory
  • Online Chat Support
  • 2-day No Obligation Trial

What’s more?

  • 48 hours refund policy
  • You can avail of a 20% lifetime ads coupon discount

What more can you expect? Well, a lot that you can think of. So, without any further wait, just click on the button below and see what discounts can you avail of.

You can avail yourself of these amazing categories of these copies and use Anstrex Coupons from their official website anytime you’d like. Also, they guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

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Anstrex features

Features of Anstrex

Anstrex is a company that uses its tools to help marketers solve interesting challenges. They would love the opportunity to work with you if your unique challenge seems like something they can handle!

Let’s see what all features do it has:

Better Performance for Marketers / Affiliates

Get your hands on the strategies used by top online marketers to generate massive traffic and sales. Anstrex’s native advertising program will give you all of these secrets, which have helped affiliates worldwide achieve great success with their campaigns.

Get your direct sale

Increase your revenue by learning techniques used in direct sales marketing, a field that has perfected the art of convincing people to buy products.

Boosting your business’ revenue requires an understanding of how successful marketers have grown their companies over time and what strategies they’ve implemented-top B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (businesses with customers divided into two markets: consumers or other businesses.) Top executives from these industries share some insight on growth tactics here.

Anstrex for brand advertisers

Create your brand advertisements

Brands like Dunkin Donuts have embraced the use of native advertising. They understand that their audience prefers to get content from trusted sources, and so they embrace and promote sponsored posts on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

Learn how big brands are embracing native advertising – a form of online marketing where advertisers pay to place ads within another publisher’s story (e.g., Dell). Brands know consumers seek out information through social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, etc; by publishing paid-for copy in these spaces it is easy for them to reach users who trust those friends/brands more than others.

Work with professional content creators

Brands like Dunkin Donuts have embraced the use of native advertising. They understand that their audience prefers to get content from trusted sources, and so they embrace and promote sponsored posts on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

You can build the perfect ad arbitrage and get unlimited ideas for new content with infinite.

Anstrex Integration With Multiple Platforms

woocomerce integration

Anstrex is a great platform that helps you to improve your productivity. However, it’s even better when it’s integrated with other useful platforms. In particular, Anstrex integrates well with Shopify, Woo Commerce, AliExpress, AWS, and Digital Ocean.

1. Shopify is a platform for creating online stores. If you’re using Anstrex, it’s a great way to create a store and manage your products.

2. Woo Commerce is a similar platform, but it’s focused on WordPress websites.

3. AliExpress is a platform for buying products from Chinese suppliers. If you’re using Anstrex, it’s a great way to find, create, and manage product listings.

4. AWS is a platform for creating cloud servers. If you’re using Anstrex, it’s a great way to create scalable infrastructure quickly.

5. Digital Ocean is another platform for creating cloud servers. If you’re using Anstrex, it’s a good place to host your site files.

Overall, Anstrex is a great platform for improving your productivity. When integrated with other useful platforms, it becomes even more powerful. Try out Anstrex today to see how it can help you improve your business.

Anstrex is a great platform that helps you to improve your productivity.

Who Uses Anstrex?

There are many different types of people who use Anstrex.

Marketers of all kinds use Anstrex to uncover the secrets of world-class advertisers.

1. Direct sales marketers can use techniques perfected by top B2B and B2C direct sales marketers.

2. Brand advertisers can learn how big brands from Dell to Dunkin Donut embrace native advertising.

3. Content creators can build the perfect ad arbitrage and get unlimited ideas for new content. Resources like these are essential for anyone looking to improve their marketing skills.

With Anstrex, you can become a marketing master. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

Why choose Anstrex?

Anstrex pricing

Many reasons make Anstrex one of the best platforms to increase your ROI. However, we must look at the details to see how effective is this tool actually. So, here are some of the features that make this platform worth stepping for.

  • Unrivaled data
  • They provide an undeniable outsource provider index that has looked through abilities for instance you envisioned rarely.
  • What else? You can get information from real outsourcing that produces a ton of millions of dollars yearly income. Using Anstrex is one of the best tools.
  • You can also find out about the most recent outsource items that are creating tremendous social after and enthusiasm on different web-based media locales.
  • They provide exceptional searching capabilities
  • Besides, Filter and Sorting Options are also available. That too with best money categories along with copy and use Anstrex Coupons.
  • Search and discover the information you are searching for utilizing their channels and arranging alternatives which fail upon to living on the provider destinations
  • Rapidly lookout for the stunning products with their services
  • Progressed Boolean Searching is also available on Anstrex. Get Anstrex Coupons for the best experience.
  • For cutting-edge clients, they have staggering looking through abilities. You can join different pursuits and separate models utilizing boolean administrators.
  • They see the things that work.
  • Moreover, their retail location bits of knowledge will reveal to you which outsource items are progressing nicely.
  • Anstrex locates a great number of traffic hotspots for any item as well as a certain kind of vertical.
  • Additionally, they provide you with month-to-month traffic provides details regarding your rivals.

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Anstrex Customer Support

Anstrex Support is one of the most important factors to consider before you buy any tool or software. The customer service team is a team of professionals and they can be reached by email or chat at any time.

peer reviews

The best part about this tool is that it has 27 ads networks and it supports over 14,676,732 ads, 105, 924 advertisers, and 30 countries. It really helps out a lot because Advertisers would like to reach a particular country which is not possible without this tool. This tool really helps to find new fresh and geographic targeted traffic.

Another good thing about this tool is that it has got a top-level customer support team and they’re quite friendly and helpful too. Your problem will be solved as soon as possible. We always provide you the support via email or chat on any day of the week during 24/7 hours.

Pros & Cons of Anstrex

Pros of Anstrex

  • Anstrex comes with a free trial so you can try it before you buy it.
  • It helps in improving ROI (return on investment) because it allows you to customize your landing pages.
  • Anstrex provides a high-resolution screenshot of every advertiser’s page so you can see how their site looks.
  • It fully integrates with Alexa and other web services so you can get detailed data about your competitors’ ads.
  • Anstrex provides the game-changing game search feature which lets you find the most successful pictures for your niche.
  • It has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to use.
  • It is constantly updated with new features.
  • It allows you to compare data with your competitors’ so you can do better than them.
  • Your selected keywords are automatically synced with the platform, so it is easy to start using them right away.
  • Anstrex comes with an iPhone app that makes finding pictures on your mobile device easy.


  • It is bit on the expensive side

FAQs Anstrex Coupons

💁‍♀️ What is Anstrex?

Anstrex is an agent device that centers overwhelmingly around local promotions and pushes advertisement. With Anstrex Coupons, you will get the best native ads and make your brand turn into popular stores.

💁‍♂️ What is their cancellation policy?

We need to ensure Anstrex is actually what you need, so you can demand a retraction within 48 hours of your purchase. These Anstrex Coupons will make your tools ads campaigns 100 success.

🤷 Why shop during the sale?

- Sign up to the Anstrex website to avail of discounts. - The Anstrex Deal will only be applicable on the 27th of November. - The application of appropriate coupon codes is important. - Some offers may not require Anstrex Coupons.

🙆 Which retail locations do they uphold?

They presently uphold Shopify. Backing for WooCommerce and BigCommerce is just around the corner.

💁‍♂️ Do they have coupons for discounts?

At the moment they aren’t taking any promo or discount code as the cost is really unbiased. Most of the time they have a discount or a promo accessible throughout the weekend. So, just get prepared to grab the amazing Anstrex Coupons. Use these Anstrex Coupons and start your ad campaigns now.

🙇‍♂️ Can you grab a trial for free?

Through the services during the beta mode, they offer complete to access all the services for free.

💁‍♂️ Can I change my Anstrex subscription anytime?

Anstrex doesn't have a lifetime subscription contract. You can change, downgrade or upgrade your subscriptions anytime you want!

🧏‍♂️ In what ways I can pay on Anstrex?

For those who are looking to purchase Anstrex packages with credit cards or PayPal, we can do that for you.

🙎‍♀️ Who should use the Anstrex tool?

Anstrex is a powerful tool that lets you identify the success secrets of your competitors so you can generate more traffic. It's perfect for anyone who creates content, advertisers or direct marketers!

🤷‍♂️ Can their tool help with landing pages?

Landing page tools are the bane of many marketers' existence. With just one click, you can make any landing page your own with their inbuilt WYSIWYG editor and distribute them quickly for maximum return on investment!

🙋‍♀️ Do they cover to display or banner ads?

Yes, they do cover display and banner ads. However this could change in the near future as new regulations take effect or old restrictions are lifted - so don't count on it just yet!

💁‍♀️ Do they have an affiliate program?

They're not only generous with commission rates, but they also have an easy-to-use affiliate registration page. Signing up is super simple and will get you 50% off your first month's fees!

🤷‍♂️ How accurate are their data?

The data collection team at X goes above and beyond to provide accurate information. They use a top-of the line database management system which enables them to be extremely precise in their geo searching, as well as offer powerful search capabilities for those who need it most!

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When it comes to the best ad network for your business, there are many different options.

But one of the most compelling reasons to choose Anstrex is that they offer a 2-day free trial and if you’re not happy with their services within 48 hours then you can get your money back.

We suggest starting out on this platform because it offers all of the superior search and filter capabilities, including filtering by Ads Network, Country, Platform, Ad Strength, Affiliate Network, or Language along with category among others too. If you want an easy way to manage ads across multiple networks while using just one dashboard interface then we recommend giving them a try today!

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