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MegaPush – Ad Network Review & Ratings – Paying or Scam?

Every part of the world being empowered digitally, in today’s world there is a negligible significance of normal advertising. The method of advertising has got a new face. We are talking about the most effective way of online advertisement which is named as MegaPush Notifications.

Ad (MegaPush)
Commission type:CPC
Payment Threshold:$100
Payment Frequency:On request
Available Payment Methods:PayPal, Wire, ePayments
Referral Commission:7%
Contact Details:Support (
Joining Link (aff):Join Now

With improved technical infrastructure, the advertisement has reached the optimal stage. ad network was introduced as a revenue growing platform and improved the user experience. It envisions providing an opportunity to the new businesses as well as the established ones.

This platform is of great use for publishers, bloggers, brand owners or even website owners. Increased revenue is the desire of every entrepreneur and thus is acting like a boon for the business world.

Let us have a transient idea about In simplest words, push notifications are the notification ads that pop up on any mobile at given time.

Depending on their purposes, various publishers create a creative ad with an image that best expresses their messages to the target audience. The superior thing It actually overcomes the bridge gap between the publisher and the user.

There is no more miscommunication or misunderstanding between you and the end user. Undoubtedly, this add network has been given the credit of best performer in affiliate marketing. Reason being, there is no intermediary sources that may put negative effects on your goals. This way, push notifications offer a more controllable advertisement than other mediums of ads. Saying so, I will ask the business owners to analyse things and choose Push notification network over other unpromising advertising firms.

Introduction to Web Panel:

Its control panel has a very contributing behaviour for the users. A quite unique and authentic panel is designed that shows a clear picture of your business. All past, present and future are determinable as the statistics are efficiently observable.

Their embedded trackers will help you find out all the essential details about your campaign.

First, it will ask you to fill the basic details about setting up the campaign. For this you will have to place a CPC bid, upload the image for your campaign mention your country(as the CPC amount differs from one country to another) and more.

India, even after being the second most populated country in the world has an average CPC of 0.3 cents only which is extremely lower than several other nations. For instance, Russia has8.9 cents.

How to create a campaign :

Once has everything basic been done, its time to initiate your most awaited ad campaign. Just click on “New Campaign”.

After filling out the requisites, upload the selected image in JPG or PNG format. It might ask you to resize your image.

At the last, preview your ad by clicking on ‘Priview’ button. If your ad is as anticipated, click on ‘Create’.

Then your campaign will be sent for approval.

Some benefits of :

  1. *Reduces the low-quality traffic.
  2. *You can start with just 0.001 $ per click.
  3. *24*7 support is offered to the users.
  4. *More than 12 million clicks per day
  5. *Works through CPC module
  6. *Complete track records
  7. *Unbiased traffic from all countries
  8. *100 % predictable results

Example ads

Above is just an example of a desktop push notification campaign. It would look like that. has made its powerful identity and is now a ubiquitous part of advertising. for those who are into affiliate marketing, it is important to re-examine where you are investing.


Are you picking the right offers to promote? Are you opting the right directions?

If you have a doubt, go for this medium of advertising without thinking twice.

Being an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to not let your audience not remember you. Thus, to get the most valuable outputs, do the most valuable efforts with