GeneratePress vs Genesis – The Fastest WordPress Theme?

Building an incredibly attractive website is everybody’s dream. No matter if you are a website developer or just a beginner, there is a wide range of themes available on WordPress that will make the work a lot easier for you.  

GeneratePress and Genesis are two of the most amazing themes available for WordPress websites. Undoubtedly, the performance, designs, and layouts of both themes are outstanding but which one is better than the other?

Let’s figure it out in here. 

What is GeneratePress?


GeneratePress is an excellent multipurpose theme that works with a major focus on the speed and usability of the people. No matter your website is related to blogs, e-commerce, or even an online magazine, this theme has a lightweight foundation that can handle any project. 

GeneratePress first came into the market around 6 years back with a mission to offer an easy and effective theme for the WordPress website. Where many themes were already in competition, GeneratePress turned out to be one of the most stable, reliable, and well-supported themes. 

Since its launch, there are more than 3,036,000 downloads, 1000+ 5-stars, and 3,00,000+ active websites. Besides, around 80,000 people are in love with GeneratePress. So, imagine how good it is and why so many people just adore this theme.

What is Genesis?

GeneratePress vs Genesis

Now, let see what Genesis is all about. Genesis theme is one of the not-so-popular WordPress themes that tech-savvy people adore. Why? There are many reasons for this but the most important one is, it displays content in a perfect way as possible. No matter what is the size of your website. 

Genesis theme is not free but once you make the payment for it, you can use it on as many websites as you want. This is another best thing that makes this theme a wonderful WordPress-responsive item. As we look at the background, Genesis was first introduced in the year 2010. After a lot of tests and checks, it was brought to the market to provide the benefit to the WordPress users. 

Today, many people go to Genesis for setting up an elegant and classy website with a responsive design. Wondering why it is so good? Let’s have a look at the features. 

Features of GeneratePress


For the first-timers, the only thing that can convince people to go for a theme is understanding how great its features are. So, let’s focus on how good is GeneratePress. 

  • Site Library

There are times when you are out of creativity and need some inspiration to bring goodness to the website. At GeneratePress, you can find an unlimited variety of high-quality ready-made designs. The best part is, you can install them in just one click. Be it for blogs, shop designs, WooCommerce, or even something that requires minimal designs, its site library has a lot of options to offer. 

  • Content Options

No matter if it’s a single post or just a few archives, GeneratePress has got plenty of options for you. You can add exciting layouts, be it for mobile or simply desktop. Besides, you can themes, colors, typography, and a lot more to make your website look as attractive as you want to be. 

We all would love to spread the goodness of our website throughout the world. So, GeneratePress offers you an option to translate your website content into around 20 languages. Besides, all this happens with full RTL language support. 

  • Page builder and plugins. 

Do you use Seedpro, Beaver Builder, or any other page builder? It is not a problem with GeneratePress. Why? Because it works best with any page builder of your choice. Next comes the plugins without which, you might have to compromise with one thing or the other. The good news is, you can use any plugin with ease even if you don’t know any coding. 

  • Hooks and Filters

In case you need more for your website, you can have it by simply using the filter option. With this filter and hook option, you can have anything you want on your website with the utmost safety. 

  • Performance

Performance is a major thing that most of the themes promise but do not deliver. However, this is not the case with GeneratePress. This theme is literally super-secure and stable which is perfect for WordPress users. Besides, It is blazing fast and needs only like 10Kb space to operate. 

What’s more? Well, it does not support dependencies which is why you have what you want and nothing unimportant to you. Moreover, it is an SEO responsive theme that offers you the best results and accessibility-ready with WCAG 2.0 standards. 

Features of Genesis

GeneratePress vs Genesis

We know how great and supportive is GeneratePress but what about Genesis? Let’s have a look at the features offered by Genesis to its users. 

  • Theme Options: 

Genesis is one of the most easy-to-use WordPress themes that allow users to set up and run the website with ease. The options you will get are super-easy to use and is perfect for amateurs who are trying to have the best WordPress website. Besides, no matter if the user has the technical experience or no. 

  • Header options:

Place your logo, use some catchy texts, or even insert the button to various pages, Genesis offers you many header options. It supports any type of header you want to have especially when it comes to texts and company logo. 

  • Responsiveness:

Most people like convenience over anything. Similarly, not everybody has the time t access your website on a desktop. So, where some people study the website through the laptop, some people like a quick visit via phone. This is something you can have using Genesis. Besides, it works irrespective of the type of browser you use, the screen you want to use, or even the size. 

  • Customization

Everybody loves to customize something as per their preferences and this is something that makes genesis a wonderful theme. In the customize settings, you can find magnificent colors and content options that will make your website the way you’ve always wanted. 

  • Templates and widgets:

There are plenty of templates available on the Genesis theme. You can use these templates to simplify your default, archives, and even blog pages. Along with it, there are widgets for your content that will help you organize them as nicely as you want. Moreover, you can make the best thing out of these gorgeous templates and widgets for your dream website. 

GeneratePress and Genesis Pricing 

Talking about two of the best WordPress themes, we should see what prices do GeneratePress and Genesis offer. Genesis theme would cost you $59.95 and there are two ways that you can select. You can either purchase the theme with a great framework or can add more elements with Genesis Pro. Besides, it is available on StudioPress and you can get this theme from there. 

Now, let’s come to GeneratePress which is a free theme you can excess. However, if you want to have the best of it, go for the premium version. You can get it at just a $39 annual payment or for a one-time lifetime payment of $209. However, the best part is, it offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, get your money back if you don’t like 


GeneratePress and Genesis are both great and highly responsive WordPress themes. Where Genesis is there for you to help you have a wonderful design, GeneratePress is perfect for providing you the best performance and usability. So, identify what you want and get your perfect theme now.