How To Find Reliable Dropshipping Supplier In The US & EU 2023?

Everybody wants the freedom to do an online business with the least hassle. Dropshipping is one of the best online businesses that fall into that category not just because it is in trend but because with it, you don’t have to be a part of any inventory burden.

Now, if you are someone from the US or Europe, finding the best dropshipping supplier can be a hard job. If you are dealing with this, then you are at the right spot.

Dropshipping is an eCommerce business in which you have to buy the product supplier and deliver it directly to the customer who places an order on your website.

As you are just that online middleman, a large part of the business falls on the shoulders of the supplier. Therefore, having the right supplier is a priority you cannot take for granted.

When it comes to finding the right supplier in the USA and Europe, usually people recommend going for some Chinese websites like AliExpress. It’s not like these are bad but when it comes to gaining customer loyalty, you need something far more reliable.

Welcome, Spocket – an exciting platform that helps you connect with great suppliers in the United States and Europe.

More on that later, let’s begin the step-by-step tutorial of finding the right supplier for your dropshipping business.

What is Spocket?

spocket homepage

If you know AliExpress, you would easily understand Spocket. Anyway, Spocket is a dropshipping tool that integrates with websites like WooCommerce, Shopify, and even WordPress.

With a few clicks, you can easily set up an online dropshipping course with Spocket by finding the right supplier particularly from the US and Europe.

Finding a supplier from your country is a big relief if you are thinking about dropshipping business in the long run. Think about all the products that will take days to be delivered to your customer’s doorstep.

When you have someone close to your locality or customer’s locality, you will notice how fast the delivery goes. Also, think about all the reduced efforts in returns and exchanges.

Spocket is what you need to find that perfect supplier to give your customers the best.

How to look for the best supplier in the US and Europe?

Let’s move ahead and see how to use Spocket efficiently to find the best and fastest supplier for your dropshipping business in the US and Europe.

1. Add the application

spocket pricing

The first thing to do is to buy the Spocket subscription to get full control over your market research. As soon as you log in and get the plan of your choice, it’s time to do the back-end job.

  • Go to your Shopify dropshipping online store back-end and from the right menu select apps.
  • Search for the app Spocket and add it to your list.
  • For the research, click on your Spocket app from the Shopify cPanel.

What if you are using a WordPress website? You can still use this app super-easily. All you need to do is instead of adding an app, you would then need to add a plugin on your WordPress cPanel.

Once you are done, just click on the setting -> Spocket and click on the ‘Go-To Spocket’ button. That’s how you do your first step to add the application to your dropshipping control room.

2. Finding the product

finding reliable dropshipping supplier shopify

As you click on the Spocket app link from the Shopify back-end, you will see on the top there are options through with you can filter your search results. You can search on the basis of:

  • Location,
  • Category
  • Price
  • Keywords
  • Supplier, and
  • Premium listings

If you want the supplier for your location, simply go for the options based on location. So, from the drop-down menu, select the location, eg- ‘United States’ in both ships from and ship to options.

As we are starting from the location option, you can filter further and select the options such as suppliers, price, and others.

For instance, if we search more about the suppliers, we are finding good, we would get better results.

So, from the drop-down menu of ‘Select Supplier’ select the supplier you are finding good and you will come across the types of products they are selling for dropshipping.

3. Product details

The best thing about using Spocket is that you are out of the hassle of coming up with a nice description of your product and the prices on which you must be selling it.

As you select a product, make sure you check out the description of the product and see if it’s a perfect fit for your online store.

Every product will come with 2 types of prices – Listing price and Retail price. So, while checking, consider that. Now comes the most important part – the shipping details.

On the right corner, you will see the time of delivery (both national and international), the shipping charges, and the countries that it does not ship to.

The shipping details will remain different for each product so, make sure you check them thoroughly without making a call.

4. Import the products

Once you are done shortlisting products, import them and you will be able to see all of them in the import list. Now, from the left side menu of Spocket, navigate the import list to check all the items you have just imported.

As you see your selected products from the import list, this is where you can make changes and make them more specific to your online store.

For example, you can add categories, like if you are selling a purse, categorize them as bags. Now push your selected products to your online store and you can edit them write from your WordPress or Shopify cPanel.

There you go. That’s how you get your suppliers ready to ship the products to your customers without even being responsible for contacting them.

All you need to do is use Spocket nicely and know what all it can do to refine your supplier and product choices.

Features of Spocket

There is more to Spocket than just finding the right supplier for your business.

These features are the real reasons that entice people to choose this tool then just scroll around the internet to make their work more difficult. So, down there are the features, check them out.

spocket and shopify

1. Fastest Shipping

Platforms like AliExpress and Alibaba have one thing that makes dropshipping a tedious job – the long shipping time.

With Spocket, you will find suppliers that are already working from your countries no matter if you are in the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada.

When you have the supplier ready to ship the product from the closest distance, the shipping days get shorter in number.

Therefore, most of the products you will find in Spocket generally takes about 3-5 days to be delivered to your customer’s house.

With less shipping time, you can guarantee your customers the finest delivery services at the fastest time possible.

2. Return policies

As most of these suppliers are from your country, you can easily provide your customers with a return or exchange policy in case they are unsatisfied.

Spocket allows you to take away the product from your customers and make sure they receive the best of possible.

3. Guaranteed suppliers

All the suppliers you see on Spocket are listed only after the verification procedure. That’s just to make sure retailers get the authentic suppliers they are looking for.

So, no matter whom you select, the supplier will ensure you receive the best services.

4. Quality product

You must be thinking how is that different from other sellers? Well, if you look carefully at other dropshipping suppliers’ websites, they may seem exciting based on the low prices they are offering.

With Spocket, it is all about quality at a reasonable price, and what matters the most of what quality do you sell to your customers.

As the suppliers are all verified and go through the whole selection procedure, you are open to receiving all good quality products.

When the customers are given the nice quality for the first time, they will feel more confident placing the next order with you.

5. Order Sample

Every retail must make sure what product they are selling and for that, they must observe the product personally.

Spocket has the option in which you can order a sample product for analysis and understand the quality before listing them to your website.

6. Branded Invoice

You must ensure your branding falls into place while making sales because that’s how you leave a good impression on your customer.

On many products you see on Spocket, you will see an option ‘Branded Invoice’ that sends your customers a branded invoice. This is where professionalism comes in so use it well.

Pricing of Spocket

spocket pricing

Of course, now that you know how good Spocket is for your dropshipping business, you must know how much it costs to get it. So, here is the pricing.

For monthly plans:

  • Starters – $19/month
  • Pro – $49/month
  • Empire – $99/month
  • Unicorn – $299/month

If you want to pay annually:

  • Pro – $33/month
  • Empire – $69/month
  • Unicorn – $165/month

Pros & Cons of Spocket

Pros of Spocket

dropshipping features

  • More than half of the suppliers on Spocket are located in the US and Europe.
  • Worldwide shipping is available on most of the products
  • The supplier vetting process to ensure you get the authentic suppliers
  • You can get the best through premium products
  • Ability to order samples
  • Branded invoice
  • Automated selling available

Cons of Spocket

  • No Package customization
  • You cannot contact the seller directly
  • Premium products are not available for starter pack

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Conclusion- How To Find Reliable Dropshipping Supplier 2023?

Dropshipping can be tricky if you don’t have the right concept or clear idea of what you are looking for. With the help of a tool, it becomes a lot easier.

So, Spocket is just the right way and a lot easier way to find reliable dropshipping suppliers in the US and Europe. So, what are you waiting for? Go give it a try and make your dropshipping the best online business ever.