Lindy Tsang (Bubz) Net Worth – How Much Does Bubzvlogz Earn?

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In this post, we are going to talk about Lindy Tsang Net Worth. The Chinese-Irish beauty vlogger Bubzbeauty is more commonly known as Lindy Tsang on YouTube.

A popular fashion guru on YouTube, Lindy Tsang has launched her own clothing and makeup line. The income, age, nationality, height, husband, and career of Lindy Tsang can be found on her profile.

Lindy Tsang Net Worth: Biography

She is a 34-year-old woman and was born on December 6, 1986. She comes from an Irish family. Her nationality is mixed, being part Chinese and part Irish. Her hometown was Dundonald, a civil parish in the eastern part of Belfast.

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After her family moved to Glengormley in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, she had a much better childhood. Neither her parents’ names nor their restaurant’s name has been revealed.

She spent most of her childhood with her grandparents because her parents were so busy with the restaurant. Besides her sisters, Lindy is very close with her parents. Her younger brother, Ricky, is also very close to her. Since she was Chinese, she was browbeaten and bullied as a child. This continued all her school years. She struggled to find work during her childhood and worked long hours in her parents’ restaurant. However, she remained brave and didn’t give up despite the storm.

Lindy Tsang Height & Weight

How tall is Lindy Tsang? It is estimated that Lindy Tsang is shorter than average. According to her measurements, she stands at only four feet eleven inches tall.

150 cm

Also, she has dark brown eyes and her natural hair color is unknown. In addition, she dyes her hair blondes, browns, and even reds.

Lindy Tsang Professional Life

With her first video, “Dance it Off,” Lindy became a YouTube beauty guru in August 2007. She shared the video via her YouTube channel, “Bubzbeauty” with 2.88 million subscribers. After watching her first video, she was inspired to produce more beautiful content.

In addition to making makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and hairstyle tutorials, she uploaded videos on YouTube. In parallel, she started uploading to ”Bubzvlogz’ another YouTube channel. Frequently sharing vlogs of her family’s daily lives and sharing new experiences, she regularly uploaded vlogs on this channel. Her daily vlogs, all of which were satirical in nature, were also posted to ‘Bubzvlog.’ She regularly updates her website with her clothing line updates, cosmetic products like makeup brushes, and videos of her family and pets.

Over 7.4 million people have viewed her YouTube video “Draw My Life | Bubzbeauty.”. In addition to “5 Minute School Makeup”, “10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight”, “2 Minute Spring Updo”, and “Small Boobs? “, the video has 6.5 million views. ” 

She later launched a third YouTube channel, “Bubbiosity.” Most of the videos are slapstick intended for her followers to laugh. In addition, she launched a clothing and beauty line. She often features other world-class brands, including Maybelline, Verizon Wireless, Skin Inc, and Listerine, in her vlogs. Her contribution to the development of educational institutions stems from her career as an entrepreneur. Through her project, “Pencils of Promise,” she provides educational opportunities to children throughout the world who are disadvantaged and deprived.

Lindy Tsang Net Worth and Awards

Lindy is known throughout the world for her expertise in beauty. She is most known for her three YouTube channels, each of which has over 100,000 subscribers. Other than that, she has not received any recognition.

How much is Lindy Tsang’s net worth? As an entrepreneur and YouTube Star, Lindy has amassed a substantial fortune. With a net worth of $800,000 today, she started from scratch.

Lindy Tsang Social Media

The same time that Lindy gained recognition on YouTube (2.76 million subscribers), she also gained followers on social media. In addition to having 684k followers on Instagram, she spends most of her time there. The majority of the posts on her blog deal with her personal life.

Facts :

  1. She is lucky with the number six.
  2. Turquoise is her lucky stone.
  3. Orange is her lucky color.

FAQ on Lindy Tsang Net Worth

Where is the birthplace of Lindy Tsang?

The birthplace of Lindy Tsang is Ireland in the United States of America.

What is the nationality of Lindy Tsang?

Lindy Tsang is American.

What is the color of Lindy Tsang’s eyes?

Her eyes are brown in color.

What is the weight of Lindy Tsang?

She weighs around 56 kg.

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