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5 Best RichAds Alternatives and Competitors 2023

Push traffic is becoming more and more popular due to its visibility and unavoidability. Today, in this post, you can check out the top 5 RichAds alternatives and competitors that provide high-quality push traffic.

Before proceeding with the list of the 5 best RichAds alternatives and competitors, let me introduce RichAds to you.

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RichAds is a global self-serve advertising platform to reach new audiences using the very popular push ads format. Although it supports various other ad formats like the native ad, popunder, display, and push ad is the best.

Why Choose RichAds?

  • 4+ billion impressions each day from over 220 countries.
  • 100% visible and gives a personal feeling.
  • Pay only for user clicks with CPC starting from $0.003
  • The traffic volume is huge without compromising on the quality and at a low price.
  • Target your audience by device, OS, IP, and more.
  • Set automated rules for campaigns to stop, or pause them.
  • Verified by Adscore ensures, RichAds blocks fraudulent traffic.

Although RichAds has many rich features, these RichAds alternatives and competitors are no less. So, drill down the list of top alternatives to RichAds and choose the best one.

Top Alternatives & Competitors to RichAds

If you want to yield high CTR, then join Traffic Nomads push ad network with over 100 M daily impressions.

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Why Choose Traffic Nomads?

  • Top-performing verticals that include MVAS, Crypto, Dating, eCommerce, Sweepstakes, etc.
  • Analyze the campaigns with multiple KPIs. Filter campaigns for precise results and download the report in excel.
  • Optimize your campaigns by pausing or restarting zones or ads. Set bid per campaign and zone.
  • Get media buying tips every week.
  • 100% bot-free and exclusive push traffic from multiple GEOs.
  • CPM and CPC pricing models to monetize your site traffic.

Richpush is a part of RichAds and cannot be considered as Richads competitor but is a leading push notification advertising network for affiliates and agencies.

Why Choose Richpush?

  • PPC model saves your money as you have to pay only when your ad is clicked by a new user.
  • Real-human traffic verified by Adscore with 100% ad visibility increases the CTR.
  • Automated rules to optimize campaigns like pause, increase or decrease bids, etc.
  • Smarter targeting options like device, model, IP, and more.
  • Get pre-built whitelists by the team and launch your campaigns easily.
  • High performing ads at low cost starting at $0.003

With over 15,000 marketers using iZooto every month to push over 10 B impressions, it could be considered as one of the best RichAds alternatives and competitors. But only those publishers having at least 100K monthly visitors from the US, UK, and Canada can get started.

Why Choose iZooto?

  • A variety of custom prompts available for both desktop and mobile to start connecting with the audience. Different prompts include prompt on scroll, on click of a button, and prompt after a certain time spent.
  • Create customized notifications by adding a CTA, banner image, icons, emoji, and more. Get your audience back with stunning subscription templates.
  • Send notifications by segmenting and targeting the audience based on their activity.
  • Automate your notifications by putting it on auto-pilot.
  • Enable the Show latest notifications option to replace the old ones that would increase your CTR.
  • Provide a cleaner notification tray so users tend to click on it instead of ignoring it.
  • Analyze and optimize your notifications with the number of subscribers and churn users. provides the latest solutions to advertisers and marketers such as First page Ads/ FPA. It presents quality content to the audience thereby maximizing ROI and this is the reason over 30,000 advertisers & webmasters use it.

Why Choose

  • A Leading push ads network with DSP platform and is, therefore, the best alternative and competitor to RichAds.
  • Buy all the traffic from around the world with access to over 100 traffic sources.
  • Save advertising spend with minimum bid starting as low as $0.001
  • CPC-based world traffic so you have to pay only for the user clicks.
  • Refer others and earn a 3% commission.
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use interface with an in-house tracking system.
  • Over 18+ high converting verticals like gaming, adult, dating, Nutra, and more.
  • Easily add funds via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Wire transfer.

EvaDav is a leading push and pop-under network with CPC and CPM-based pricing models. The company provides a dedicated account manager available 24/7 and invests in new ad formats technology to cater to the industry needs.

Why Choose EvaDav?

  • Low cost but a large volume of traffic starting at 0.001.
  • Over 1.5 B daily impressions and over 8K active campaigns.
  • Publishers can grow their revenue by adjusting the type of push notification ads displayed to the subscribers.
  • Supports web, mobile, and desktop push.

Conclusion: Is Traffic Nomads the best RichAds alternatives and competitors?

It is completely my opinion that Traffic Nomads is the top alternative to RichAds due to its salient features. Although there are other top-performing push ad networks, Traffic Nomads is the best company for push advertising.

I hope the RichAds alternatives and competitors article was helpful and informative. Do check out other ad networks with popular traffic sources and ad formats to monetize your blog.

Happy traffic monetization!