Richads vs Adsterra – Which One Is The Best?

Richads vs Adsterra

What’s that one thing that keeps attracts customers to your products? Yes, it’s all about marketing and advertisement. But do you think you can handle these ads alone? Maybe not. You need a good tool for that. So, here is a detailed comparison between 2 best told out there Richads vs Adsterra. Let’s see what all we get.

Start Earning with RichAds Start Earning with Adsterra
Richads vs Adsterra


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Richads vs Adsterra


Check Adsterra As per campaign

Screenshot of Richads

Screenshot of Adsterra

Richads vs Adsterra

Features of Richads

Get the excellent ad formats

You can have native ads, push ads, popunder ads, and a lot more. So, make your choice and get what you want with RichAds.

Make your own rules

What if you get bad eggs in your whole ad experience? You can complaint and all but you can have more things. RichAds allows you to create your own rules with ease.

You can get the micro bidding

It’s not just that you can only bid big amount on every campaigns but Richads offer another thing. You can bid create custom bids as per your parameters. That too on single campaign.

Good CPM and CPC methods

You can earn money via 2 payment methods. Such as CPC (Charge per Click) for push ads and CPM (Cost Per Mille) for native and pop ads.

API Integration for better performance

Richads works with a fast API intergration. This enables top-notch technologies that you can use in your ad campaigns. Moreover, they will become unbreakable and will offer extra smooth performance.

Features of Adsterra

Get the influence of the best team

Whatever ad campaign you get, you will always be under the professional expertise. Its the best things that will work out for you to create most effective ad.

Get the global reach

The ad campaign you create with Adsterra, they will work worldwide. infact, this not only increase your ad reach but will get you customers from every corner.

It has awesome web templates

Do you think a template is just for the design? Well! Yes but there is more to it. It helps you boost your website and ads to the next level. Go and get yourself the best fit.

Great types of advertisements

You can create an impressive website with ease. Besides, you will have options such as native ads, video ads, direct product links, and a lot more.

Get the social bar with ease

The social bar has 5  highly convertible as types. These include video bar, in-page push, and banners. Now, these are perfect to get the best result out of your campaigns.

More about Richads

Richads vs AdsterraRichAds is currently working in over 220 countries worldwide and is renowned to create over 4 million impressions. This one has been around for like 8 years has a good reputation for its native and push ads campaigns. No wonder why people love using RichAds more often.

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More about Adsterra

Richads vs AdsterraWith over 20 years of experience, Adaterra has created that awesome platform for companies to create awesome ads. They put great emphasis on their teamwork, quality, commitment, and transparency. It is know for its good ROI, awesome KPI, and advanced and easy to use tools. Try and know what I am talking about.

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Richads's Pricing

Richads vs Adsterra

Let’s talk money here. RichAds doesn’t have plans or anything but you still need to pay something of course. So, you only pay for what you use.

Just for an idea, you will have to pay $100 for every ad. And that’s the minimum amount you could pay.

RichAds offer payment via WebMoney, Paxum, credit/debit card, and wire transfer. Its versatile, flexible, and quite compatible.

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Adsterra's Pricing

Richads vs AdsterraJust like RichAds, Adsterra offer various types of payment methods. Besides, there is always that minimum payment criteria you need to follow.

Here is an ideas you should have a look at. Down there are the options and their minimum payments.

  1. PayPal – Min $100
  2. WireTransfer – Min $1000
  3. Webmoney – Min $5
  4. Bitcoin – Min $100
  5. Paxum – Min $5
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Richads's Support

The team of RichAds takes care of your campaigns as their own. They work with full transparency and prevent your work from any fraud. Now, as far as it comes to helping you, they are open with 24/7 hours of support. You will fall in love with their personal ad representative, whitelisting, and production and education qualities. Don’t you believe us? Try it out yourself.

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Adsterra's Support

Adsterra is renowned for its support system and user experiences. It works with full documentation system and works best to prevent any faults and frauds. Now, in case you come up with any issue, you can easily report anything you want. Besides, you can reach out the team via social media platforms, email, or simply the contact information.

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Now that you know what Adsterra and RichAds are all about, let’s see which one would you like the best? All you need to do is know your requirements and get the best of your perfect tool. So, go for the best pick in this RichAds vs Adsterra.

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