HostArmada Review – SSD based Shared Hosting on Cloud

hostarmada review

Since the last two decades, the internet has become a necessity for almost everyone. With time, It became even more rewarding to bring your business online. To get your business online, you need a web hosting server, and the demand for the same increased rapidly. As a result, the competition in the web hosting industry has gone very intense now.

Amidst the deadly competition of well-established companies in the hosting and domain industry, launching a new hosting company can be a pretty hard thing.

However, HostArmada has done a great job so far with outstanding hosting servers at an unbeatable amazing price.

I heard a lot about HostArmada from my network and that compelled me to test the performance. I gave it a shot and decided to write a HostArmada review and tell you how to make a WordPress site live on HostArmada SSD shared hosting.

What is HostArmada?

If you are one of those customers who are familiar with the hosting industry, HostArmada might seem a new name for you. Yes, it is a new company which has just entered the market with a bam just a year ago.

Hostarmada is a hosting company that came into the hosting market in the year 2019 and started its office in Delaware, United States. 

Team & Datacenters

The team of 5 people started this company with a vision to offer innovation and awesome services by making it better every day. To do that, HostArmada has a setup of 9 datacenters worldwide to deploy your website.

These data centers are set up in London, Newark, Dallas, Fremont, Frankfurt, Toronto, Singapore, Mumbai, and Sydney. Therefore, it does not matter from which part of the world you want to attract visitors, you would face no problem finding your perfect data center. 

HostArmada functions with independent fundings, a privately owned system, and sole mission to offer a fast, reliable, and secure websites. The team of HostArmada claims that this company works with freedom of creation and the utmost innovative ideas.

Moreover, if you are looking forward to having an outstanding quality, transparency, and amazing customer experience, HostArmada is your stop. 

What services does HostArmada offer?

You might guess, Being a new company in the hosting business, HostArmada must be having a few services to offer. But its entirely mistaken. Wondering what they are? Let’s have a look:

  1. WordPress Hosting 
  2. Development Hosting 
  3. WooCommerce Hosting 
  4. Dedicated CPU Servers
  5. Magento Hosting 
  6. Shared Cloud Hosting 
  7. VPS Cloud Hosting and 
  8. Domains

All these services are offered with superior technical support and world-class knowledge base. 

HostArmada Review: Pricing 

What all we look for while spending money on hosting the website?

Fast servers, Easy to use cPanel, Awesome services, wonderful customer support, and everything at a cheap price.

If this is what you want for your website then HostArmada is the platform for you. But before looking at its performance and services, let’s have a look at the pricing plans.

Start Dock Plan: To start your journey on the web, HostArmada offers the Start Dock plan at just $1.20 per month that you can renew at $7.99 a month.

In this startup plan, you will get access to host one website on cPanel based server, 15 GB Cloud SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, 2 cores CPU, 2 GB RAM, 10,000 visitors and 7 daily backups. 

Web Wrap: For people who have some experience in hosting and want to expand their website, Web Warp is the plan.

It costs $1.94/month that you can recharge at $12.95 and you will get access to unlimited websites, 30 GB Cloud space, 4 cores CPU, 4GB RAM, 14 daily backups, 60,000 visitors, and many Warp features perks. 

Speed Reaper: This plan is for people who want to speed up their websites like a pro. The cost of this plan is just $2.69/month and when you will recharge, it will cost you $17.95/month. This plan will provide you 40GB Cloud Space, 5 cores CPU, 6GB RAM, 120,000 visitors, 21 daily backups, warp feature perks, speed reaper perks, and dynamic caching that you can enjoy with unlimited websites. 


As aforementioned, HostArmada is a brand new company that comprises of a diligent team of web experts who serve its customers with reliable facilities and outstanding features. But how good are these features?

When it comes to speed of the websites, HostArmada will give you LiteSpeed, CDN, and SSD Storage without any extra cost unlike most of the companies. This function helps in improving the loading time of the website and boosts its performance in every way. 

Many users might want to migrant their existing website and HostArmada will do it for you without charging anything extra. This transfer of the website is free of cost and comes with every plan you purchase. 

Control Panel and Dashboard

The Control Panel or CPanel is the place from where you can bring changes to your website and make it better for the visitors. In the Cpanel provided by HostArmada, you will see that everything is made so clear. From the files, backups, to adjusting database and domain settings, you can manage everything without any hustle. 

This platform offers a client area which is just super easy to use.

Are you a tech expert? this dashboard would be a piece of cake for you.
Are you totally new to this hosting website? Worry not because its functions and well-detailed dashboard is something you can understand easily and use without any hurdle. 

The HostArmada Dashboard is the place from where you get to control everything to have a beautiful and attractive website.

Right on the first page, you will see the brief of services, domain details, support, and payment details. On the left side, you will find other options such as account details, support systems, any updates, details to your services, any product you ordered, settings to a domain, and everything that you need to have your desired results. 

The best part is that the last option in the menu, ‘Knowledgeable’ in which you will get all the answers to your questions as it takes you to the articles published on the website. So, any question or doubts you have, just visit knowledgeable, mention it in the search box and you will receive all the favourable results to your queries. Moreover, if you still find it difficult, you can always watch their tutorials or contact the customer services department. 


hostarmada benefits

When a customer depends on a platform for their website, all they need the most is the high level of security. Undoubtedly, HostArmada works best when it comes to security. 

HostArmada works with the motive of offering ‘Protection beyond expectation’ and no wonder they stick to it. They set backup of your website daily, take action as soon as they receive a report, and make sure to prevent isolation of each user on the shared hosting.

Additionally, it promises high-tech and tight web security and environmental security which keeps you protected from any mishappening over the internet. 

HostArmada has everything and that too of advanced level. What more do you need to keep your website protected from any unforeseen situation? 


hostarmada review hosting benefits

Every company promises desirable customer support so that they will have incredible experience working with them. However, the excellent support system is one of the specialities about HostArmada that contributes to making this platform extremely successful.

It works with 24/7 live support with a reply within 10 minutes and they totally stick to their promise. When I had a problem with setting up a product for my website, I used the live chat option it. I received the reply within a few minutes and that was very impressive. 

Well, not just the live chat but there are many other options one can use to contact the HostArmada Team. It includes Open-Ticket system, phone call and email. Moreover, there are many tutorials the company share to make you walk you through the entire process of starting your website.

hostarmada money back guarantee

Apart from just contacting, there are many other ways in which HostArmada shows their admirable customer support. If you are not satisfied with the services, you can ask for your money back anytime.

Furthermore, if you decide to test the services of HostArmada and do not find your expected results, you can freely ask the company to return your money. This is because the company offers 45 days money-back guarantee which is like way too much.

In so many ways, the company makes sure that the customers fall in love with their support even though you like their services or not. 

How to buy Hosting with 85% Discount?

If you want to start your website, all you need to do is follow these super easy steps.

Let’s go ahead and create a website.

  1. Visit and right on the home page, you will see the Cloud Shared Hosting column with an 85% discount on every plan. 
hostarmada homepage ssd shared hosting
  1. Click on the ‘Plans & Pricing’ button that will take you straight to the page with different plans. 
hostarmada hosting pricing
  1. Select the plan for your choice, I will choose the Speed Reaper plan.
  2. On the next page, enter the domain that you want to host on HostArmada. If you want to transfer the domain from another registrar or want to use the existing domain, you can do that by simply using the suitable option. 
  3. Now choose the duration of the plan, most suitable data center, and click on the ‘Preview Offer’ option. 
hostarmada shopping cart
  1. Review the Domain Configuration and click on ‘Continue’
  2. On this final page, review every order of your bill and move further with the checkout. Fill up the details, make the payment, and get started with the website.
customize cart in hostarmada
final cart items hostarmada for shared hosting ssd
  1. After going through the entire process of establishing your account with HostArmada, you can easily get access to their user-friendly dashboard. 

Creating a website further is very easy.

You get the login credentials to your cPanel account in an account creation successful email.

Use the credentials to login to your hosting cPanel.

Once you’re logged in, there is a lot that you can do on your domain.

I will go ahead and install WordPress on this domain.

Search wordpress and open WordPress Manager by Softaculous. Click Install Now in the Next Screen.

Fill up the details of your website and set up an administrator account; as shown in the screenshot below.

In a moment, WordPress gets installed.

Once the process is complete, go ahead and open your website. Your new WordPress site is ready and you can install an SEO ready WordPress Theme, write content to create blog posts or host an eCommerce site with WooCommerce.

HostArmada Speed Test

My review is not complete if I miss this part because speed is the ultimate goal to achieve for a new website. Otherwise, it gets hard for a site to get ranked on Google and further keep the ranks steady.

For the purpose of HostArmada review, I have installed a starter site. I will now test the speed without any optimization plugin installed.

The PageSpeed score is impressive enough and that too when I have not installed any optimization plugin.

Let’s install a cache plugin: Litespeed Cache

Before checking speed again, I made sure that X-litespeed-cache status is hit. If you do not know how to check it in your chrome dev tools, you can use any URL header response checkers.

The second test proves that no matter wether you use a caching plugin or not, the server-level caching is already at its best.


  • New and innovative ideas
  • 9 Data Centres which is brilliant
  • Extremely Cheap prices
  • Free domain with a wide range of extension options
  • Simply and easy-to-use dashboard
  • Free SSL to speed up your website
  • One-click installer
  • Daily backup option
  • Free website migration
  • Free email services with every plan
  • 45-days money-back guarantee
  • No cancellation fee when on services or bidding contracts.


  • Recharge at a high price
  • No monthly subscription

My HostArmada Review & Recommendations

In my opinion, HostArmada is doing really good in the hosting and website services industry. Even though it is a new company in the market, the services and excellence it has will take it towards a bright future. Also, no wonder how new it is, many people have already fallen in love with everything they offer at such a low price. 

Whenever you think of buying a web hosting plan, I would always recommend you to buy a plan for longer term. When you buy hosting for longer term, it saves you a lot of money that you can spend on other online purchases. Additionally, most hosting companies offer you a free domain when you do that.

So, it is two-way rewarding step. Go ahead and buy one now.

Obviously, it will take some time to manage the working but till now, from its security, wonderful packages, to customer support and domain management. It is extremely reasonable and is meant especially for the amateurs. However, as it is a new company, I think we need some more time to know exactly how suitable it is and how beautifully does it works. 

Wrapping up

From this HostArmada review, one thing is for sure that this company has a powerful package to serve you with everything you are looking forward to.

So, have you tried HostArmada yet? Get it today!