MyFax Review: Is It The Best Online Fax Solution?

A standard fax machine will let you send and receive faxes, and MyFax is no different. However, if you’re reading MyFax review, then your interest is probably piqued by the “all-in-one” nature of MyFax for which it receives its name.

MyFax Online Fax Solution


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Apart from sending and receiving faxes, MyFax manages all of your digital files (that can be faxed) in one place. Thus, allowing you to view your files on the go with their iOS app or online through their website.

As a result of managing and storing files for you (in both PDF and JPEG format), MyFax also allows you to scan and upload faxes as well as printer-to-fax. This way, you never need to print or scan paper yourself.

MyFax is an all-in-one fax service that includes both send and receive fax functionality and includes a personal fax number. MyFax is great for people who send or receive a few faxes but need to get up and running quickly.

Additionally, the free incoming faxes included with MyFax make it easy to never need to print or scan paper by turning it into digital files (PDFs).

In this article, I will tell you all you need to know about MyFax that will help you decide whether it is worth paying for or not. So, let us begin.

How Does MyFax Work?

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MyFax allows you to fax documents from anywhere to anywhere with just an Internet connection. There are no software or hardware installations required and the service is intuitive and easy to use.

They give you a toll free number which can be reached by anyone in your account. When someone sends you a fax, they receive it and pass it along for printing and delivery to your email or phone. You decide how and when you want to receive the fax.

Your toll free number is accessible from anywhere in the world, so you can send and receive faxes internationally via MyFax. Each user has their own MyFax number that is assigned to them, which all users see when they log into their account.

MyFax uses a technology called email gateways to forward your faxes as emails, almost immediately after the image data of a fax is sent from a sender’s machine. A courier printing partner prints and delivers physical faxes for offices with no Internet connection or low-speed Internet connections. You can also receive faxes by phone or cell phone, depending on your location.

If you are away from the office or without an Internet connection, simply forward your MyFax number to your cell phone’s SMS short code and faxes will be sent to you via text message instantly.

MyFax offers a variety of plans which provide options regarding how many fax numbers you want, what kinds of features you need, and how many simultaneous users can access the account. Beyond personal use, MyFax is a great business tool that allows employees to send and receive faxes from any Internet connection, even while they’re on the go.

MyFax Features

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MyFax is a virtual fax machine that enables users to send and receive faxes through an email address. Users can also use the service to send faxes directly from their phone or computer without having to buy any additional devices.

Instant Transcription Service:

Users can have incoming faxes converted into PDF files for easy viewing via email. The instant transcription service eliminates the wait time commonly associated with traditional fax machines.

MyFax Cloud Storage:

The cloud storage feature allows users to store and organize their faxes by project or client, making it easy to access documents without having to wear down the paper feed on a physical copy of the fax. Users can also save incoming faxes for future reference.

HD Faxing:

MyFax offers high definition faxing which provides better clarity than traditional fax machines. This feature is especially useful when sending documents that require sharp detail, such as blueprints or medical imaging. Users can also take advantage of MyFax’s automatic resizing feature to make sure the receiver’s machine will be able to accommodate the fax without requiring manual reformatting.

Fax to 50:

Fax to 50 is MyFax’s time-saving multiple-send function. If you need to send the same fax to many recipients, you no longer have to do it multiple times. MyFax enables you to send a fax to up to 50 distinct fax lines concurrently.

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My Account:

My Account is an easy-to-use online interface that allows you to handle all of your faxing requirements in one location. Your portal provides convenient online access to all of the information associated with your MyFax account, including fax activity reports, account statements, custom cover pages, and archived faxes.

Fax Archive:

As a MyFax customer, digital copies of all faxes issued and received are saved online indefinitely. You may instantly locate old faxes using the name, date, or fax number. Additionally, you may tag your faxes with keywords to make them easier to locate later. You’re one step closer to a paperless office with online fax archiving.

Share with 5:

Send faxes from up to five different email addresses. Your colleagues may fax using their own email addresses from the same company number, allowing you to keep expenses down while maintaining a consistent professional image. Additionally, you may utilize the Share With 5 functionality to send faxes directly from web-based email services like as Gmail if you’re traveling and cannot access your corporate email.

MyFax Mobile App:

The MyFax Mobile App for iOS and Android makes it simple to send and receive faxes while on the move. Receive, read, and send faxes directly from your smartphone using our mobile fax app. The MyFax Mobile App is available for free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store with your MyFax® subscription.

Fax by Email:

MyFax enables you to transmit faxes through email. Simply create a new message and attach up to ten megabytes of files to fax. If you want a cover page, MyFax® provides over 100 free cover template possibilities.

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International Fax Numbers:

If you wish to create a presence in one of the hundreds of countries where MyFax sells fax numbers, you may choose an international fax number.

Toll Free Fax Numbers:

If you want to convey the appearance of a bigger firm, get a toll-free fax number. Additionally, customers will be more likely to contact you if they know they will not be charged for the call.

Local Fax Number:

To project the impression of a reputable neighborhood company, use a fax number with a local area code.

MyFax Benefits

myfax benefits

MyFax is a very useful tool in the modern business environment: in order to stay connected and in communication with clients and partners, it will benefit your business. Below are just some of the benefits that you’ll receive from using MyFax –

Easy to use interface:

You don’t have to be computer savvy to use MyFax. The main dashboard, the page you are directed to upon signing up for your free trial or paid account, is simple and intuitively designed to provide quick access to all of the fax services that MyFax offers.

Affordable fax service:

When you use MyFax, you will be able to send faxes internationally for a very low price. This is beneficial for small-medium businesses, particularly ones that need to fax internationally or even nationwide on a frequent basis.

Access your faxes anywhere:

With MyFax you will receive access to your sent and received faxes online. You can even use the mobile version of the website, which provides access to these same services via your mobile device.

Dedicated fax number:

You can get a dedicated fax line or use any of the five extensions that MyFax provides with all paid accounts. The dedicated fax number option is great if you need to give out one number for all of your faxes.

Useful integration:

Compatibility with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Gmail means that you can send faxes directly from these services.

Great customer support:

No matter what your issue is, MyFax has a solution for it. Whether you are having problems sending or receiving faxes or are wondering how to change the preferences on your account, there are detailed tutorials available with easy step by step instructions.

Keep It Simple:

MyFax automates your faxing process by allowing you to send and receive documents, manage your account, and save your faxes electronically, all via a simple web gateway. This eliminates the need to file documents, search through reams of paper, or wait by a fax machine to redial a busy number.

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Stay Mobile:

MyFax enables you to send and receive faxes through email or our mobile app. Manage your faxes from anywhere, whether at home, on the road, or at the workplace.

Eliminate Fax Software and Hardware:

Enjoy full-featured faxing in the cloud with MyFax. It’s the equivalent of having a desktop fax machine and several huge file cabinets in your workplace – but without the size or price.

Save Time:

MyFax’s ability to fax from your computer or phone saves you significant time. You will never again have to wait for a fax machine at the workplace or look for one when traveling.

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Be Professional:

One wonderful advantage of a MyFax online fax account is that it may assist entrepreneurs and small companies portray the impression of an established corporation, with features like a toll free fax number and bespoke fax cover sheets. You may increase your responsiveness to clients and prospects by having incoming faxes emailed to you, regardless of your location.

Go Paperless:

If you’re looking to reduce paper clutter in your workplace or just want to be more environmentally conscious, signing up for the MyFax online service is a wonderful place to start.

myfax paperless

Stay Organized:

MyFax maintains a comprehensive record of each fax you make or receive, preserving them online for easy retrieval at any time. Your conversations are better structured using MyFax than they would be if you had to submit paper copies

Never Miss a Fax:

MyFax automatically transmits incoming faxes to the email addresses you provide for your account.

Another benefit of using MyFax is that it works all over the world, with fax numbers located in more than 200 countries.

MyFax has helped many businesses grow their clientele and increase their revenue by providing them with affordable international communication options. If you need to send faxes on a regular basis, then MyFax will help increase your business’ efficiency.

MyFax is the premier online fax service that enables you to send and receive faxes quickly and easily. With five extensions, dedicated business line options, and an intuitive user interface. MyFax provides all of the services that you need for your company to be successful in today’s marketplace.

MyFax Pricing

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MyFax has two pricing plans to offer –

  • Plus Plan: This one will cost you INR 550 per month and with this one you can send up to 20 pages and receive up to 130 pages. For this plan, they charge a INR 212 setup fee. In case you opt for the annual plan, instead of INR 6600 per year, it will cost you INR 4950 i.e. you save up to 3 months of money.
  • Pro Plan: This one will cost you INR 699 per month and with this one you can send up to 150 pages and receive up to 150 pages. For this plan, they do not charge any setup fee. In case you opt for the annual plan, instead of INR 8388 per year, it will cost you INR 6291 i.e. you save up to 3 months of money.

Also, keep in mind that MyFax is completely free for the first 3 months.

My Review about MyFax

Yes, MyFax is definitely worth the price. While it’s true that the average consumer could get away with using Google Voice or Skype to send a fax, businesses need more assurance. MyFax provides three important things that elevate it above its competitors: easy setup, privacy, and reliability.

When you sign up for a free trial , you’re given the option of receiving your fax number via email or text message. This makes receiving documents as simple as checking your inbox or phone – there’s no complicated hardware involved. Furthermore, MyFax has made it impossible to receive faxes without an internet connection – so there’s no concern of losing important faxes in the mail.

Finally, MyFax’s reliability is unmatched . For as little as five cents per page , you can be sure that your documents will go through at all times. Gone are the days of receiving faxes in the wrong order or at the wrong place – even when you’re in a different time zone.

With each fax number, MyFax also provides online storage and an interface that allows users to manage their account from any device, including tablets. If you need to send documents to clients outside of your direct phone line, this means no more passing around a USB stick or emailing documents (and getting them mixed up!)

MyFax Pros and Cons

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MyFax Pros

  • There is a three-month free trial available.
  • Numerous emails might be associated with a single phone number.
  • Local, international, or toll-free numbers are available to users.
  • Their paid plans are priced competitively.
  • Online storage of faxed communications is limitless.
  • Superior customer service that is accessible 24 hours a day
  • Dedicated mobile applications are available for iOS (v. 9.0 and later) and Android devices (v. 4.4 and later)
  • Simple, uncomplicated setup

MyFax Cons

  • The page restrictions are not combined; they are separated for inbound and outbound faxes.

FAQs About MyFax

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Who is MyFax for?” answer-0=”MyFax is great for people who send/receive few faxes and don’t want the hassle of maintaining a dedicated fax machine (you can send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection). The free incoming faxes included with MyFax make it easy to never need to print or scan paper yourself. Finally, MyFax manages all of your digital files in one place, allowing you to store them online and view them on the go with an iOS app. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Can I add multiple users to my MyFax plan?” answer-1=”All MyFax plans provide multi-user support. You may easily add more users to your subscription by adding email addresses to your MyFax online dashboard. These new users will get email alerts of online faxes and will be able to send online faxes directly from their email inboxes.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Do I require any special hardware, software, or equipment in order to fax online with MyFax?” answer-2=”One of the most essential advantages of online faxing is that no specific equipment or hardware is required to get started. Rather of that, you may join up for the service online and immediately begin online faxing. It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”Can I attach a cover page using MyFax?” answer-3=”All faxes have a cover sheet. Users may edit the text on the title page by sending an email with a message in the body. Whatever they put in the body of their email message will appear on the cover page. However, users cannot alter the cover page’s format or personalize it beyond the text.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h2″ question-4=”How long does it take for a fax to be sent with MyFax?” answer-4=”Fax messages are frequently delivered and received in less than a minute. However, sending a fax will take longer if the recipient’s fax machine is busy. If the machine is busy or otherwise unavailable, MyFax will try to resend the fax twice (for a total of three transmissions) before canceling it and alerting the user.” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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MyFax is a service that can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook to send faxes without actually owning a fax machine. The company sends the message by electronic means, which are then printed out by the recipient.

What makes MyFax different from other services?

  • MyFax uses high-capacity servers, which are able to send hundreds of faxes per minute
  • MyFax allows users to send faxes over the Internet, rather than through a phone line (so customers can fax internationally without additional charges)
  • The service is compatible with most business software.
  • MyFax start-up costs are low, and the service is a cost-effective alternative to a fax machine.
  • MyFax offers a 3-month free trial.

After all this I can clearly say that MyFax is definitely something you should go for.