RichPush Alternatives – For High-Quality Push Traffic in 2023

Attracting high-quality traffic is not an easy job. However, it is not impossible to get high traffic on your online platforms. There are certain applications and providers that make it a lot easier for you to get things done rightly. One platform that we know is RichPush that is excellent in its own way. However, here we are going to discuss RichPush alternatives. So, let’s begin.
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In simple words, RichPush is a push notifications program that helps people make push send push notifications. They do it by sending forms in ads. How is it helpful? It allows you to have high-conversions. Their expertise in push ads, a really trendy source, has resulted in huge successes for the users.

So, we know how great it is but what about RichPush alternatives? Let’s see what we have.

Top Alternatives & Competitors to RichPush

The first alternative ad network to Richpush is Traffic Nomads, a new ad network from Portugal, that has its own push notification and in-page push traffic. Launched in June, this self-service platform offers six ad formats, a great support team and an intuitive self-service platform.

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Starting a campaign at Traffic Nomads is super easy. Register at TrafficNomads and your account will be open maximum in one business day. The key advantages are:

  • Min deposit 50$
  • Great support team
  • Own push and in-page push traffic
  • Six ad formats
  • Intuitive self-service platform

Our first item in the RichPush alternatives list is Admaven. This platform is great for both publishers as well as advertisers. All you need to do is simply click on register and get things started from your end. 

Admaven provides managers who are there to help you out whenever you find something difficult. Also, their best features are:

  • A number of desired monetization platforms. 
  • Helpful team with 24/7 dedicated support.
  • They work throughout the world, hence, global coverage.
  • Works well in monetizing every user.

Performance-based growth revenue is the best thing that motivates you to do your best in the business. PropellerAds is the platform for you especially if you are a marketer or affiliate. 

The campaigns you start with PropellerAds will have automated Ad Optimization and prevention from frauds. Also, this platform is one of the best self-serving things. 

  • More than 600 million users are using PropellerAds for their performance-based revenue. 
  • They have an education center to make you learn the process of money-making, 
  • They have global coverage and offer clean ads only. 
  • Compatible with AdSense. 
  • A vast community of publishers. 
  • They work on a referral basis.

With a great programmatic, fine performance, and expert developers, AdServMe is our next RichPush alternative. It has been around for quite a long time and people are falling in love with its intelligent solutions. 

What else? It works with a specialty in sophisticated buying and selling across multiple platforms. Here are some other features:

  • It is being trusted by more than 140 million users. 
  • Has more than 53,000 domains and apps to choose from. 
  • Best for both advertiser and publishers

Up next we have Push Monetization that works with a well-supported browser. It helps to send out push notifications and increase advertising networks via all the browsers out there. 

Moreover, the best thing about Push Monetization is that they are mobile-friendly. So, no matter where you are, you can access your website traffic from anywhere now. 

What else?

  • It works in every country in the world for just $0.10 each country. 
  • The team offers live chat support for the users. 
  • Easy to use the system. 
  • Allows all the customization to the user. 
  • They will charge 5% for every profit the user makes. is our next best RichPush Alternative that is excellent in generating more leads and attracting high-quality traffic. The team works with tools that target the audience through its advanced advertising formats. 

It is one of the leading advertising platforms on the internet that has a complete DSP (Digital Signal Processing) network. More about

  • More than 450 million subscribers prefer for traffic. 
  • It offers huge traffic with great quality visitors.
  • Works with an inner traffic system
  • Charges 3% referral program. 
  • Is extremely beginner and user-friendly.

DatsPush may not be as good as RichPush but is still a great choice for people who want to have more traffic and earn a profit using the internet. Datspush works in around 250 countries and has an average big of $0.0048. That’s nice.

No matter if your business is about gambling, Nutra, finance, dating, e-commerce, or anything, Datspush works for any vertical. 

  • Datspush offers 24/4 good support. 
  • The bid starts from $0.001. 
  • You will have your personal manager
  • Will provide you the real-time statistics. 
  • Have automatic blacklisting features.

Evadav is one of the push notification services that teach you from scratch how to get quality push notifications. It simply makes you learn the entire process and important tips of getting more and more traffic. It’s more like an assistant that walks you through the whole revenue-generating journey.

Evadav is an advertising network that has popunder ads, push, and in-push. It works with CPM (Cost per Mille) and CPC (Cost Per Click) price models.

  • There are more than 32.5k publishers and 25.2k advertisers working with Evadav.
  • Its cost starts at just $0.001.
  • It works in large volumes with daily availability or many impressions.
  • The team offers an optimal format to attract traffic through promotions. 

PopAdup is our last and one of the best RichPush alternatives which are one well-known platform. More than 10k advertisers choose PopAdup. It has been around since 2014 and since then is offering remarkable results to the users. 

PopAdup is the first choice for professionals in affiliate marketing, media buying, online businesses, and digital marketing. One best thing about this platform is that it allows you to access over 200 traffic sources from a single dashboard. 

  • It works with many verticals
  • Has a global reach. 
  • It has an operating system that targets mobiles, tablets, and other devices.
  • There is dedicated support that works 24/7. 
  • They offer real-time reporting.

Conclusion to RichPush Alternatives

These RichPush alternatives will surely offer you as great services as Richpush. It’s your time to have huge traffic on your online business. So, make the best use of these RichPush alternatives and target the audience from across the globe.