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RedTrack Vs Bemob – Best ad Tracker of 2023

Do you wonder how to get ahead with your digital marketing strategy? Creating an online ad campaign is not enough. It is vital that you monitor the performance of your ad too and optimize depending on the results. 

You can do that with help of an ad tracker. There are a lot of them on the market, but here are one of the best options on the market: RedTrack and Bemob. Lets see this in the battle of RedTrack vs Bemob

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RedTrack is one of the platforms that will enable you to keep a track of how your ads are actually performing. It is a trustworthy platform that became the leader of the market. Bemob is also a highly used ad tracking platform by affiliate marketers. 

When it comes to deciding the better one, you might want to dig up a little more to decide which tracker works best for you. This article puts forward the basics you need to know before choosing either of them. 

RedTrack vs. BeMob – All You Need To Know

There is not too much to learn when it comes to RedTrack and Bemob. Although, there are a few basic things you need to keep in mind.


RedTrack is one of the best options that you can take up. Consider it your go-to when it comes to tracking online advertising. Adavice, Mobfolio, Genesis, and Ynot Media rely on RedTrack so that they thrive in their performance. RedTrack is a universal ad tracking & conversion attribution tool for solo affiliates, networks, agencies or business owners with sets of features working for each TA. 

The best thing that you get when using RedTrack is a bird-eye view of all your marketing & advertising activities in a single dashboard via consolidated real-time reporting. You literally get a single report with data from all your channels and campaigns which makes it easy for you to analyze and optimize. 

The results that generate are sharable thanks to Multi Access feature. This feature makes it possible for you to effectively collaborate within a team of different professionals, sharing results and gaining insights. You can also give different types of permissions to your teammates as in view, comment or edit. 

Next amazing feature we found is White-label reporting portal which helps you keep transparency and trust with your advertising partners. Whether you are an affiliate wanting to report your conversions to advertisers or an agency verifying conversions with publishers, this feature will be a great addition to your ad tracking system and experience. 

Next comes Automation to let you go of controls of your campaigns. You can use automation with 20+ traffic sources and algorithms will be analyzing the performance of the campaigns for you according to the rules you set in advance. Following the rules (like CR rate, traffic quality, CTR rate, etc.) you can choose either to stop campaigns/creatives that are poorly performing or to get notified about it. This feature allows you to focus on optimization. 

Probably one of the best solutions offered by RedTrack now is Facebook CAPI Integration and Domain verification. RedTrack developed a non-techy way to set up your CAPI to ensure proper functioning of Facebook Ads, as well found a work around to verify third-party domains like affiliate landing pages. It solves issues of so many affiliates out there.

Next comes conversion attribution. Surely, that is a feature that will be found useful by advertising PROs. It helps you analyze funnels that you use by assigning value to each step in the funnel contribution to the conversion event. Network, agencies or DTC brands definitely need to try this feature out. But if you are an affiliate marketer looking into scaling and growing your earnings, check it out! 

RedTrack Pricing

  • Basic – $49 per month
  • Pro – $99 per month
  • Team – $199 per month
  • Agency – $449 per month

Every plan will allow you to put forward unlimited ad campaigns, conversions, and advanced reporting and targeting.

There is a chance for you to explore RedTrack before actually paying for the services. They offer a chance of trying them out for 14 days. This trial period will help you understand the features and functions that they provide.


Moving on to Bemob, you will find that it is one of the fastest advertisement tracking services that you can stumble upon. It is vital for you to know that you will get access to a variety of ad formats and traffic sources with Bemob. Media buyers and affiliate marketers choose Bemob because it is a full package of optimization. This makes it easier for them to analyze their ad. 

If you wish to use ROI to get the best results of your ad, Bemob is the one for you. Here, there is no need for you to focus on any routine or any ad budget due to automation functionality. You do not need to waste your entire day keeping an eye on the tracker. Any time you see the tracker, you will get an overview of how your advertisement is actually performing. 

Another cool feature is Advanced Rules & Targeting that helps to deliver the best offer to a specific audience by traffic distribution. The traffic tracking and distribution system have been designed in such a way that they will optimize your ad. 

Unlike other competitors, no limit has been set for you to allow custom redirects. The problem of similar domains does not occur. The amount of traffic generated does not matter – you should generate the right kind of traffic. With Bemob, you will be able to do justice to getting proper traffic on your ads. There is an option for you to keep a track of how the traffic generation is going. 

Customer service is Bemob’s priority. This again makes it stand out from the rest of the platforms competing with it.

Bemob Pricing

  • Basic – Free of cost
  • Professional – $49 per month
  • Business – $249 per month
  • Enterprise – $499 per month

There is a choice for you to try the free features until you are accustomed to Bemob. So, if you are not too tech savvy, you can take up the basic plan. You are not any restriction of any time period to learn how Bemob generally functions. As and when you develop the confidence, you can take up the paid version. If you have just started online promotion, the basic pack is the best for you because you do not have to pay any additional costs.

Conclusion – RedTrack vs Bemob

Gathering all features together, it can be said that RedTrack and Bemob are close alternatives. Both have similarities, however tremendous differences too. While Bemob has amazing features to cover affiliate marketers’ needs, RedTrack has a couple of more advanced functionalities. That makes RedTrack a solution to go for if you are looking for scaling or deeper understanding of your advertising activities.

However, RedTrack’s solution covering Facebook CAPI can definitely make you settle with them even as a solo affiliate. 

The pricing of both platforms is extremely similar. So, you may want to consider that as your last parameter for comparison. Bemob’s free plan is a good thing to try out in ad tracking before you truly understand the true value of the solutions provided. But if you want more features with RedTrack, don’t forget about the 14-day free trial with no credit card required.

Don’t forget that ad tracking can become the #1 reason for your growth!