Keeper Security Review – Password Management Swiss-Army Knife

Millions of people are affected by identity theft each year. If your personal information falls into the wrong hands, the results can be devastating. 

Keeper Security is one of the world’s most trusted password managers and digital vaults. With Keeper Security, you can easily create, store, and manage passwords for all of your online accounts. Plus, their military-grade encryption ensures that your data is always safe and secure.

Try Keeper Security today and see how easy it is to keep your personal information safe and secure.

What Is Keeper Security, and How Does Keeper Security Work?

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The majority of internet accounts demand a robust password. A strong password should have at least eight characters that include upper and lowercase letters, a number, and special characters. However, they are merely the bare necessities! Extremely secure passwords should have more than eight characters in fully random order.

Extremely robust passwords are not only hard for any hacker to decipher but also impossible for the owner to remember. Add the fact that you will need to create a unique password for each account, and it becomes an impossible achievement for human memory.

Password managers such as Keeper Security come into play here: Keeper Security allows you to generate and save secure passwords for many internet accounts.

Keeper Security Review

Keeper Security is one of the world’s most trusted password managers and digital vaults.

Vashishtha Kapoor

Keeper Security Review - Password Management Swiss-Army Knife
High-end Security
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Keeper Security is one of the world’s most trusted password managers and digital vaults.


Using a password manager, you may generate unique passwords for each online account while only having to remember one. Think of it as a master key for all your other keys; there is just one password to remember. 

Keeper Security Features

Keeper Security has been fine-tuned to not only safeguard your passwords but also give a streamlined method for you and your team to utilize them. To have a better grasp of Keeper Security, let’s examine its most important aspects.

1.   Version History:

record history in keeper security

Keeper Security provides password version history. When a password is changed, a new field is created to hold the new password, but the old password remains intact. 

record history options in keeper security

This provides you the opportunity to return to previous passwords if necessary. The same functionality also applies to files, allowing you to save your data with more reliability.

2.   Emergency Access: 

Keeper Security enables emergency access to guarantee that you have access to your account at all times. The emergency access feature enables a trusted ally, friend, or family member to access your account in the event of an emergency or untimely death. The accounts that may be accessed through emergency access can only be read.

emergency access in Keeper Security app

To configure emergency access, go to Settings, Accounts, and Emergency Access. 

add trusted users in Keeper Security app

You may then choose five trustworthy persons. Additionally, you may define a timeout for each account. To guarantee appropriate use and monitoring, you will be alerted whenever one of your authorized users accesses the vault.

3.   Secure Sharing: 

Keeper Password Manager provides comprehensive options for safe sharing. Typically, you are not required to reveal your password. However, there may be occasions when sharing credentials with family members, or team members is necessary. The Keeper makes it simple to share your password while maintaining total account management.

one time secure sharing of passwords

To share a record, you must first input the recipient’s email address, configure the permissions and click on Add.

password sharing options

The receiver then gets a notice on their Keeper account on the shared credentials. For the receiver to utilize the shared credentials, they must establish a free Keeper account if they do not already have one.

4.   Form Filling and Payments: 

Keeper Security offers streamlined form completion and payment processing. Once stored in the vault, credentials are immediately accessible from any device or platform on which Keeper Security is installed. In the case of Keeper Security, you are provided with a single identity, under which you may keep various addresses and phone numbers. Additionally, Keeper allows you to keep payment cards for fast access.

multiple address in identity settings Keeper Security

When filling out online forms, you must click the lock symbol. It will open a pop-up window from which you can choose the installation detail. To fill in an address on a web form, for instance, you may click the lock symbol and pick the address you wish to put in. The method permits the management of many addresses under a single identity.

5.   Multifactor Authentication: 

Keeper now enables multifactor authentication to enhance the security of your Keeper account. Multifactor authentication safeguards your account if your password is stolen. Therefore, a master password and the unique password created at the time of login and delivered to you by email, SMS, or authenticator app are required for access.

6.   Password Improvement:

Strong passwords are necessary to protect your online accounts. To facilitate this, Keeper includes an audit feature. The audit area provides you with essential information about your password and marks them as Weak or Reused. 

password audit page screen KeeperSecurity

In addition, it assigns a strength rating to each of your passwords. In addition, you get a percentage indicating the overall strength of each password. By providing a visual image of your passwords, you may readily alter them to make them more secure.

Keeper’s approach to information storage differs from that of other suppliers. They maintain a history for each of the old data (or passwords) and never delete them.

7.   Password Generator: 

Keeper Security has an outstanding password generator. Using a password generator, you can create secure passwords for your websites. By default, the password generator generates a 12-character password. It employs letters, numbers, and symbols.

strong password generator button

However, you may alter the password’s length and other key properties. Keeper’s password generator includes a one-click password generator that generates 16-character passwords by default. In addition, you may rapidly modify the site’s password and make it robust when you log in.

8.   Digital Vault:

Keeper Password Manager is not only a password manager. It provides a fantastic digital vault for storing images and information. You may also save custom files. 

uploading files in KeeperSecurity App
add files in the vault
save file attachment in KeeperSecurity

However, the storage capacity is limited. The standard subscription-only permits five custom attachments.

9.   Browser Extension: 

Keeper Browser Extension

Keeper Security includes a fully-functional browser plugin. The extension is compatible with all major web browsers, including Chrome, Edge, and Opera. The browser plugin provides you with several alternatives on the go. For instance, you can access the user guide, the vault, the settings, the display locks, and the logout option. As you may have guessed, the settings option allows you to access the Keeper settings, where you may adjust other features. The browser extension allows you to change the display locks option easily. Thus, you may increase your privacy. You may also choose to display the icon when the pointer is over the field. Also, you can quickly add entries using the extension, which is also possible via a desktop or online application.

Additionally, the browser extension allows you to establish per-site autofill options. Given that you may not want the functionality to appear on select websites where you worry for your privacy, that is remarkable.

10.   Security:

Keeper Security employs an exceptional degree of security. It employs 256-bit encryption to safeguard data. The end-to-end encryption also ensures that no one may intercept the data during transmission. In addition to the encrypted transmission, they couple the data with RSA 2048 keys to further its security.

keeper security main feature

Keeper Security also supports multifactor authentication, which must be configured from the start. Accessing your account with two-factor authentication requires both your master password and a six-digit one-time password. Even if someone gains access to your master password, they cannot access your account due to two-factor authentication.

Besides this, Keeper Security employs the zero-knowledge approach. Using the model signifies that they do not save information on their servers and that everything is performed on your local computer.

11.   Password Capture and Replay: 

Keeper Security is one of the best password capture and playback applications. By default, it will record the passwords for every website you visit. Additionally, you may manually add passwords to the Keeper. If Keeper does not immediately preserve your credentials, you may make a new entry for the site by clicking the Keeper lock.

Why Do I Recommend Keeper Security?

1.   Unlimited Backups: 

Keeper Security’s unlimited cloud backup storage guarantees that you will never lose your data. If you cannot access Keeper or your data is lost, you will always have access to your backup. This ensures that you will not forget your passwords, even if they are not written down somewhere.

2.   Superior Online Safety: 

With a fingerprint login option, you can be certain that your data is as safe as possible. Share passwords, login credentials, and other sensitive information exclusively with authorized parties, and never lose sight of your private accounts. The Keeper Security password manager will ensure that only you have access.

3.   24/7 Support: 

With a Keeper Security membership, you will have access to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, should you ever have any difficulties with your account. You may get quick help using the straightforward live chat option without having to pick up the phone or wait for an email answer.

4.   Browser Extension for Autofill: 

You will never have to worry about accessing your account dashboard again if you install the Keeper Security browser extension. It will remember your favorite websites and automatically complete their forms. You may return to your regular schedule and worry less about how you will complete your tasks. Your internet shopping will be a delight, and budgeting will be simpler than ever before.

Keeper Security Pros and Cons

Keeper Security Pros

  • The browser extension is a useful tool for auto-filling passwords and avoiding the headache of resetting login information if you forget them.
  • You can simply view and update all of your login credentials, as well as establish new, secure passwords.
  • Keeper Security is equipped with stringent security mechanisms and zero-knowledge and zero-trust regulations.
  • Keeper Security is lauded for its user-friendliness, particularly its straightforward interface.
  • Keeper Security provides a variety of cybersecurity technologies.
  • Keeper Security offers distinctive security features, including an encrypted chat service.

Keeper Security Cons

  • Keeper Security does not have a password-changing feature like its rivals Dashlane and LastPass.


Keeper Security is a versatile and efficient password manager for personal and professional usage. It offers an extensive array of cybersecurity services through software that is simple to use and priced affordably every month. The comprehensive Keeper toolbox includes an encrypted messaging application and a browser plugin. 

Overall, its industry-leading security foundation and user-friendly interface make it ideal for both IT administrators and end-users.

Want more control over your password’s security? Do you need to safeguard an employee in the team with access to sensitive customer data? If so, Keeper is an essential tool. Give this 14-day free trial a try!