Free Internet Marketing Tools and Resources 2023

Internet marketing is a powerful way to grow your business. There are tons of tools and resources available for free!

This article shares some of our favorite internet marketing tools and resources. I’ll cover email, social media, SEO, website design, blogging…the list goes on! Our goal with this blog is to share ideas that will help you grow your business online.

This is my collection of fantastic FREE internet marketing tools and resources.

There’s a lot of Internet Marketing Tools out there that are designed to just get money for you.  Just because something is free, doesn’t mean it isn’t any good.  There’s certainly a lot of crap out there, but I’ve personally rated all the following resources as excellent

Social Bookmarking and Ping Tools

Below are three free bookmarking and pinging tools that we like to use for internet marketing:

1. Linklicious

This service is designed to get your precious backlinks get indexed by creating RSS feeds of your backlink URLs.  Has free option allows you to specify up to 2500 links per day, so that’s pretty generous.

2. BulkPing

Has a variety of ping and RSS tools to get your sites and backlinks indexed.

3. Pingboard

This tool lets you ping multiple blogs or social media sites at once. You can schedule your posts and track the responses to them with this handy tool!

4. Addmefast

This is a simple tool for building your email list. It works by giving away an offer in return for someone’s contact information. It’s easy to use and it’s free!

5. PlusOne

This isn’t just a bookmarking site, it also offers other benefits such as SEO, widgets, polls, chat and more.

Website Speed Testing Tools

1. Google Page Speed Test

Allows you to test how quickly your site loads and gives you suggestions on improving the speed.

2. WebPageTest:

This website will show you how fast your site loads on multiple devices and networks.

3. GTmetrix

With this tool, you can check out your site for things like caching, compression and more. You can also find out which images, pages or posts are slowing down your site’s load time.

4. Pingdom

Pingdom offers an easy way to see how fast your site loads across different countries, cities and networks.

Free SEO Tools

The following are a few free SEO tools that I recommend:

1. Google Analytics

This tool provides insights about the top-performing posts and pages for your website as well as insights such as where your visitors are coming from and how long they stay on the website.

2. Moz Open Site Explorer

This SEO tool helps you learn about the links that point to your website and provides information such as how ‘fresh’ and authoritative those links are. It also tells you if there is a problem that could cause a negative effect on your SEO.

3. Google Search Console

This tool will show you what people search for when they come to your site, so you can know which keywords to be targeting with content on your site. The tool will also let you know if there is an issue with your website that may cause a negative effect on your SEO.

4. SEO SpyGlass

A great piece of software that allows you to look at the details of the backlinks of your competitors.  This is very valuable information to know in order to rank more highly.

5. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

An excellent lightweight, but powerful tool for checking for broken links on your site.

Backlinking Tools

The best backlinking checking tools can help you find quality backlinks to your website.

These tools will scan the web and provide a list of websites that link to your webpage.  They can also show you a snippet of what content is on those sites so that you know what they are linking to.

1. Open Site Explorer

This tool lets you see how many links have been directed toward any specific page on your blog or website, which can help you understand if that content is being shared enough.

The tool also lets you know when each link was created so that you can determine if it’s still relevant in present time, making it an affordable alternative to more expensive tools.

2. Majestic SEO Site Explorer

A similar tool to Open Site Explorer.

The data from Majestic SEO is used in a lot of popular keyword research tools like Market Samurai.

This tool provides information about backlinks to your site both past and present. It also shows you which pages have received the most links from other websites so that you can build content around those topics.

3. ahrefs

A variety of tools for backlink and SERP analysis. This tool provides information about the number and quality of links to your website, the keywords that are bringing in traffic, and more.



Icon Finder – Search engine for finding graphic icons.

Cool Text – A great site for creating logos and buttons.


Spintax Tools

Spintaxer – This is a simple, but effective tool I wrote to easily spin hyperlinks for use in software like Article Marketing Robot or blog submission sites like Article Ranks.


WordPress Tools

What WordPress Theme Is That? – Simply enter a domain or URL and this tool will determine what WordPress theme is being used