If-So Review: Best WordPress Plugin to Show Content Dynamically

Do you want to dynamically display different content to different visitors? If-So WordPress plugin can help you do that. So read everything about this dynamic WordPress plugin in my If-So review.

If-So WordPress Plugin for Dynamic Content


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Does your website have high bounce rate? The reason could be customers being annoyed with the same content. To increase customer engagement and sales, you need to show different content dynamically.

If-So is a magical WordPress plugin that shows content based on the visitors intent with your site. There is no coding required and you can create dynamic content in no time.

The reason why If-So works fantastically is that it allows you to choose a condition for the content to be displayed. When the condition is met for a particular visitor, the content is displayed. Everything works on auto-mode, so you just need to set the conditions once.

By viewing the performance of you content, you can improvise the content to be displayed. The analytics help you identify the conversion rate for each condition.

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About If-So

what is if so

If-So is a WordPress plugin that enables you to dynamically add or delete information from your website depending on a visitor’s interaction.

Your visitors will be more engaged, converted, and bought as a result of this enhancement! You may tailor material to the visitor’s nation, state, or continent. The content of the schedule varies according to the date.

Content should be scheduled according to the day and time of the week. Utilize messaging written in the visitor’s native language to get their attention.

Visitors who follow a personalized link will view customized content. You may tailor the content for users that arrive through a certain domain or website.

On mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers, several types of material may be loaded. Depending on how often a person visits the site, call to action may be changed.

Visitors in various time zones see a variety of different materials. You may tailor the material shown to users who have arrived through a certain page on your website. Split testing two to four content versions allows for content optimization.

Features of If-So

if-so features

  • Utilize a brief message in the visitor’s native language to capture their attention and significantly minimize their bounce rate.
  • Make a particular offer or discount depending on the user’s location.
  • Direct people to the closest shop or provide the appropriate brunch’s phone number.
  • Utilize a JavaScript redirect to lead viewers to a different website from certain spots.
  • Allow users to choose a location that will take precedence over the IP-based location detection by default.

more if-so features

  • If-So enables you to segment people into audiences depending on their interaction with the dynamic version of your site or the pages they viewed on your site. Then, using the “Audiences” condition, you may show dynamic content to users who are members of the Audience.
  • The User Self-selection Form extension enables dynamic content to be shown depending on the user’s choices.
  • If-So enables you to display pop-ups to all site users or to build conditional pop-ups that are shown depending on the extensive set of circumstances provided by If-So and its integrations.
  • Utilize extensions and integrations created expressly for If-So to enhance your site’s functionality.

advanced if-so features

How To Sign Up for If-So?

if-so sign up

Here I will be telling you the steps to sign-up for If-So –

Step – 1: Go to the official website of If-So from here – https://www.if-so.com/

Step – 2: Move the cursor to ‘Plans’ and then click on ‘Pro’.

Step – 3: There, choose the pricing plan of your choice, and below it, click on ‘BUY IT NOW’.

Step – 4: Fill up the details asked for, agree to the terms and conditions, and click on ‘Purchase’.

That is it. You are good to go now.

Get If-so for $149 (LTD)

If-So Pros and Cons

If-So Pros

if-so pros

  • Customize content for each visitor’s nation, city, state, or continent.
  • The substance of the schedule varies between dates.
  • Content should be scheduled according to the time and day of the week.
  • Attract visitors’ attention with messages written in their native language.
  • Display customized content to users that arrive through a custom link.
  • Customize the content for visitors that arrive through a certain domain or website.
  • Different information may be loaded on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
  • If a visitor is (or was) logged into your site, you may display or conceal information.
  • Substitute calls to action based on the number of times a visitor has visited the site.
  • Present visitors from various time zones with varying material.
  • Personalize content for users who have visited a certain page on your website.
  • Change the content depending on the UTM parameters.
  • Split-test two to four content versions to optimize them.
  • If a visitor is signed in (or was logged in) to your site, you may display or conceal information.
  • Customize the landing page according to on the user’s search phrase.
  • Adapt material according to the user’s IP address.
  • Add or replace content depending on the name or value of a cookie.
  • Display content according to the user’s role.

If-So Cons

  • None

Pricing Options

If-So has 2 pricing options for you.

Pro Plans

if-so pro plans

  • Personal Plan: With this, you can only work on a single domain and It will cost you $90.35 for a year of updates and support.
  • Agency Plan: With this, you can work on 5 domains and It will cost you $129.35 for a year of updates and support.
  • Enterprise Plan: With this, you can work on as many as 100 domains and It will cost you $323.05 for a year of updates and support.

They also have geolocation plans.

Geolocation plans

if-so geolocation plans

  • Free: You can download the free version and enjoy up to 250 sessions.
  • Geo Basic: The plan starts at $5 offering 10,000 monthly sessions.
  • Geo Pro: Starting at $10 with 35,000 monthly sessions.
  • Geo Super: $25 for 100,000 monthly sessions is what this plan can offer you.

Advance Tips To Make Best Use of If-So

if-so tips

Here are some advance tips that may help you out –

  1. Users are directed to the closest branch:

Display the closest branch’s phone number or direct your clients to the specific location of their choice!

  1.   Promote certain countries:

Create unique promotions for national holidays or increase the accessibility of your goods by providing varied prices in various regions.

  1. Invite neighboring guests to your establishment:

Are your guests on the verge of arriving? Recognize when prospective customers are around and display them your location!

  1. Display messages depending on their location:

Optimize outcomes by sending personalized communications to consumers depending on their location!

  1. Present reviews in the visitor’s native tongue:

It is a well-established truth! People are more inclined to believe evaluations and suggestions provided by someone with whom they can identify.

  1. Redirect visitors to another page if a condition is met:

Redirect people to a page written in their native language, a mobile-optimized version of the material, or a page reserved for logged-in users. Each of the If-So conditions has the potential to be utilized to construct the redirection.

  1. On mobile devices, display a floating WhatsApp button:

Be available to your prospective consumers. Assemble a connection for your visitors fast and effortlessly.

  1. Plan ahead for content:

Configure a dynamic version to be shown from and/or until a specified date and time.

  1. Different items should be highlighted in particular locations:

Certain items are more popular in certain places than others, while others may be irrelevant at all. One thing is certain: the number of suitable locations for emphasizing messages on your website is limited.

  1. Promote special offers to visitors that arrive through a referral website:

Offer referrals a discount coupon to use on your site, or just remind them that they came from a reputable source.


if-so more tips

  1. Customize the title of the landing page to the user’s search term:

Increase the effectiveness of your advertising spend! Allow visitors to quickly discover what they’re searching for by automatically substituting relevant portions of your landing page text with the search term they entered in Google Ads.

  1. Present unique offers to consumers who have arrived as a result of your remarketing campaigns:

Never abandon a prospective consumer. Certain individuals need the last push before making a purchase.

  1. Present visitors that arrive through email marketing with unique content:

Increase the effectiveness of your lead funnel! Personalize the content experience for consumers that arrive through email marketing campaigns. Utilize a DKI shortcode to display their name on the site, or provide a discount to people who arrive from your emails exclusively.

  1. Present special deals to people that arrive through a Facebook ad:

For quicker and greater conversion rates, target your clientele using your Facebook (or other social media ad campaigns).

  1. Translate the Calls to Action on your website:

Attract users’ attention with Calls to Action written in their local language.

  1. Increase the effectiveness of your cold emails by including a customized message on your website.

No receiver of your email will be able to ignore you! Create a one-of-a-kind, customized experience.

  1. Schedule calls to action in accordance with your business hours:

Different hours need distinct calls to action.

  1. Present new and recurring visitors with distinct content:

Maintain a distinct user experience by customizing the material that new and repeats visitors view.

  1. A brief message in the visitor’s native tongue:

A prospective customer’s initial impression is formed in only 2.6 seconds! A brief message in the visitor’s native language has been shown to significantly lower bounce rates. It may, in certain situations, have the same effect as translating the whole site.

Get If-so for $149 (LTD)

What People Say About If-So (Testimonials)

if-so reviews

FAQs about If-So

Is it OK to utilize If-So in the page title field?

You certainly can. By default, the title box for pages/posts does not support shortcodes. To enable the usage of If-So in the page title field, go to If-So Settings in your WordPress dashboard and click the Allow shortcodes in titles option.

Is it necessary for me to have coding knowledge to generate dynamic content?

Nope! To create dynamic content, just choose criteria from a preset list and provide the material that will be shown if it is satisfied.

What is the If-So Plugin for WordPress?

If-So is a WordPress Plugin for dynamic content that enables site managers to customize material based on a predetermined set of circumstances or by using Dynamic Keyword Insertion shortcodes.

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If-So Review Conclusions

verdict if-so

As you can see there are so many advantages of using If-So and is an incredible platform. If used in the right way, If-So can definitely help you boom your business in no time. So, I would definitely recommend using If-So.

There is no coding required and the plugin works seamlessly perfect with any landing page builder. The compatibility is awesome with page caching giving you 100% efficiency.

Get If-so for $149 (LTD)