Top 10 Best Oxylabs Alternatives and Competitors

Do you want to collect data from a website without getting blocked? To gather the data without being recognized, you need a proxy solution.

So, here are the best Oxylabs alternatives and competitors hand-picked by me.

Using these competitive Oxylabs alternatives, you can anonymously access the website or content that is GEO restricted.

First, let us understand about the Oxylabs platform and then move on to its alternatives.

Oxylabs logo


oxylabs homepage

Oxylabs is an innovative proxy service provider with stable and reliable proxy solutions. An accounts manager is always available to help you dedicatedly. 

The support is available 24/7 with instant response on technical issues regarding proxies & scraper API. 

You can purchase Residential proxy starter and business plans using self-service dashboard. Within the dashboard, you can create sub-users and manage subscriptions effortlessly. 

For the best scraping solutions, you should browse the Oxylabs website and learn how it can make a difference to you.

Top Alternatives & Competitors to Oxylabs

brightdata homepage

Bright Data is compatible with many apps and tools and that is what makes it the #1 leader in web data extraction. It is reliable, fast, and flexible. Not only that, the proxies are 100% compatible and efficient. 

With Bright Data’s best in-class solutions and infrastructure, you can build your brand easily. People use Bright Data solutions for eCommerce, search engine, adtech, travel, and more.

There are many products offered by Bright Data. This includes datasets, data collector, web unlocker, proxy manager, proxy browser extension, and search engine crawler.

Different proxy types available at Bright Data include Datacenter, ISP, residential, and mobile proxies. The servers are available globally in major cities and countries.

smartproxy homepage

If you are looking for smarter Oxylabs alternatives, then go for Smartproxy. If you want to switch to a new proxy, you can do so easily with Smartproxy rotating proxies.

Over 195 + locations available to choose and over 8 major cities with unlimited proxies.

When you choose a proxy, you remain anonymous without revealing your IP address to anyone.

You can find residential IP addresses of genuine mobile and desktop devices. These IPs have low recaptcha rate and high success rate.

Using IPv4, you can access any targeted website in any region around the world. There are no subnets, so you never get blocked out as every IP is unique in the pool.

limeproxies homepage

With Limeproxies premium proxy network, you can download anything from anywhere on the planet. There are no restrictions and nobody can spy on you with naked eyes. 

Your browsing is protected with 256 bit AES encryption and DNS IPv6 leak protection. You can use Limeproxies for online gaming, blocked content, price monitoring, and more.

Not only in the US, but you can access Limeproxies in multiple locations including Australia, India, Denmark, and more.

1Gbps speed, 1000 global subnets, 24/7 support 50+ locations, is what makes Limeproxies the best Oxylabs alternatives.

netnut homepage

Netnut one-hop ISP connectivity makes it the fastest proxy provider in the market. With an API integration, you can get all the statistics in real-time along with the dashboard access.

Static IPs provide you uninterrupted web sessions for as long as you want. With rotating IPs, you can seamlessly integrate any browser and access blocked content.

Get maximum speed and high success rate with dedicated private pools based on your target.

Whether its speed, stability, quality or support, you get everything at Netnut. You can start choosing Netnut proxy easily by creating a free account.

Choose the proxy type, and the load balancing will be performed by the platform. You can then configure the proxies by integrating it with your favorite tool.

soax homepage

Soax is another Oxylabs alternative with elite proxies and no usage limitation. It is 100% whitelisted and available for all GEOs.

You can choose any plan and test the proxies at only $1.99 with the best proxy solutions in the industry. With one platform, you get access to many tools and features.

With blazing fast servers, you get high speed and performance and quick response from legitimate IPs.

The proxies are available worldwide with easy filter options by country, region, city or provider.

The Soax dashboard provides traffic statistics that can be shared or exported to txt, csv, or html. You will never feel the burden of heavy pricing as it is completely flexible.

The proxies are 100% anonymous and whitelisted with no penalties or bans.

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Conclusion: Should You Choose Oxylabs alternatives and competitors?

Oxylabs is undoubtedly a leader in proxy solutions, but these Oxylabs alternatives have something unique. 

When you look at Bright Data, you can find the difference between the two proxy giants. Similarly, other proxy alternatives to Oxylabs have many unique features.

So, if you are unsatisfied with Oxylabs, then this list will definitely help you choose the right one.

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