Hypotenuse Review: Pros & Cons – Free Trial & Honest Review [Updated]

Writing a new article from scratch is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of time to research and writes on a particular topic. How great would it be if you could get articles written in under 5 minutes?

I am here to tell you about AI copywriting software that helps you generate unique blog articles quickly. Read the Hypotenuse review, and learn how to get great titles and descriptions in minutes.

Now you can bring your thoughts to the screen faster with the Hypotenuse AI writer.

hypotenuse homepage

How does Hypotenuse AI Writer Work?

hypotenuse ai writing steps

3 simple steps, and your blog post will be ready with the Hypotenuse AI writer.

Step 1: Enter your topic or brand background once logged into the Hypotenuse dashboard. The system will automatically generate title ideas.

Simply click on Generate, and you will get manifold blog ideas right in front of you.

Get content for your About Us page and flatter your audience.

Step 2: With the title and introduction ready, it is time to choose the outlines. The structure of your blog is essential, so choosing the outlines is crucial.

To choose the correct outlines, you need to feed the target audience & product details to the AI writer. You can re-generate multiple outlines and make sure you get a unique output.

Step 3: After getting the outlines finalized, it is time to get your first draft. Create paragraphs to stun your blog visitors and edit them to ensure nothing is left behind. The AI writer offers an editor so you can rephrase the content and re-generate different paragraphs. When you make the changes, the AI writer keeps learning from it. It then improves the copywriting for future projects.

How To Sign Up For Hypotenuse?

To sign up for the Hypotenuse.ai free trial, click on the Try For Free button.

hypotenuse try for free

Now create a free account by registering with your email address. You can use your Gmail or any other business email. Click on Continue with Gmail and choose your Google account to sign up with Gmail.

hypotenuse create account

In the next step, Hypotenuse will ask you what you want to start with. You can choose Product descriptions, blog posts, or Ads & Social. I have chosen Blog posts.

Tell the system about yourself, like your name, who you are (copywriter, marketer, etc.), and language preference. Click on Next.

hypotenuse about you

The system will want you to verify your phone number with a code. So choose the country code and enter your phone number. Click on Send Code.

hypotenuse verify phone

You will be logged into your Hypotenuse.ai dashboard once the phone verification is successful.

hypotenuse dashboard

To start with generating your first blog post, click on New Blog.

First, enter the topic background in one line or more and click on Generate Titles. From the generated topics list, choose anyone by clicking on the title. Click on Next Step.

hypotenuse describe topic

You have your title, and now you need the outline for it. So describe your audience so Hypotenuse can generate relevant outlines. Select the outlines and click on Next Step, or you can regenerate the outlines.

hypotenuse describe audience

The final step is to generate the draft in one click. So click on the Generate article button. Whooooo! The blog post is ready in less than 5 minutes.

hypotenuse generate article

You can now export the generated blog post to your WordPress blog in one click.

Products Offered by Hypotenuse.ai

Blog Article Writer

hypotenuse ai blog writer

Bloggers have a hectic time writing long blog posts. Since you alone cannot write a lot, you tend to hire writers, which is a high cost. To save your time and money, Hypotenuse.ai is a savior. It helps you generate long blog posts, so you don’t need to hire anyone.

Simply provide your topic or background, and the system will generate blog idea titles. Provide the introduction so that the system generates outlines that you could choose from.

You can now generate and regenerate drafts for different outlines.

AI Product Description Generator

hypotenuse product description

Hypotenuse can generate thousands of product descriptions. Simply upload your product images, add attributes for your photos, and go with a flattering product description.

The Hypotenuse AI product description generator allows you to import attributes through CSV or API. Once the description is generated, it will enable you to edit the description. You can export the products into your CMS in the same format you imported.

Instagram Caption Generator

hypotenuse product description

Awe your Instagram followers with eye-catching Instagram captions generated by AI. You need to tell the AI about your brand and target audience. The more information you provide, the better caption would be generated. Click on Generate, and the caption is ready for you.

The AI generator provides several captions to be chosen from, so select the preferred one.

Shopify Integration

hypotenuse shopify integration

If you are an eCommerce brand, you need to focus on content generation. This could be product descriptions, blog posts, and social media marketing.

With the rise in Shopify users, Hypotenuse realizes this opportunity and provides integration to Shopify stores.

You can connect to your Shopify store in a few clicks and get your product information generated. With one click, you can import attributes of all the Shopify products. You can choose a copy from different product descriptions variations.

No need to upload CSV files, simply hit publish, and the descriptions will be updated to your store.

Hypotenuse Pricing

hypotenuse pricing

Three simple plans to choose from and you get your writings supercharged.

Starter: $29 per month

If you are a freelancer, then this plan is perfect for you. You get 75 credits per month, 1 user seat, bulk product descriptions, generate unlimited ad copies and blogs, and get email support.

Growth: $59 per month

For agencies and teams, this plan is most suitable. Get 250 credits per month, 1 user seat, and all the same features as in the Growth plan. This plan also offers email and chat support.


If you need a personalized plan with customized requirements, then you can go for the Enterprise plan. This plan gives you a personal account manager to assist you all the time.

Hypotenuse Pros and Cons


  • Generate blog posts in less than 5 minutes.
  • Generate and regenerate outlines to select the best outcome.
  • Integrate Shopify to get the product descriptions.
  • Direct integration via API.
  • Easy product descriptions just by entering the attributes.


  • Proofreading is necessary as you can’t rely on AI-generated articles all the time.

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Is there a free trial offered by Hypotenuse?

Yes, Hypotenuse offers a free trial. You can sign up for free without any credit card details required and get 3 credits free.

Can I generate unlimited content?

No, you can generate content depending on the plan you choose. With the starter plan, you can generate approx. 19000 words, and the Growth plan allows you to generate 63000 words each month.

Do I have to sign any contracts?

There are no long term contracts. All plans are monthly subscriptions. If you choose the Enterprise plan with a custom model, then the minimum period is of one year.

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can purchase any plan via popular payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, wallets, bank transfer, etc.

My Verdict – Hypotenuse.ai Review

AI writing can save tons of hours indulged in writing blog posts. You must have understood how easily it works and generated quality content.

Whether you are an eCommerce brand, blogger, or agency, you can use Hypotenuse AI writing software for all your writing needs.