Why You Need Backup Restore Service For Your Blog and Website

Seriously. The time I started blogging back in 2016, I never thought of backing up the data of my blog or moving it to a new server. I did not even backed up or restored the data of my personal computer earlier.

But once upon a time in February 2017, I was moving my website from shared hosting server (at hoststage) to a dedicated hosting where I get a dedicated IP to gain some additional SEO signals. I moved.

But the next moment. I deleted the old hosting cPanel account.

And a crash. The new hosting (resellerclub) was not good. I was not satisfied either with the support or with the interface. I decided to move back.

Now when I moved, I forgot to take the backup of images. However, I could backup a few pictures only and did not look into the older posts. Deleted the new hosting (resellerclub) account as well. (Currently I am analyzing Nestify Hosting and recently reviewed M3server managed VPS. Just in case you might want to read it.)

That day I felt that I might have taken a back up of my website. And realized why I must do that.

backup website to cloud

#1 My Website is Important

My household income comes from my website only. I am a full time blogger and never knew that this blogging profession will replace my boring 9-6 accounting assistant job.

And up to now, my website (with my own name) has become an asset for me. The domain is almost 2 years old and a number of blog posts are getting sound traffic and generates some income as well.

Now, I can not take risk on my website and its data.

#2 Everyone need a website data backup

Why I feel that everyone need a website backup is because making design customization or code implementations on a live website is never free from risk. I have lost the availability of my site several times while doing stupid edits in the php files.

What I prefer is. Get a backup, install it on your local host using Xampp or Wamp and then play with code. Make it, crash it or do anything.

But never risk your website that is Live.

#3 For decreasing the stress of losing your DATA

As my Facebook news feed is full of blogger things, I usually hear from a blogger or two everyday that their website just got hacked. And as a result, they lost all the data. Then they go to beg Google for caches to get the content back. But not all the content can be retrieved.

why backup your website

Holy sh*t.

But if you have a backup of your website that you can restore in a few seconds, you’re completely out of stress and fear of getting hacked like me.

#4 Kick to pain of Manual Restore

Usually a technical guy will first export the SQL database from phpmyadmin, export the data from wp-admin or download the zipped wp-content. And then upload it in the new or refreshed server and extract the wp-content to fully restore the site.

But sometimes, technical errors come into the way and make this process a mess.

Why should you bear the pain of doing all this manually when you can do it easily either for FREE or by paying a nominal amount for premium services.

I Think you must subscribe for the next post where I will tell you the easiest, free and paid (both) way to backup and restore your website on the same or a new server.



#5 For the sake of Smart webmaster experience

If you’re not an old school webmaster, you will hire a WordPress maintenance service or purchase a backup restore service to get rid of this messy process.

Over to you

Play safe. Write awesome. Keep it secure. Never fade away.

(Getting back your Ex is not easy but you can backup your website and restore it anytime.)