SeekaHost Review | Host your website for less than a Coffee

Why Seekahost review?: You’re living in the digital era where every hosting company claims to offer you a 100% unlimited hosting for some good hard-earned bucks of yours. But most of the time, you’re stuck getting support tickets resolved. Don’t you?

Trust me, I’ve been in this situation many times and it’s irritating.

Shared hosting is the space where you’ve to deal with this issue because the amount you’re paying is less. And the company has enough of high paying clients/customers to serve on priority. 

Here comes SeekAHost

Yes, I am writing this SeekAHost review to introduce you with a great hosting company based out of UK.

seekahost homepage

99% uptime, 9$ for yearly hosting and a WHM panel to manage 5 website’s cPanel. Yes, such a hosting company exists and its SeekaHost.

So far, I am pretty much happy with the quality of the service they offer. The support chat helped me not only in optimizing my site for search engines but also in choosing a good plugin for SEO and Caching (to make my website fast-loading which is always a plus for outranking your competitors).

SSL Setup (Most Important)

If you’re having doubt about the SSL setup, let me clear this for you. You get a free self-signed SSL certificate powered by cPanel and you can install that very easily on your hosting account. 

But if you want to work smoothly and buy a premium SSL certificate, you can buy that too from SeekaHost.

In case, you have purchased an SSL certificate from somewhere else, you still have the SSL/TLS wizard to help you through the setup.

SSL Settings in SeekaHost cPanel

ZeroSSL offers you a step to step guide on How to setup free LetsEncrypt SSL on your cPanel powered website.

Uptime + Support + Limits

Generally, you won’t find any downtime as I have already got no notification from Jetpack about the outage of my website. So, this is recommended.

Tip: You can save 60% of bandwidth just by installing and activating Jetpack for FREE.

Talking about the support, the team is very educated about web hosting and WordPress. I jumped on the support chat and asked them about installing a WP multisite to host one of my WordPress sites network. They had no problem understanding my problem. They solved it very quickly.


So, SeekAhost not only caters to small-scaled freelancers and startups but also working with large scale organizations and market rulers. Their biggest power is the understanding of SEO and private blogging networks to rank any website on the top of SERPs.

Their pricing starts from as low as 1USD per month while unlimited hosting costs 13.99USD per month which is worth. and you get:

  • Disk space: 500 MB
  • Data Transfer/Bandwidth: 5GB
  • Domains: 1
  • SQL Databases: 2
  • cPanel: Free
  • Business emails: Unlimited
  • Sub-domains: Unlimited
pricing seekahost

The price is unbelievable.


Talking about the interface you see after buying any web hosting plan, it is the easiest control panel cPanel inside. 

You already would have had your hands on cPanel to install WordPress or to access the files using file manager. It is too easy to manage your website from cPanel. Just log in and enter your website backend.

The Best Package – PBN Hosting

If you’re a black hat guy who loves manipulating SERPs by linking to a site using your private blog network, this is for you. Unique IPs are there to help you host your PBN in such a way that it is hidden from Google that the whole network is hosted on the same server.

The best part about the PBN hosting is – separate cPanel accounts for each website. Top of them, there is a WHM (web hosting manager panel) which later helps you manage everything in a professional way.

The advantages of using SeekaHost

Special support for bloggers and advice to rank well on Google is waiting behind the chatbox on their website. They are helping bloggers very much to grow and earn from their blog by offering the cheapest hosting plan available in the market.

  • Support for bloggers on priority
  • Unique IP addresses for each site
  • PBN specialized hosting by SEO beast
  • Softaculous to install any site script to kickstart

Conclusion – SeekaHost Review

SeekaHost is in my recommended hosting list among Cloudways, BlueHost, and Hostinger.

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