10 Best Poll Pay Alternatives – 🦾 Competitors of Poll Pay

Everyone appreciates generating money online, but not everyone enjoys doing it at their computer or desk.

Thankfully, most material is now accessible through a mobile device. But have all survey systems made the transition to app stores?

It might be laborious and time-consuming to navigate each app store’s many survey app listings. I did it just for you!

I have compiled a list of the most lucrative and trustworthy survey applications.

What is Poll Pay?

poll pay earn money and rewards

The motto for the Poll Pay app is “money for everyone.” It is similar to the other applications that allow you to earn money by completing surveys. According to the website, surveys may pay up to $10 and take between 10 and 15 minutes.

The app is managed by BitBurst GmbH, a Solingen, Germany-based mobile research company. In addition to Poll Pay, the firm also operates BitLabs, which is aimed at helping you monetize your website/visitors. app’s It is a real business, and they do pay, so there is no need for concern. They are the epitome of professionalism in the field of research.

Best Poll Pay Alternatives


pawns app by iproyal

Pawns.app is unquestionably the most significant substitute for Poll Pay. Pawns.app is currently unrivaled when it comes to making money. The rationale is that you may continue earning with the Pawns.app even when you’re not using it.

In addition, they feature a large number of surveys, similar to the majority of other websites.

A typical survey length at Pawns.app is usually between 10 to 30 minutes, and the minimum payout is as low as $5. Pawns.app is available on Windows, iOS, and Android, and you can choose from multiple payout options.  


1q app for instant cash rewards for taking surveys

1Q is a free mobile application compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Businesses use their platform to send customer queries and acquire insight into current market trends. They then utilize this knowledge to enhance their goods and services, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

Each time a firm asks a question, 1Q gets compensated, and a part of that payment is given to you, the user. Answering a question may earn you between $0.25 and $0.50, and there is no right or wrong response. Payments are processed immediately, regardless of the amount. Additionally, you may give your earnings to charity.

The fantastic thing about 1Q is that earning money involves no additional work. Simply leave it loaded on your phone, and they will notify you if a problem occurs. You may get questions via text message or their app; registration is free.


respondent io participate

Respondent is a crowdsourcing website that compensates users for participating in research initiatives. If you’re unfamiliar with crowdsourcing, it’s essentially a method for obtaining labor from a group of individuals, often in an online context. In the case of Respondent, their partner firms might request member participation in research.

With crowdsourcing platforms like Respondent, the amount of money you may earn mostly depends on the number of projects you can finish and the company’s payment structure. To finish as many tasks as possible, you must ensure your profile is complete. Using a mobile device to access a website such as Respondent is not the best action.

This is mainly because most of the available projects will need you to use your computer and its accessories. Despite this, you will still be able to visit their website using your mobile device.


attapoll app for paid surveys

AttaPoll’s principle is straightforward. Earn money by completing surveys on your mobile phone or tablet. Similar to the survey applications I have discussed, they link you with companies seeking your opinions. Simply click on a survey of interest, complete the questions, and you will get credit if you qualify.

In contrast to the several rivals I have talked about, the distinguishing feature of AttaPoll is that you may pick the kind of surveys you like to view. It’s not the most significant benefit, but I suppose it’s one of the unique features. If you are just interested in one-minute surveys, that is all the app will display. They allow you to choose the number of surveys you want to receive and the kind of surveys you wish to complete.

AttaPoll Ltd is run by AttaPoll Ltd, a United Kingdom-based firm. According to an executive summary, their incorporation date was March 4, 2016. Beyond this information, I was unable to discover anything more about them.


lifepoints main site

LifePoints is a free online platform that provides incentives for completing surveys and other activities, such as mini-polls, product testing, and habit monitoring. In the last year alone, they have given out over $22 million to its subscribers.

LifePoints was developed by the worldwide research and analytic business Lightspeed. It acts as a center for market research and allows people to influence the development of goods and services by contributing their ideas.

There are other methods to earn LifePoints, but online surveys are the site’s mainstay. You may access available surveys by logging in to the LifePoints website; they are accessible from the homepage. Each month, LifePoints will also send out survey invites through email.


YouGov is a firm that does market research and polling. You may establish a YouGov profile if you are 16 or older and reside in the United Kingdom. After registering, you may begin taking surveys! Your first survey will ask you additional questions about yourself and your life. The goal is to learn more about you so that YouGov can send you relevant surveys.

YouGov Pulse is a terrific method to earn bonus points, but YouGov must ask you to participate; there is no application procedure; they choose participants. It requires downloading and installing an application on your mobile device or PC to monitor your Internet activity. This offers YouGov with information on how actual internet users navigate the web.

The number of points you get will vary dependent on the number of devices you use and the length of time you keep the app active. If you are invited to YouGov Pulse, YouGov will inform you of the number of points you will get for signing up.


PaidViewpoint is an excellent method to make extra cash, even if the surveys are low-paying and simple to complete. Taking a few surveys every day may reward users up to $20 per month on average.

PaidViewpoint, founded in 2012 and located in San Francisco, is an innovative firm that provides inexpensive market research to small and big enterprises.

By signing up for a panelist account and participating in surveys, you are assisting them in advancing their mission, for which the firm will compensate you financially.


Crowdtap compensates users for online tasks such as answering polls and surveys, evaluating sample items, engaging in online conversations, uploading pictures or text material, and registering for promotional offers. Redemption of points might be delayed. Users must redeem 1,000 points for a $5 gift card.

Crowdtap, founded in 2009, is an online community that compensates users for expressing their ideas. They collaborate with renowned companies such as Verizon, Kraft, eBay, and Sony. Like other paid online survey services, Crowdtap offers numerous methods for users to earn points. 

The tasks include responding to questionnaires, conversing, and testing products. Once you’ve earned points for these activities, you may exchange them for gift cards to different retailers.


Tellwut is an online platform where users can develop and participate in surveys for points. The points may be redeemed for cash or gift cards (Visa, Walmart, Amazon, etc.).

Tellwut differs from other survey sites because users may develop and earn points for their surveys. This is what is known as a public survey. Member surveys (authorized member-generated questionnaires) and external surveys (created by third parties).

Since 2011, the firm has been in operation. They are headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The platform claims more than 200,000 survey respondents in North America.


Mobrog is a survey platform established in 1998 by the German firm Splendid Research GMBH. The survey panel is accessible worldwide, and anybody may join up to be a survey responder. As a paid surveys platform, it is a well-known site where users may earn money by completing surveys on the Mobrog app.

The website for paid surveys has several favorable online ratings on Trustpilot and an average rating of 4.5, with many satisfied users. Mobrog is a legitimate website for paid surveys where you can join up, conduct surveys, and earn money.

The business has existed for about twenty-five years. During this period, the website has built its credibility. The volume of online reviews is another indicator that Mobrog is legitimate. No other paid surveys platform has received more than fifty thousand reviews on Trustpilot.


Branded Surveys compensate consumers for their feedback. Users may earn money redeemable for cash, gift cards, or charity contributions by completing paid surveys. The minimum cash-out amount is five dollars or 500 points. The website gives a sign-up bonus of 50 points for making an account and another 50 points for completing the first profile survey.

Branded Surveys is a website formerly known as MintVine that partners with market research organizations and Fortune 500 corporations to pay actual customers for their thoughts. These businesses leverage customer input for marketing and product development.

As a member of Branded Surveys, you may earn points for completing surveys and exchange those points for cash, gift cards, or a charitable contribution.


I recommend experimenting with many applications to discover the best suits you! If you pay close attention to Pawns.app, you will quickly earn money!