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Top Esports Affiliate Program – Highest Paying E-Sports Programs

If you played soccer as a child, were a member of a swim team, or played high school football or basketball, you are undoubtedly familiar with the exhilaration of team sports. A good competition may be thrilling, and winning—mainly when the task is difficult—provides an endorphin rush.

Esports is only a current incarnation of this. Although esports are played on a screen rather than on a field, they may give a feeling of community and, in some circumstances, a means of earning a job. Esports is expected to grow to 454 million viewers and generate more than $ 1 billion in revenue.

While earning money as a professional gamer is undoubtedly conceivable, you may cash in on this trend without being an excellent player. Affiliate marketers may also make money by connecting esports aficionados with gaming retailers, organizations, and products that clients want and desire.

If this seems intriguing, have a look at the top ten esports affiliate programs listed below. Perhaps you can see some methods to incorporate these programs into your niche market tactics.

Best Esports Affiliate Programs 

1. PMaffiliates

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PMaffiliates is Parimatch’s official affiliate network for the casino, sports, and esports verticals. Parimatch is a reputable multinational brand that is recognized in over 15 countries. With over 26 years in the business, the Parimatch brand has earned over 1 million active players’ confidence and devotion.

The breadth of Parimatch’s reach provides gamers with access to hundreds of casino games and limitless opportunities to win sports and esports wagers. Additionally, it enables affiliates to make money every month via their chosen income schemes.

PMaffiliates provides a customizable compensation structure, guaranteeing that all affiliates have the option of earning income in the manner of their choosing. There are three methods to make money with PMaffiliates: revenue sharing, cost per acquisition, or hybrid.

All affiliates will begin with a standard revenue split of 25 %. However, they may improve their proportion based on their performance. Alternatively, they may discuss the CPA contract with one of their specialist affiliate managers. CPA deals may earn you up to $ 100. Thirdly, affiliates may expect to earn commissions through revenue sharing and CPA.

PMAffiliates pays its affiliates on the twentieth day of each month. However, you must have at least USD 100 in your affiliate account. Otherwise, you will not be compensated.

2. Turtle Beach:

Turtle Beach is a leading provider of premium gaming headphones and audio equipment. Their premium goods are accessible for all major consoles and personal computers, and they are very well-regarded within the Esports scene.

They have sponsorship agreements with some of the sport’s most prestigious teams, including Manchester City, Supremacy, and Astralis. The items are relatively expensive, with several variants costing well over $ 200 and their high-end ones approaching $ 300. As a result, this application is an excellent fit for your Esports blog.

Turtle Beach offices pay a 4 % commission on all qualifying sales to its affiliate partners. This is approximately average for a commission, but it seems to be a bit low. However, this price puts it on a level with Amazon, which also offers this type of headphones.

What differentiates us from Amazon is the cookie. With Turtle Beach, you get an entire 30-day cookie, which gives you plenty of time to close a deal and earn a commission.

Affiliate conditions aren’t the best; commissions are modest, and cookies are usual. However, since this is such a well-known brand, you’re going to want to include it in your headphone Affiliates for your Esports site.

Particularly considering the popularity of the Esports teams with whom they have sponsorship arrangements.

3. Microsoft

This corporation has no introduction; it is one of the largest technology companies in the world, and its Xbox systems have a significant presence in Esports. This program is designed exclusively for the Microsoft shop, where we can purchase most of their gaming consoles, accessories, and games.

Additionally, this affiliate program benefits from Microsoft’s high level of trust. People are comfortable disclosing their financial information, credit cards, and whatever else is necessary to accompany Microsoft’s size.

It’s somewhat comparable to Amazon in that aspect, and it makes it simple to advertise things directly from their website. What differentiates Microsoft’s affiliate program from the majority of the others these massive corporations offer is the high commissions they provide. This partner program provides a full 10% commission. That is an astounding figure for a firm of this size.

Amazon’s commission portion is nowhere near as high. Additionally, their cooking time is excellent for a firm of this size. They provide a 14-day cookie, almost half the lifespan of a typical cookie. However, for a partner the size of Microsoft, this is excellent. Mainly when Amazon is just 20 hours away.

This is an exceptional affiliate program in almost every way. It is ideal for Esports with its extensive collection of Xbox accessories, consoles, and video games, but it also sells a wide variety of other Consumer Electronics.

Even if your visitors visit Microsoft’s website to purchase Xbox hardware, they may still purchase Microsoft software or services, and you will earn a fee. It’s one of the most effective affiliate schemes around.

4. Logitech

Logitech is a market leader in accessories for computers and video game consoles. They manufacture an extensive array of pretty popular accessories for casual gamers and those competing in esports. One of the most remarkable things about Logitech is the breadth of its controller and accessory offerings.

They have steering wheels for Esports racing. They offer excellent gamepads, gaming mice, gaming keyboards, and flying controls and throttles for an Esports game involving space or air warfare.

Additionally, they provide a good assortment of gaming audio headsets that directly compete with Turtle Beach. Therefore, you must determine which brand converts better with your target demographic and actively market it.

The Logitech partner program’s affiliate conditions are rather reasonable. They charge between 4 % and 8% commission to their partners.

Even at the low end, 4 % is a respectable return, and the 8 % commission is excellent. Additionally, they are excellent at tracking cookies. They provide you with 30 days to complete a deal and earn a commission.

This is one of the most flexible affiliate schemes available in the Esports sector. They offer controllers for every type of game, and they are all very well-made and well-respected in Esports and the broader gaming community.

The compensation structure is reasonable, and the cookie format is ideal for this business. If at all feasible, include this affiliate and see if it converts for your audience. If it works, you’ve got yourself a fantastic partner program to develop a decent income.

5. KontrolFreek

Kontrol Freek is a maker of controller attachments. These controller stick extensions control the player’s stick motions and are pretty popular among gamers and Esports players in general. These goods are often inexpensive, costing between $ 10 and $ 20 at most of them.

While they are not a high-ticket item, they are really popular, and you may sell a large number of them to a diverse audience. The Kontrolfreek affiliate program pays a very generous 10 % commission on all qualifying purchases generated through their affiliate links.

Double-digit commissions are always appreciated, and even if the product is relatively inexpensive, the 10 % fee is a good source of revenue for your Esports site. Once again, the lifespan of the tracking cookie is not visible without first enrolling in the affiliate program. Therefore, be sure to inquire about it when you join up.

This is a relatively well-run affiliate program. The commission structure is excellent, and the items are top-rated. The only true disadvantage is that the things are pretty affordable, but this may be seen positively if you can generate enough sales to offset the low price.

6. DXRacer

DXRacer also addresses another critical part of Esports: seating. A partner program of this kind demonstrates the breadth of the Esports niche.

To be honest, gaming seats might be a problem in and of themselves. You could dedicate an entire site to just the greatest gaming chairs available. However, you may include them in your current Esports blog, since they address a critical component of the Esports landscape.

Additionally, these gaming chairs are pretty pricey, providing another avenue for high-ticket goods that you may advertise and earn significant profits on. In terms of commissions, DXRacer charges a variable commission rate of between 5 % and 10 %. Given the cost of the seats and the fact that there is a tangible product, 5 % is acceptable; 10 % is exceptional.

You’ll need to inquire how the various percentages are calculated, but suffice it to say that you’ll always get at least 5 % on all qualified transactions. Because information on the cookie length was not easily accessible, inquire about it when you join up for this program.

DXRacer’s affiliate program is an excellent all-around fit for your Esports site. It addresses a critical part of Esports, namely the gaming chair. It enables you to market a high-ticket item while earning a good commission. And the commissions are rather lovely.

7. Vertagear:

Vertagear is a chair company that specializes in racing and gaming seats. The seats are well-built and quite popular among gamers. This partner does not provide a large selection of items, simply around a dozen or so chairs.

However, this does not imply they are not a worthwhile product to market to your audience. Each chair may be transformed into an excellent review, increasing traffic and supplementing the already excellent material on your Esports site.

One peculiar aspect of this scheme is that none of the affiliate conditions were made public before joining up. At the very least, none that I could locate. As a result, you’ll need to inquire about them when you join up, or more likely, they’ll tell you precisely what they are after your application is approved.

This is a good affiliate program based only on the quality of its items. However, until you determine the actual affiliate conditions, it should be placed on hold until you choose how effectively it converts and the exact earning potential.

8. Razer:

Razer is a household brand in the world of gaming devices and accessories. They provide a diverse range of equipment, from controllers and headphones to computers made exclusively for gaming.

Their gaming mouse and keyboards are incredibly well-known. This will be one of the most famous brands in Esports. As a result, you won’t need to perform much advertising to persuade consumers that this is a decent product.

You’ll be able to develop a substantial amount of material in the form of reviews and “best of” lists based on their particular items. The compensation structure is also rather excellent; you get 20 % on software orders but just approximately 4 % on hardware purchases.

Due to their limited variety of software, the majority of your items will fall within the 4 % bracket. It’s about the compensation you’d get from Amazon in general. However, Amazon’s commission system is continuously changing, and there is no way to predict if you will be able to earn any money from them in the future for any number of goods. Thus, the 4 % here is relatively reasonable.

Once again, the cookie was unavailable, so you’ll need to enquire about it when you join the partner program. Razer is an excellent, well-known brand for Esports blogging. They have a somewhat competitive commission structure. It’s a highly beneficial partner program to have on your side.

When advertising Razer, it’s good to find out which professional teams utilize their goods and target their supporters, who are more inclined to acquire Razer items.


Already, this niche is quite competitive, particularly on Twitch and YouTube. This is a very visual specialty that lends itself nicely to video channels.

That is not to say that there isn’t still a place for a written blog to accompany it. Combining this with video is probably the most effective approach to optimize your earning potential in this market.

And by marketing these partner programs on my site, you may be sure to earn a respectable salary. Interest in Esports continues to increase and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. There is an interest. The terms are present, as are the Google searches.

When you combine all of this, you’ve got a terrific developing niche that you can enter very readily at the moment. You’ll still need to do extensive keyword research, but there are many opportunities in various games to concentrate on, including the Esports niche for me.

Creating a successful blog is never simple, and it becomes considerably more challenging if you do it alone. The most effective strategy for success is to emulate others. You benefit from their errors and training.


What Is eSports?

ESports elevates internet gaming to the level of spectator sport. It is similar to witnessing a professional athletic event, except that spectators watch video gamers compete against one another.

How much do PMaffiliates pay per engaged user?

Affiliate program managers will give detailed statistics on the cost per acquisition (CPA) rate, considering each location’s unique characteristics. Parimatch’s affiliate program offers a standard 25 % RS default rate. Additionally, hybrid arrangements are possible. All terms and conditions are negotiable with a dedicated affiliate manager.

How does the Parimatch Affiliates program work?

Parimatch is a well-known brand that dates back to 1986. The bookmaker affiliate network is continuously on the lookout for new traffic while also attempting to retain existing players. The Parimatch Affiliates team constantly optimizes and increases traffic conversion to achieve the highest possible conversion rate from registration to first deposit.