Generatepress vs OceanWP – A Comparison for Pros

Without any doubt, having a suitable theme for your website is one of the basic necessities for the better performance of your website. Not just because it makes things easier for the visitor but also because it makes your website look really pretty.

Talk about the best themes in the market, GeneratePress and OceanWP will surely be a few of the best ones. But which one is great? Let’s figure it out in this comparison of GeneratePress vs OceanWP.

Both the themes are available on wordpress’s official free wordpress themes repository as well. If you’ve not made your mind yet to buy the premium version of any of these themes, feel free to give the free version a try.

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generatepress vs Ocean WP


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generatepres vs oceanwp

Ocean WP

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Screenshot of GeneratePress

generatepress vs oceanwp

Screenshot of Ocean WP

generatepress vs oceanwp

Features of GeneratePress

It has a Site Library

When you are out of ideas, you can always use Generatepress’s site library. Here you will find a variety of options with excellent quality and ready-to-use designs.

Supports page builder and plugins

Generatepress allows you to use any plugins and page builders without any difficulty. It supports these also works better with anything.

Excellent performance

Talk about security and stability, Generatepress has everything to offer the best of services. It has blazing-fast speed, hence, no issues with the page speed tests and even passes the core web vitals test.

World-class content options

It offers exciting layouts for both mobile and desktop. No matter you are posting a single post or pages, there are plenty of options to make it look attractive. Use elements to make header better or insert code using hooks.

Safe hooks and filters

You can use more things to make your work look more creative. If you go for hooks and filters, Generatepress allows you to use them with the utmost security.

Features of Ocean WP

Mobile-responsive and fast theme

Talk about excellent mobile layouts, OceanWP has that for you because they know how important it for good SEO.

The post control

OceanWP allows you to change specific settings even if it for a single post. There is a met-box editor from where you can make all the changes.

Full customization

If you are someone who wants full control of the content you share on your website, this one is for you, OceanWP allows you to manage all the customizations as per your needs.

Using demos

You may not have time or budget to design your website from scratch, OceanWP offers you different layouts and demos that you can customize on your own.

Works with page builders

No matter what page builders or plugins you use, OceanWP will always support them. In fact, just like Generatepress, it goes great with extra plugins and builders.

More about GeneratePress

When we talk about Generatepress, we are pretty much considering its excellent security, gorgeous designs, remarkable speed, and magnificent usability. For years, people are in love with its performance. Undoubtedly, its preference for vanilla Javascripts is something that makes things a lot simpler. What’s more? want an SEO-optimized theme? Go for GeneratePress.

Speed Tests

When it comes to talk about the performance, speed and everything that is crucial to rank your website on Google and retain customers at the same time, Generatepress is fabulous. My site itself uses Generatepress pro.

speed test inner post

Impressive, right? Get it now for your own site.

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More about Ocean WP

OceanWP is clearly one of the most attractive and impressive themes you will ever come across. Using this theme will make sure that you don’t compromise with anything be it performance or usability. It’s worth this immense popularity. Besides, it is one of the best-known website themes recommended by WordPress itself.


Performance is a great differentiator here. The cumulative layout shift was found (a little bit only) in the demo site’s performance test. However, the structure score was better.

oceanwp speed test result

You may get different performance scores based on your server config and other plugins installed on your WordPress site.

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GeneratePress's Pricing

generatepress vs oceanwp

Even if you don’t want to spend anything, you can always go for the Generatepress free version. This option is for beginners with not-so-big websites. However, if you are looking forward to upgrading, you can choose its 2 options:

  1. Annual plan – $59/year
  2. Lifetime plan- $249
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Ocean WP's Pricing

generatepress vs oceanwp

OceanWP also offers a free version of its theme. This free version is excellent for a beginner or a startup. However, if you have a number of websites or a single big one, you must go for the premium one. Its premium plans are:

  1. Personal (1 site) – $27/year
  2. Business (3 sites) – $47/year
  3. Agency (25 sites) – $77/year
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GeneratePress's Support

The support team of Generatepress offers 24/7 support to its users. To provide the best results, it offers impressive SEO support. This one works with pretty detailed but exhausting documents. This is how they ensure full transparency. Above all, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Ocean WP's Support

OceanWP support team always there to help you out. They offer plenty of options for help such as live chat (the best one). You can also reach them out through tickets and email. Their official support is available from, 9 am- 5 pm (Mon-Fri). Moreover, they offer a 14-day no-questions money-back guarantee. so, even if you don’t like their services, you can request a refund.

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Conclusion – Generatepress vs OceanWP

GeneratePress vs OceanWP has always been a quite interesting topic. The main reason behind it that both are best on their own From support to performance and speed, they both stand as the best options. However, talk about money, GeneratePress can be a little expensive option with awesome features. So, understand your needs and see which one fits the best for you.

Just in case if you would ask my personal recommendation and preference, I believe that GeneratePress is the best. That’s the reason why I am using it on all my sites for more than 6 months now. In this battle between GeneratePress and OceanWP, Generatepress wins the race in my point of view.

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