Divi Builder vs OxygenBuilder: Which One is The Best?

Divi Builder vs OxygenBuilder

Website Builder is not only necessary for your beautiful websites but for your SEO performance too. Now you must be wondering which one is the best for you.

So, here is a detailed comparison between two of the best ones. Here comes- Divi Builder vs OxygenBuilder.

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Divi Builder vs OxygenBuilder

Divi Builder

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Divi Builder vs OxygenBuilder


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Screenshot of Divi Builder

Divi Builder vs OxygenBuilder

Screenshot of OxygenBuilder

Divi Builder vs OxygenBuilder

Features of Divi Builder

Create Custom Headers and Footers for your website

By using the Custom Headers and Footers feature of Divi Builder the users can easily create custom headers and footers for any and every part of their website.

Create Custom Index Page Designs

With Divi Builder, the users can create custom Index page designs that can also incorporate custom category feeds and with this, the users get to have full control of their website’s category designs.

You can build a site-inclusive product template with the use of WooCommerce Modules

The users of WooCommerce modules can rather than designing their products one page at a time, can now build a site-wide product template, all thanks to Divi Builders WooCommerce Modules feature. 

Users can Import and Export theme builder packs

With Divi Builder, its users can now export and import theme builder templates that incorporate headers, footers, and body layouts.

Unlimited websites support

No matter what plan you pick with Divi builder, there will be no limit to its website usage. So, build as many as you want.

Features of OxygenBuilder

Dynamic Data for better analysis

This is an essential feature that assists in delivering the entirety of content from WordPress to a new website.

Integration with Gutenberg

OxgenBuilder can be used by its users to create their entire pages, custom forms, or blocks.

Widgets and Plugins for better website

OxygenBuilder makes sure to add plugins in various ways. One of the ways is to install Wp plugins from the visual editor and then you can simply choose from the list and install them.

WooCommerce Integration for your eCom business

With OxygenBuilder’s WooCommerce Integration feature, the users of OxygenBuilder can rather easily create a stylish webshop.

Powerful visuals for a good websites

Get the best designs and beautiful formats because you will get amazing visual support by OxygenBuilder. This will surely make your website good looking.

More about Divi Builder

Divi Builder vs OxygenBuilderDivi Builder is amongst the most popular WordPress page builders in the world. It is also very prominent in the market for its fantastic WordPress themes. They have taken WordPress to an entirely new level with their extremely advanced Visual Builder technology and various other prominent features. Divi Builder has been created in a manner that comes in handy for everyone whether it be a freelancer or an agency or a website owner.

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More about OxygenBuilder

Divi Builder vs OxygenBuilderThere is absolutely no doubt that OxygenBuilder is a great tool for the creation of websites and pages for WordPress. In fact, it comes with an enhanced set of visualization functions and its eCommerce functionality. It also has a powerful engine for WordPress sites and Layout control. They also provide 60 days guaranteed refund policy, lifetime support and you can build unlimited websites with it.

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Divi Builder's Pricing

Divi Builder vs OxygenBuilderDivi Builder provides its users with the option of two premium paid plans to choose from with includes the option of a lifetime plan. They also provide 30 days free trial offer. The two premium plans are –

  1. Yearly Access – $89 per year
  2. Lifetime Access – $ 249
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OxygenBuilder's Pricing

Divi Builder vs OxygenBuilderOxygenBuilder also offers amazing premium plans. Down there are its premium plans:

  1. Basic – $129 per year
  2. WooCommerce – $169 per year
  3. Agency – $199 per year
  4. Unlimited- $229/year
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Divi Builder's Support

Divi Builder provides excellent customer support. The customer support team can be contacted 24*7. The users can simply chat with the support team in case of an inquiry or anything else they need help with. They have an extensive document database and blogs which can further be used to solve various issues that are being faced by the user. 

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OxygenBuilder's Support

OxygenBuilder provides a 24*7 support team to make sure that they resolve any problems that their users are facing. It offers tutorials for its users. They also provide a detailed FAQ series to help resolve problems.

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Divi Builder vs OxygenBuilder: the real competitors and perfect alternatives to each other.  Now that you know what they both are all about, you know what will suit you the best. So, go for the one that suits your requirement.

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