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lemonads – Review & Ratings – Ad Network is Paying or Scam?

lemonads review

lemonads is one of the largest affiliate networks established in 2007, which works as a model to enhance advertisers’ and publishers’ income. They already have more than 10,000 business partners who trust their service. After we tested and review lemonads, we understood that it can handle heavy traffic and has offers for a majority of the countries.

For publishers, lemonads help boost revenues via a vast range of selective offers and connect them to the world’s high-performing brands.

For advertisers, lemonads helps in developing the business with high-converting traffic. It uses advanced technology to connect the clients to competent publishers.

Lemonads Network Details

Ad Network: Lemonads (formerly spicyoffers)
Commission type: CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI
Payment Threshold: 100 EUR/USD
Payment Frequency: Weekly Net-7
Available Payment Methods: Wire, PayPal, Paxum, ePayments
Referral Commission N/A
Contact Details: Nelson (
Joining Link (aff): Join Now

Before jumping into lemonads review, we would like to inform you that lemonads has generated record leads in the last month and has maintained its position to be the world’s largest affiliate network.

lemonads review

What is Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate network is an intermediary between publishers and affiliate programs, and Affiliate Marketing lets you reach your target anytime and anywhere, and on any device. The goal of lemonads is to drive your business growth by assisting a partnership between online retailers and affiliates. They help by providing a single and efficient self-serve platform that only targets on performance.

lemonads for Publishers

There are several advantages to having one CPA network.

  • This is the most reliable affiliate network because you will get paid for every conversion.
  • To ensure the best performance, they have the best and validated mobile and desktop offers.
  • They use the 100% in-house developed, Swiss-made propriety technology.
  • They deliver the fastest daily payments, every time with PayPal, ePayments, and Wire.
  • lemonads use the in-house profit-centric Smartlink technology that is real-time optimized, to generate revenues.
  • They offer in-house and direct offers only, which are real and exclusive.
  • lemonads offer the best, fast, and insightful support to the customers via various channels.
  • They assign experts as dedicated Account Managers, right from day one.

85% of publishers have already successfully enhanced their revenues within the first three months of using lemonads.

lemonads for Advertisers

If you dare to aim for more and exploit more significant results, then lemonads will help you achieve that. This single performance network has several advantages.

  • It uses external and internal Machine Learning Anti-fraud systems (AI).
  • To give the best ROI, they get high-converting leads from reputable affiliates.
  • They get traffic from only validated sources that are huge in quantity and are exclusive. 
  • There is no financial risk with lemonads as it works on a Pay Per Performance only, as per the client’s needs. 
  • The interface they offer is dedicated and user-friendly to grant you full control of the offers.
  • They provide knowledgeable and proficient Account Managers for the best guidance. 
  • There are no hidden costs or startup fees, and your suggestions can be set up quickly, for attaining immediate results. 
  • They provide timely and updated details for quick action via alerts and statistics report API. 

Features of lemonads – The most efficient CPA Network

lemonads is in this business for more than ten years and enjoys a good reputation in the audience’s affiliate marketing and monetization. Their proficient team makes sure it is sharp and up-to-date to fit with the customer’s expectations.

Here are some of the features of this efficient CPA network:

1. Timely Customer Support

lemonads offers responsive and prompt support to customers via various channels like messenger, social media channels, website, chat support, etc. The customer can ask any query freely without having to wait much for the reply. Their quality of customer support is top-class.

2. Quick Payments

lemonads has a record of paying the fastest in the industry. As the traffic quality boosts, the payment frequency also increases. The customer need not worry about the financing requirements. You can be carefree about your invested money as it will only grow.

3.  Exclusive Offers

lemonads has real and exclusive offers owing to its excellent relationship with advertisers. It offers more than 1500 such offers or campaigns, which no other affiliate network provides. You get two kinds of offers, in-house offers, and real-inclusive offers related to your niche.

4. Popular Merchants

lemonads is used by many reputed and famous merchants, like Mega, Norton, Revolut, etc. Thus, it is strict and streamlined with its standards and tracking. Having such respectable and popular merchants as customers speak volumes about the company.

5. Smartlink Offers

lemonads is just one of the few networks that Smartlink offers. It is a fantastic feature that re-routes the traffic to the best offers if it does not apply to one suggestion. These offers keep changing as per the visitors. This feature optimizes the marketing campaign and keeps you ahead in the competition. Customers like the way things happen automatically with lemonads.

6. High Payouts

lemonads is an affiliate network that helps you make more money than other networks. You will get more ROI because they have a direct relation with advertisers. lemonads help in escalating the campaigns.

7. Consistent with Tracking solutions

lemonads is compatible with many tracking solutions like Binom, BeMob, etc., because they understand it is vital to track the traffic and visitors.

8. In-depth Reporting

You can see the in-depth reporting, which in one glance shows you which link is working and which is not. You also can change the reporting to Hourly, Daily, Monthly, or on some specific day of the week. Thus, depending on your requirement, you may modify the report settings.

lemonads reporting

While it has many more benefits that we can cover, but we don’t want to completely dedicate this lemonads review for features only. With a full-stop on features, let us check how the sign-up process looks like.

lemonads Sign-up Process

The signup process of lemonads is straightforward. You will see a form with the required details, whether you are a publisher or an advertiser – Name, Contact Information, etc. On submitting the form, you will have to wait for the representative to scan it and revert for approval. Due to its quick and simple signup process, the clients find it time-saving and helpful.

The dashboard of lemonads is reasonably simple to use and user friendly. At one glance, it gives all the required information. You also get a glimpse of the new offers that are most lucrative for you on the dashboard and the summary of the report for you.

Creation of SmartLink

  1. Click on the tab to create the SmartLink. Once opened, you get two options, you can create the SmartLink of two types: Mainstream most suited to the Mainstream traffic. Second is Adult Smartlink for global adult traffic. Click on the one that suits your website niche the most.


2. I had selected the Mainstream SmartLink, where you get to choose the link name. There are options for the advanced settings also, where you can change the tracking Id settings. You have the opportunity to turn on the “Source Id” and “Click Id,” which are off by default.

lemonads general settings

3. After selecting all the settings, you can click on Update my link and your link is updated.

4. You get your new tracking link which you can copy and use. It is as simple as it sounds!

lemonads tracking link

You get to see all the active links by clicking on “my links.”


lemonads blog

lemonads blog is a fantastic feature that helps inform and inform the users about the latest news and tendencies from affiliate marketing. Their blogging section is ideal for beginners as well as expert level marketers. This section has numerous blogs on digital marketing topics and the latest news on the changing market trends. Access to these blogs helps the user stay at par in the competition and monitor the progress of the marketing campaign currently in action.

Offers by lemonads in Different Verticals

The market verticals for which lemonads provides high-performing offers are:

  • eCommerce
  • Online games
  • Astrology
  • Finance
  • Sports
  • Software
  • Gambling, etc.

Pros and Cons of lemonads

This lemonads review would be incomplete without listing down the Pros and Cons of this affiliate network.

Let us start with the Pros


  • It offers technology-driven high-quality services for both publishers and advertisers.
  • They provide world-class support and have a blog resource for marketers fo beginner level.
  • It helps the users to maximize their revenues across multiple verticals.
  • It covers a large number of market verticals.
  • The sign-up process is quick and straightforward.
  • They offer high-tech tools and professional support. 


  • There are a few networks, which offer a bit more offers than lemonads.


lemonads is the bright future standard of the CPA network. Their in-house technology and performance focus helps enhance the connection between Advertisers and Publishers. lemonads help them in boosting their traffic from reliable sources and increasing their revenue. They boast of the capacity to handle billions of conversions per year. They develop numerous tools to ensure high-quality translations and safety from fraud. A majority of their partners highly recommend lemonads for affiliate marketing.

This is how we wrap up our in-depth lemonads review. We hope this article has helped you and we’re eager to hear your feedback in the comment section.