pCloud Coupons & Deals 2022– 75% OFF pCloud Premium Plan For A Month

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You are thinking about starting your business, you need to look for a reliable storage sharing solution. Besides, how about heavy discounts on such valuable tools? Now, here are some awesome pCloud Coupons and deals. Have a look.

pCloud is your buddy for your storage solution. This is where you can share and store your data.

On the occasion of this season’s best pCloud coupons, you must invest in the tools to become more reliable and professional.

pCloud is concerned about a variety of folks. Therefore it is providing you with massive pCloud promo codes. So, read on to find out more.

PCloud Coupons

What is pCloud?Β 

pCloud is a private Cloud space where one can store several folders and secret files securely. With this, you can stock everything like documents, files, tapes, and many more without any security crisis.

Moreover, this is approved by business colossi like Adidas and Instagram, as they use it by themselves for their storing requirements.

Additionally, this can be utilized to enhance devices storing capacity as it furnishes its users with the permission to enter their files from any point at any time.

This facility is great because the actual drive is consistent with Android devices and IOS. Also, this operates harmoniously with devices like MacOSX, Linux, and Windows OS.

PCloud Coupons- cloud hosting

How can I grab pCloud Coupons?

Availing pCloud Coupons is easy and manageable. For having great discounts, you don’t need to wander for vouchers or discount codes.

Therefore, to make it super-easy, here are some steps that can assist you in grabbing the deals.

  • Click on any proposed link presented on this page. Right away, you will recognize the coupon codes.
  • Choose the plan suitable for your needs.
  • After clicking on the plan, you will be turned to its signup platform.
  • Thereafter, fill in the details and pay for your selected plan.
  • Lastly, after completion of the process, you will get a message about your purchase.

PCloud pricing plans

pCloud Pricing Plans

The following are the exclusive deals that you can grab during this year’s pCloud Coupons. What are you waiting for? Go and get the pCloud Coupons for your cloud storage solution.

Premium Plan

This plan comes with 500GB of storage space. For this, you have to pay $2.79 monthly. Anyone desiring to avail of this plan for a lifetime requires to pay $122.5 only. Moreover, this plan features 30-day junk history, infinite secluded uploaded traffic, and a 500GB traffic download link.

Premium Plus-2TB

For this plan, you have to pay $5.29 if paid monthly and for acquiring this plan for a lifetime, it costs $245 only.Β  This plan features 30-day junk history, infinite secluded uploaded traffic, and a 500GB traffic download link.

Additionally, they propose these sales for their special pCloud Crypto Encryption services also.

pCloud 2TB Family+ Crypto Encryption

To avail of these services for a lifetime, you need to pay $500 only.

Crypto Encryption

To enjoy this service for a lifetime, you require to pay $125 only.

Ain’t these plans just amazing? Now, you can save as many files as you want on a super-secure platform.

Crypto Encryption

What all Features does pCloud has?

pCloud is an amazing storage service that creates a safe and reliable environment for people to share documents, photos, videos, etc. pCloud also offers more services than just hosting like cloud computing power or file editing software (for Windows). So what exactly makes this company so special? Figure it out!

Crypto Folder

The Crypto folder offers client-side encryption that means not even pCloud’s staff can retrieve your files if you lose the password. The standard file storage does use TLS/SSL, but it can be decrypted on their servers.

Crypt options appear in the web interface and installed programs settings panel for free users who have crypto enabled with paid accounts only at 14 days trial is available to new members of this company.

You can save the Screenshot

pCloud is a one-stop-shop for all your screenshot needs. Whenever you hit the Print Screen key (PrtSc on some keyboards) or press Alt+Print Screen, pCloud will take an instant snapshot of whatever’s showing up in front of it and save that image to its cloud servers so you can access them at any time without having to open another app.

If this sounds like something right down your alley, check out these other features we’ve got: – You can now copy links to screenshots automatically as soon as they’re saved with no need for third-party apps!

It might sound crazy but saving files from within Windows has never been easier thanks to pCloud; just make sure not to miss our latest updates πŸ™‚

PCloud pricing

Crazy Backup Services

With pCloud, you can also back up your existing cloud storage services like Facebook and Instagram to reduce the clutter on those. This would help if you want to move everything from one of them for its lower prices because it will take care of backing up all this data too. You don’t have to worry about anything else!

pCloud is a great service for storing your photos and videos because they offer mobile apps on Android and iOS. I installed the app onto my iPhone X, then went through all of the steps to set up auto-uploading for photos and videos which was fast since it’s been standard in most newer phone apps these days.

File Revision

Versioning is one of the most important features of good cloud storage. If you work on long-term projects, then versioning lets you trackback to any previous 30-day versions and view or recover them with just a click!

I don’t work on a lot of documents, but I found this feature extremely useful. If you’re like me and struggle to keep track of all your revisions, or just want more than the initial 30 days offered by default – there’s an add-on for that!

I enjoy working with pCloud because they offer so many ways to meet my needs as both a business owner and someone who works from home sometimes.

One such way is their Extended File History option which extends the file revision limit up to 360 days if needed at no extra cost–something other providers seem not to be able to match yet in terms of capability or value!

The Rewind Features

This is a really great feature that I think everyone should know about. Sometimes you might accidentally lose files or data on your phone, not to mention the viruses out there trying to corrupt everything they come across.

This Rewind feature seems like it can save all kinds of headaches and maybe even some money if something bad happens in the future!

We’ve got this awesome new backup system called “Rewind” where we keep previous versions of our account for up 30 days at any date and time.

This means if anything ever goes wrong with whatever device you’re using, then chances are good that we have an old version stored somewhere just waiting for restoration so no worries mate!

Rewind Features

Is there any privacy policy with pCloud?

pCloud has a privacy policy where they clearly state that they collect the user’s IP address. It is common for all cloud storage companies, but this one also provides optional Zero-Knowledge encryption at an extra charge to ensure your security even more!

As a Cloud Storage company, they collect information like your IP address. Yet for an enhanced level of security, you have the option to purchase Zero-Knowledge Encryption at an additional charge.

They do not share or sell any personal data about users and can disclose it in certain cases which are outlined on their Privacy Policy page

Why should I consider pCloud Coupons?Β 

Anyone looking for a trustworthy cloud slot with unlimited downloads and numberless uploads accompanying the continuous protection must consider pCloud.

This provides its users with strong security, unlimited uploads, downloads, and other filing storing capacities. Besides, this equipment has influenced the whole market because of its uncompromising and stunning features.

This virtual drive’s special integration characteristic makes it handy for you to transfer data from the other sources into it. With this powerful and efficient tool, you can backup outlets like Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox.

Additionally, it doesn’t consume the device’s storing space for keeping uploaded and downloaded files.

In uploading speed, the pCloud has the upper hand over Dropbox. Also, this service wields audio and tape playing features to preview or play any file immediately.

To protect your stuff from unauthorized or third-party entries, you should subscribe to pCloud’s Crypto service. With this equipment, you can share the links for instant and forthright downloading.

Besides, you can stock up your files in pCloud’s account by submitting your requests directly. Simply, the senders can reach the shared stuff.

This will all be accessible from 25th November 2022 at amazing prices. So, don’t skip this incredible discount proposal from pCloud. Grab the pCloud Coupons to protect your crucial and secret files.

PCloud security

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on pCloud Coupons

πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Can I use several pCloud accounts on a sole device?

No, you can’t use multiple accounts on a single device. Presently, there is no way to link different accounts.

πŸ’ How can I check out the unused storing space available in the pCloud account?

For checking out the unused space available in its account, you require to pursue the following instructions. Browse for the official pCloud website. Sign in with your account. On the right side, click the Account Avatar. For Android/IOS Go to the pCloud Then go to settings Check pCloud drive Double-tap on it to select the app icon. Then choose the Account Tab.

πŸ™†β€β™‚οΈ Is pCloud offering any guarantee on its services?

Yes, It offers a ten-day money-back guarantee on every chosen plan.

🀷 Are pCloud Coupons useful for lifetime plans only?

The answer is NO. During its sales, you can opt to pay every month too. To get more information about this tool, browse their official Blog here. You can also join them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

πŸ’β€β™€οΈ What is Upload and Download Speed Limit?

Meet the Upload and Download Speed Limits settings in your pCloud application's Settings tab. You can manually set how fast files are uploaded to the cloud, download from it or both by changing their respective speeds here. Default is Unlimited so they depend on what you're getting through your provider but these two do make a difference!

πŸ§β€β™‚οΈ How do I download the pCloud Drive application?

That's cool! You can download pCloud Drive for your operating system on our downloads page.

πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ How do I install the pCloud Drive application?

After you download the installation file, double click on it and a simple process will start. Installing this app is easy as well! To install just agree with our license terms and conditions before following these simple steps appearing on your screen while they are installed automatically for you to use anytime soon!

πŸ™†β€β™‚οΈ How do I enable the pCloud virtual drive on my computer?

When you sign in to the application, we’ll set up your virtual drive for you. And if that sounds like too much work, don't worry! It's easy and quick enough so that even a child can do it.

Conclusion- pCloud Coupons 2022

We all are conscious of cyber crimes taking place in present times. Therefore, securing your files and data is of utter importance.

pCloud is a private Cloud space where one can store several folders and secret files securely. With this, you can stock everything like documents, files, tapes, and many more without any security crisis.

Additionally, this can be utilized to enhance devices storing capacity as it furnishes its users with the permission to enter their files from any point at any time.

So, get the best deals and make the best of these pCloud Coupons.

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