Top 10 Limeproxies Alternatives and Competitors

Accessing blocked content is tricky as you can be caught by your ISP or Government. The solution of not getting caught is by using private residential proxies. So, here’s a list of the best Limeproxies alternatives and competitors that provide multiple IPs.

Before moving on with the list of Limeproxies alternatives, let me tell you more about Limeproxies.

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Limeproxies offer millions of private proxies that never get blocked. You can cancel the plan anytime with an awesome support team to help you with everything.

The setup is very simple and takes less than 5 minute. 

The platform can help you with sales intelligence, rank tracking, data scraping, and ad verification.

The proxies are available around the globe in many cities. Brands like and trust Limeproxies for its awesome proxies.

Top Alternatives & Competitors to Limeproxies

oxylabs homepage

Our last alternative to Limeproxies is Oxylabs. This platform is highly stable and reliable with over 102.367.458 IPs available globally in any GEO location.

For any assistance, you can contact the support helpdesk or your dedicated account manager. 

Apart from the residential and datacenter proxies, Oxylabs also provides Next-gen residential IPs. These Next-Gen residential IPs are powered with AI and ML solutions for highly accurate web scraping.


First in the list of Limeproxies alternatives is Bright Data. Bright Data is the world’s top web data collection platform and proxies provider.

You can use Bright Data to retrieve any amount of required data on the internet that matters to you.

Whether you are into finance, retail, ad-tech, travel, or social media, Bright Data gives you an advantage over others.

You can integrate Bright Data with multiple platforms like Google Analytics, Domo, etc.

At Bright Data, you can choose Datacenter, ISP, Residential, and Mobile proxies.

netnut homepage

Netnut is another fast proxy service provider. It offers three types of IP proxy services. These proxies are Rotating residential proxies, Static Residential proxies, and Datacenter proxies.

At Netnut, you can access 20M+ residential IPs and 1M+ static residential IPs worldwide. It can handle any amount of traffic up to hundreds of gigabytes per second.

The proxies are highly secure and scalable so you get the right data with accuracy.

soax homepage

Soax is a residential and mobile proxies provider with regularly updated proxies. You can target any country, region, city by accessing over 8.5M IPs worldwide. 

All the proxies are GEO available with usage limitations and 100% whitelisted. The plans start with as low as $75 per month. 

The Soax proxy platform is highly reliable so you get instant responses from GEO IP addresses. When you access any residential IP, you are assured of 100% compliance and legitimate IPs.

smartproxy homepage

As the name suggests, Smartproxy is a smart web scraping provider with no limitation on proxies. It has all the features to take your business to the next level smartly.

With Smartproxy residential IPs, you can overcome the country restrictions without any limitations.

You can do anything you want to scale your business with unlimited IP proxies. The best thing is that you can integrate the proxies with any third-party app.

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Conclusion: Which are the Best Limeproxies alternatives of all time?

Out of all the Limeproxies alternatives, the best one to consider is Bright Data. The prices are competitive with high accuracy & reliability. 

Thanks for reading the post. I hope you might want to consider these proxies for your future project.