Hyax vs Podia – Compare the best online selling platform of 2023

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Well, many entrepreneurs, creators, and bloggers come up with a lot of content for their customers. This is all because they want to create their own online community and help them with their knowledge and expertise. You can do that too without much effort. Combine your experience, knowledge, and capability into a course or an ebook. Doing so can help your audience a lot. Furthermore, It can assist you with adapting your work. Especially, if you need to create an advanced digital shop where you sell every one of these things.

To ease up your work, here are the best choices- Hyax and Podia. Both of these are very helpful and possibly the best alternatives for each other.

But, which one of the two do you choose as the best?

That is a tricky question and many of you would be looking for the answer. Well, lets take a comparative look on each of these.

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Features of Hyax

Tracking Performance

Now you have an online store, course, or some other digital item, it’s time to keep a track of its performance. Hyax will ensure to keep a track of performance. It won’t just track and send you the report but also propose approaches to improve that as well. Thus, you don’t have to gather data, analyze the outcomes and keep the results. Hyax will do all of that for you.

Options to customize the look and feel of your course

For various clients who are worried about their formats and designs, Hyax offers pre-made templates. In any case, it isn’t that you cannot add your designs. It allows you to plan your own layouts and make your own digital items in your format.

Self-service platform

If you don’t need the Hyax automation services to handle your activities, you can do that very effectively. How? Since Hyax offers a self-assistance framework where everything from manufacturing to launching will be under your control. Although, in case you discover anything troublesome, you can simply contact the team for assistance.

Effective customer management

Dealing with clients and authority is a tremendous duty. Obviously, when you get a great deal of them, things are bound to go out of your control. Thus, Hyax encourages you to deal with them by arranging their data with a personal touch. With this, you can get rid of problems that get in your way.

Interesting Offers setup

Set-up offers like “Add $100 to cart to get 50% off” easily

Features of Podia

Customization options

Once you are past setting up the basics on your website, it’s an ideal opportunity to make things catchy. With Podia, you can edit your landing page and sales pages to coordinate with your brand, or make something from the beginning with their flexible designing feature. It is very simple to use and very effective to make everything look beautiful.

Add unlimited products

Do you have existing content? They will move it free of charge for you. In fact, even if you are starting from the beginning you do not need to stress as with Podia you can rapidly add online courses, digital downloads, and membership plans in only a couple of clicks.

Host online course and sell unlimited copies

With the assistance of Podia, you can make money by teaching others what you are great at. It provides for drip content with which you can provide your students with instant access to your online course or provide it to them in sections over some time, whatever you want.

Offer digital downloads as a paid product

With Podia you can sell whatever you wish to without having to worry about any sort of technical glitches. You can sell ebooks, videos, files, text and so much more content as per your wish with the utmost ease.

No need of extra email automation tool

Send individual emails or automated drip campaigns to your subscribers

More about Hyax

Fundamentally, Hyax has been created to help business visionaries and developers. It is here to sell subscriptions, courses, eCommerce services, and other digital products in the online world. The incredible thing about it is that you can use Hyax absolutely free of cost up until you publish digital properties.

That suggests you can get used to the configuration they have, the UI, dashboard, and whatever else before you choose to offer any of your digital products. This is phenomenal because of the way that it passes on a lot of significant value and more help for the client without making things too complicated.

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More about Podia

Here comes Podia, another best platform for creating digital products and selling them. Podia is the plural of the word “podium”, meaning a platform on which you can be seen as well as be heard. Utilizing the plural form of the word is entirely perfect for this situation.

Podia is a feature-packed advanced digital storehouse where you can store and sell your memberships, downloads, and online courses. Consequently, it doesn’t really assist you with making your courses or content. You’ll have to make them first. It’s an exceptionally creator-first platform that helps businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators produce income.

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Hyax's Pricing

hyax pricing

Hyax offers its pricing arrangements in three sections. Its starting arrangement costs $ 99/month whereas the advanced level arrangement costs $ 199/month. As for the big plan, the great thing about this specific plan is that companies are at liberty to customize this plan as per their requirements. They also do provide a free plan.

To compare both Hyax and Podia, we need to look at the services they both offer. So, here is a list of all the services Hyax offers.

Landing Pages and Funnels

Landing pages are undoubtedly the best thing to attract more deals and conversions. Hyax helps you teach your crowd about the advantages of a certain product through this effective answer- landing page.

Hyax comes with its own landing page home builder. The templates of designs that they have are mobile-responsive for a native surfing experience on both the desktop as well as mobile. Each of the templates varies and can be used at particular funnel phases as well.

With Hyax, you can very easily tailor any design layout and make it your own. It helps a lot and you will understand that it gives the quality, value, and performance you are looking for.

Membership site ownership

Practically every one of the sites that we use is following this particular framework. You need to buy its membership program to use the products and services it has to offer. You can have that as well with Hyax’s membership site builder.

It offers you everything right from setting-up membership posts to make suitable plans. Moreover, you will have full authority over these membership systems. Hyax is there to do all that interaction for you regardless of whether you are an amateur or a professional.

Course Contractor

The Hyax’s course builder is perhaps the best feature out of all. You can create your course, use your portrayal, and add perfect pictures right from the beginning. You can add the rates information. Thereafter, you go to the course Lessons tab and there you can add all the content to your course.

Preferably, you would want to part the course content into exercises and sections. Every segment is by and large a module that has its own tests and private exercises.

Digital Items Development

They make it truly easy to build up an advanced digital product. From simple products to creating something unique for yourself, Hyax offers plenty of options for everyone. You can get in the item title, make your pick if you want some sort of a multi-variant product, alternative-product, or routine-product.

What’s more? You can easily set up the rates for the particular product and upload it. You can also deliver it immediately, and it will be in the shop.

Now, all these services can make any company or creator conversions. Also, when it comes to creating your online community, Hyax’s services are all that you need.

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Podia's Pricing

podia pricing

As for Podia, its price rates are relatively cheaper as compared to Hyax. Podia’s Mover plan (starter pack) starts at $39 per month whereas its shaker plan (premium plan) starts at $79 per month. Further, they also provide a free plan.

We know what all services Hyax offers. Now, moving on with this comparison, let’s see what services Podia has for its customers.

Online Courses

With the help of Podia, you can sell online courses. Be it a language course, a workout regime, or something totally new and fresh. This platform allows you to design your course, add tests, pictures, videos, and anything. Besides, it allows you to improve your course for various gadgets, pick between drip courses, single courses, course packages, etc.

Digital Downloads

If you are an advanced digital content creator and you need to sell your item on the web, Podia helps you to do that, as well. Regardless of whether you’re selling digital books, drawings, music, tests, or some other sort of advanced digital file, you can do it here. Furthermore, there are no constraints as far as the number of documents, downloads, deals, and so on


Here comes one of Podia’s best services. Do you want to sell subscriptions and memberships like any other website? Memberships are an incredible method to build up your marketing strategies.

Podia allows you to offer a different level of memberships. With this, you can sell the membership to various groups of social media, and to be able to incur recurring payments.

Website Building

Not all digital content creators understand how to make a gorgeous site or an advanced digital storefront. Podia’s editor is customized to content creators and makes site building less complex than it generally is. Also, this one is the best solution to let people know about your digital product. So, use the URL to promote.

Now, because of all these services, content creators and companies love Podia for its digital product creation and sales.

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Hyax's Support

We can say that Hyax has an astounding client support framework which is also one of its primary centers. In case you face any trouble overseeing or creating your digital item, you can easily get assistance by accessing Team Live Chat. Live chat is the quickest method to discuss your issues with the group as they provide you with solutions to your problems within a couple of minutes. Other than the option to live chat, the Hyax group has a FAQ section to find answers to your issues.

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Podia's Support

For a stunning client experience, Podia offers its live chat option, which is the best. Other than that, there is the documentation for a superior comprehension of the strategy and sending emails for a customized answer. Further, there is a FAQs segment to help you discover answers to your inquiries.

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It is really hard to choose the best of Hyax vs Podia. But, we are sure that by going through these comparisons between the two products, you will be able to choose the one which is best for you based on your requirements.