EngageBay’s Landing Pages WordPress Plugin Review

For businesses, creating a website is essential. Customers who interact with your company through your website. With more people taking a quick look at the online presence of companies before choosing them, websites must look professional and engaging.

Landing pages are the first point at which your clients access your company. However, not everyone has the skill or time to invest in developing web pages from scratch. 

A great solution to this is using EngageBay’s Landing Pages WordPress plugin.

What Is It?


An intuitive builder, EngageBay’s Landing Pages helps set up your landing page within minutes. You need no knowledge of coding and can select from a variety of templates. The wonderful part is that you pay nothing. This is the best free landing page plugin for WordPress.

Landing page improvement automatically raises customer conversion. Features that customers find essential include responsive web pages, clean layouts, mobile-friendliness, and great aesthetics.

EngageBay’s Landing Pages does all the grunt work to give you your desired website.

Some Great Features To Look Forward To:

  • Wide range of beautiful, professional templates
  • Intuitive interface
  • Prebuilt building blocks for faster layout design
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive layouts
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Connection with CRM
  • Custom CSS support

What Is So Unique About EngageBay’s Landing Pages?

EngageBay provides CRM of the same quality as HubSpot, but at affordable prices for small to mid-sized businesses. And that’s exactly who EngageBay’s Landing Pages are designed for.

Smaller companies are short on resources, and every bit of optimization helps. The WordPress plugin is a solution for those businesses for whom coding and making custom CSS is tedious.

EngageBay’s Landing Pages Provides Users with The Following:

  • Simple Landing Page Builder

Most available layouts in WordPress are either clunky or cliched. The Landing Pages plugin is intuitive and straightforward. It gives you many templates to choose from and gets your landing page ready within minutes. Just select the template, customize it, and change the content. Hit publish, and you are good to go! 


  • Pre-Built Blocks and Builder Templates

Deciding how your landing page looks like is frustrating. You might want to skip creating one from scratch, yet have more creative control than from templates.


EngageBay’s Landing Pages plugin lets you do exactly that. Select the category of the block (footers, testimonials, services, headers, etc.) and arrange them where you like. Customize these, and you’re ready. 

  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Websites

With a broad audience viewing your website from mobile devices, you need to ensure that they can see your content easily. This plugin automatically renders landing pages according to the device being used.

  • Subscription Forms

Company websites help keep track of your customer base. Knowing more about your customers helps engage with them. Your landing page is a great start to capture basic lead information.


EngageBay’s Landing Pages plugin helps you add a subscription form to your landing page for collecting data such as names and email addresses. Emails are more engaging than social media, which is why growing your email list has never been more critical.

EngageBay’s Landing Pages is a great free tool that helps you respond to these subscriptions automatically by sending welcome emails to people who sign up.

  • SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how people find you when they’re not even looking. You want to be found every time someone looks for something that your business provides or even competitors. This is achieved through the right keywords and good meta descriptions. 

This plugin provides customization for the key elements of your landing page, such as the title and description that attract customers to you.

  • Integration with Other Tools

Possibly the best part of this plugin is that it is a free WordPress Plugin with plenty of possible integrations. It is connected to Zapier, which helps bridge the gap between your landing page and the services you use.


Marketing automation and CRM tools are integrated very well through the plugin. You can look forward to using it with Salesforce, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and many others. However, it is designed to function best with its native platform, EngageBay CRM.

And with such amazing features and the best possible price, why not choose EngageBay as your CRM?


EngageBay is a provider of simple, innovative marketing software including CRM and marketing automation. Their EngageBay Landing Pages plugin for WordPress is yet another step towards making software accessible for smaller businesses. Knowing how important landing pages are in lead generation and nurturing, the plugin makes it very easy to create one. 

It is, without a doubt, the best free landing page plugin for WordPress. Try it out today!