How To Accurately Check Traffic Of Website?

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When formulating your content marketing strategies, knowing how much traffic your competitors’ sites get can help. Moreover, it will motivate you and make your site stand out.

You can only use these strategies to estimate the traffic of other websites.

Several tools are available to help you determine how much traffic a website receives. The tools rely on various data sources such as Clickstreams, keyword volumes, public data, anonymous behavior data, and correlations, so you should only consider the numbers as approximate. You can use the following tools to estimate the traffic on your competitors’ sites.

Tools That Help To Track The Traffic Of A Website



Among all content marketing tools available on the internet, SEMrush is the most popular. There are a lot of features, such as competitor keyword research, backlink research, SEO audit, social media tools, and content marketing tools.

To use it, simply enter the URL of your site. Depending on the volume of keywords that the site is positioned for, the tool will provide both organic and paid traffic that the site may be getting.


Tools That Help To Track The Traffic Of A Website- ahrefs

Ahrefs has one of the best backlink databases in the world, which makes it a premium tool. In spite of its limitations, this tool is useful for determining organic traffic only.

Alexa – Discontinued

how to track site traffic with alexa

Amazon measures ranking by Alexa. In the rankings, the traffic that a site receives over a period of time is taken into account. Advertisers use this metric to determine how many visitors visit a site.


similarweb- accurately track site traffic

Competitor traffic estimation is done with this tool the most frequently. SimilarWeb is the least powerful of the two when you compare it with SEMrush.


quantcast review

Site traffic estimates are displayed by Quantcast. Data about the audience’s demographics, languages, and interests are also presented. The data in this tool has historically been regarded as inaccurate.

It seems they have been working hard on data reliability lately, and now it is one of the biggest web traffic intelligence tools available.

Using tools will help to make it easier for you to get things done quickly. Doing it on your own can be challenging at times.

Things To Consider While Checking The Website’s Traffic

#1. Search Traffic Estimation

You can use SEMrush or Ahrefs to estimate how much organic search traffic a website gets. When it comes to SEO traffic analysis, SEMrush and Ahrefs are the best tools when it comes to displaying the search traffic a website is receiving.

You will need to enter the URL of the website. The numbers will revert with all the keywords that drive visitors to the site when you click them.

For more information about the pages on the site that receive good search traffic, visit the “pages” section.

Using this method, you can determine how much traffic a web page receives.

#2. Total website traffic Estimation

Different sources of traffic will drive traffic to a website. I receive organic traffic from Google, direct traffic from search engines, and referral traffic from social networks. A website’s traffic needs to be considered when estimating it. Otherwise, the results will not be accurate.

SEMrush and SimilarWeb are the only two tools that I recommend when it comes to estimating total traffic. Upon entering any domain name in SEMrush’s Traffic Analytics, all the data, including visits, unique visitors, pages/visits, average visit duration, and bounce rate, are displayed.

SEMrush shows all the types of traffic that a website receives in the traffic it shows.

#3. Determining Paid Traffic

It is possible that you would like some intelligence about the paid traffic, ads, and keywords of your competitor’s website if you are running PPC advertisements on your website.

Any time you enter a domain under the “Domain Overview” tab, SEMrush returns you paid traffic as well. In this screenshot, you can also see the keywords on which they are running ads and the cost for paid traffic.

SEMrush’s Advertising Toolkit allows you to drill down into your advertising data. Search and display advertising are both features in SEMrush’s toolkit. Ad keywords can be viewed as well as the paid traffic a website gets.

Additionally, you will learn the top ad keywords that are driving paid traffic to the website.

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Conclusion- How To Accurately Check Traffic of any website?

Listed above are some ways to check website traffic.

These tools, as I told you before, only give you an estimated traffic level. In general, site tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Clicky, Jetpack stats, etc., provide the best ways to discover how visitors are using your own site. If you want to get into any other website’s analytics, you can only estimate it and any tool will be limited to give close assumptions.