Interserver hosting review – Host unlimited sites for USD 5/month


Have you ever been searching for a Good standard web hosting server at a cheap price and that too of good quality? Yes, many of you would have been in the loop. If the server you want to purchase will be used just to host a few websites or blogs, you can always choose the lowest-cost plan. And No doubt Interserver is the best in the business.

Test a VPS Server for just $0.01

Btw, what all do you need to manage a batch of websites for the zero hassle?

Yeah, you guessed that right. A high-config server and Cpanel access to control the website hosting for all your domains.

That you get with the standard hosting plan by Interserver.

There is no mini or large plan for the standard hosting. You pay what everyone else is paying for the hosting at Interserver.

We’ll discuss about Interserver’s standard web hosting in these headers: Features, Speed, Reliability, Security & SSL, Support, Pricing, and Comparison.


The standard hosting has all you need to take your next BIG idea on the internet.

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Easy control panel
  • Free migration and a lot more.
  • 1 click installation of your favorite CMS

You can install a number of scripts from endless options such as WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento and a lot more.


Since the benchmark for any website hosting will be the speed it offers, let’s do some speed tests.


I know the above speed is not perfect but I did not expect anything better since there is no speed optimization done on the website.

For me, the time to the first byte also matters a lot when you talk about website hosting speed. Now, to do the best speed test, I purchased the hosting and domain both from Interserver and the results are here.

Time to first byte test

The receive took less than 0.09ms. I would still test it on bitcatcha server speed tester.

Bitcatcha speed test results

Now, the above screenshot says it all. The server speed is A+ and you can easily scale a website hosted on Interserver.


I am using Interserver hosting for one of my directory website where the data is not as small as a normal WordPress blog. The website has used over 1.5GB of storage and monthly bandwidth is also over 5GB. The hosting is cool enough to handle traffic of around 5000 page-views per day.

Talking about the payment options, I could use virtual cards to top up the billing account and then pay for domains, hosting or a VPS. It is too easy to buy hosting on Interserver.

Security & SSL

Okay, the most important topic of the time is security and privacy. While everyone is worried about their data and security, Interserver takes care of it very sharply.

First of all, the strict firewall won’t let already known blacklist IPs access your website.

The direct POST requests are blocked and an automatic virus scanner is in place.

The data inside the cPanel accounts are isolated which means other cPanel users sharing the same server can’t access your website data.

You can’t ignore the option to backup your website files to a different location. The Interserver hosting is the best thing ever for an internet marketer who does not want to mess up with the command line or code.

InterServer Exclusives: Addon domains are further isolated from each other within the cPanel account.


We are living in an industry where if you find any trouble with your website hosting, there are people who would love to solve your issue by charging a handsome amount of dollars.

Thanks to Interserver’s amazing chat support where you get answers to your technical questions in no time. The staff is also helpful and intelligent enough to come up with a solution in the blink of an eye.


The pricing is easy and affordable enough for anyone who knows the best practices to always use the minimum resources on the server.

Monthly $5
6 Months $28.50 ($4.75/mo)
Yearly $54 (4.50/mo)
2 Years $102 ($4.25/mo)
3 Years $144 ($4.00/mo)

If you commit for a longer period, you get the maximum rebate on the price.

Get Standard Hosting Now

Final Verdict

I will definitely recommend Interserver to anyone who doesn’t want to mess up with the SSH command-line and manage a website on a Cloud VPS or a shared server.