How to Host Your Website for Least Price with Full Features

Are you looking for a good and reliable web hosting server that does not let you mess up with the setup process?

Have you ever bought a shared web hosting account in which your website goes offline due to less bandwidth quota?

Do you want to launch your first website without any extra setup and DNS setup process?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this page is written for you.

I have already used and reviewed hostinger free webhosting in past and to give you a quick idea of the quality: that was pretty nice for a starter (me at the early stage of my blogging life).

Now I have recently purchased a domain and web hosting from

  1. 1 domain –
  2. 2 years of business shared hosting

myplan my cheap hosting plan costs 7USD per month

Costing around 200 USD in total.

Today in this post I am going to give you a quick review of one of the best hosting company in the online market, an honest Hostinger hosting review.

This will help you to choose and judge this hosting service.

About Hostinger

Hostinger provides a free Subdomain and it is a good start for newbie’s who want to learn Website Designing and WordPress Development.

It can help you to achieve a lot as it is cheap and reliable and you don’t have to pay anything extra for the setup. Even if you do not have a domain name, they will give you a free subdomain and even a free .com domain (if you buy an yearly hosting plan)

If you want to use a Domain you already own, just change the DNS of domain name to hosting DNS.

Pro’s and Cons of Hostinger Hosting

#1 AutoInstaller Scripts

Hostinger is much better than any other cheap business web hosting service because it provides you with a Cpanel, Free CMS Software Script installer which let you install any software on your website such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and much more.

Auto Installer

Auto Installer 2

#2 Do it yourself Website Builder (Zyro)

With their Easy site builder we are able to build lot of designs for each page and a customized Landing page with its Drag and Drop tool which allows you to create web pages in no matter of time.

Zyro Website Builder

The one I like was this.

attractive landing page for companies

No more coding. Do it all yourself.

#3 Server Response is also Nice

Talking about the optimization and server response time for better loading speed, it is quite fast. On Desktop version, I managed to achieve the 88/100 pagespeed score according to the Google Pagespeed Insights tool. Go check out the fastest wordpress themes too. I have handcrafted the list only for you.

PageSpeed Insights

#4 Performance Grade is impressive

As I will show you that, the server performance is like an average shared web hosting. It is fast, loading in average time span and downtime is not there.

website speed test

#5 Optimization needed

Comparing the performance with Interserver Hosting, I saw that the wait time is comparatively less in hostinger hosting. I recommend to give it a try.

time taking in requests

#6 The Pricing

You are never overspending your money because the pricing starts from as low as 2 USD per month.


The web hosting plans are not confusing and very straight-forward which is good for you because everything is disclosed to you. The easiest pricing helps you decide which play to start with.


Hostinger is one of the best business web hosting service providers.

You can easily make it BIG with a small amount of investment in a domain and web hosting. You efforts are also added to your success.

Hosting would be a perfect start for you because it will help you to know all the fluffy and useful tricks, ways, skill, and knowledge which you needed to become a professional from noob.

Go check out their web hosting plans and design your website using the free website builder if you want not to mess up yourself in coding and setup process.