Sellzone Review – The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace where Millions of merchants run their online eCommerce business. Every merchant around the Globe wishes to expand the business to make sales to higher levels. And for that special purpose, Sellzone is developed. 

There are major 4 tools available in the Sellzone toolkit which we will discuss as we proceed further in the article. But before that, let’s have a quick look at everything we are going to cover in this article:

  • Complete Overview of Sellzone
  • 4 major Features or tools
  • Detailed Description for every tool
  • Customer Care Support
  • Pricing Plans 
  • Pros and Cons
  • And finally, some FAQs    

What actually is Sellzone- an Overview?

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Sellzone is undoubtedly one of the most phenomenal business-management toolkits for Amazon merchants to analyze everything they need for their business. Sellzone toolkit is designed and developed by Semrush which is a leading digital marketing toolkit provider company. 

This toolkit basically helps merchants to organize their product pages more comprehensively for better visibility to the customers. In simple words, Sellzone improves the overall experience of product sales with the help of well-optimized tools and resources.

We all know that Amazon is a global marketplace where millions of merchants sell their products. 

That’s why, in order to outshine all the competitors, you must use Sellzone toolkit for a better sales graph. Hundreds and thousands of merchants who are using Sellzone for their business claimed an exponential growth in their business on Amazon.

However, this powerful toolkit is only available for merchants from Amazon’s US marketplace. Hence, all the listed merchants of can take advantage of Sellzone. 

Now, you must be wondering what actually Sellzone toolkit contains that makes sales graphs touch new higher levels. Basically, so far Sellzone has 4 main features that help in managing the product listing performances. 

Additionally, merchants can optimize the product pages that will directly help in increasing the sales graphs potentially very high. The visibility of your listed product will tend to appear in topmost searches. And when the listed products are in top searches, then customers usually buy them without scrolling down for other options. 

Every merchant on Amazon can realize a terrific growth in the company’s balance sheets and profits simply with the help of Sellzone.


The 4 major and powerful tools of Sellzone are perhaps the main epicenters of a growth-oriented business. Therefore, every merchant should know about the proper functioning and usability of these tools for better results. 

We are gonna provide you with a detailed review and description of the working of every tool. It will surely help everybody in understanding the potential of what Sellzone is capable of. But firstly, let’s browse the list of the tools:

Sellzone Review - The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool
  • 1) Keyword Wizard
  • 2) Listing Protection
  • 3) Traffic Insights
  • 4) Split Testing
  • 5) Listing Quality Check

These tools are highly functional and provide great help in managing your product pages on Amazon. Higher sales of products can only be achieved when you optimize everything up to the mark. So, let’s understand the details of these tools now:

Listing Protection

Sellzone Review - The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool

Listing Protection is basically an automated tool that simply monitors every Amazon ranking and listing. More often when a competitor merchant modifies the product details such as price and description, then it might be possible that your listed product will lose the upper spot in the searched results. 

That’s why to ensure that your listed product will remain at the same spot, the Listing Protection tool is designed with this perspective.

There are literally plenty of reasons that might change the rankings of the listed products. Some of the main reasons can be changed in product prices, change in the description, changes in keyword position, and many others. 

Sellzone Review - The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool

However, if you have this tool in your subscriptions, then there are very few chances that your product listing will suffer any suppressions. Furthermore, merchants can also scout their competitors with this automated tool and can get all the relevant information. 

Keyword positioning is by far one of the main reasons for product listing suppression. That’s why proper analysis is required and this job is done more specifically by this tool with ease.

Sellzone Review - The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool

There are basically 2 major functionalities that are performed by the Listing protection tool. The one is to track the Amazon listing that we have already mentioned. The other one is the Scout Competition which is also pretty much important for a growth-oriented sales business.

So what actually Scout competition refers to the analytical reports of the competitor’s product listing. Once you have all the evaluations and analytical reports, it would be much easier for you to outshine their product listing. 

Merchants can simply switch to receive updates option to get regular updates more often. 

So, now you people might be wondering how to use this tool in a proper way to take the maximum advantage out of it. Here’s the answer:

Step 1: First of all, copy and paste the product listing page’s URL or ASIN in the options box available. 

Then click on the Monitor icon afterward in order to start monitoring your product listing. 

Now once you add your product listing page, then you may add competitors listings as well.

There is no specific limit for that and that is why the Listing Protection tool is quite an impressive one for the merchants. 

Step 2: Now moving forward with the next step, there is an option “Track your Listing Issues” available for the merchants.

Sellzone Review - The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool

The main use of this feature is to select the kind of information you would like to see. 

Moreover, you may enter a specific set of keywords (not more than 100 at once) to analyze whether your product will show up in the search results against those keywords or not. 

This is indeed a very great feature that really helps merchants a lot.

Now, talking about how to win the Buy box which is ultimately the main target, you will find relevant suggestions for that too. 

Buy Box is basically attached with the “Add to Cart” option in Amazon. For instance, there are a lot of sellers who are selling their products under the same listing. That’s why whenever a customer clicks on the add to cart option, one of the sellers who win the buy box will be able to sell its product. 

Now, you might be wondering how you can be the one who can be the winner of Buy Box. 

So, the winner of the Buy box is actually decided by some parameters. And to optimize these parameters, the Sellzone toolkit will provide you with relevant resources and suggestions.

And of course, if a merchant simply follows up with these suggestions, then a tremendous growth in sales can be observed. 

Step 3: Setting up the notifications update

Amazon search engine can suppress your product listing if the keyword positioning and product description are not updated regularly. 

You have to be one step ahead of your competitor to win the Buy Box challenge. That’s why it is recommended to enable notifications for regular updates and follow up with your competitors. 

Traffic Insights

With the help of the Traffic Insights tool, merchants can evaluate the market trends and can compare the audience traffics for better planning of marketing strategies. A well-prepared marketing strategy will let the merchants witness tremendous and unlimited growth in their business. 

This tool also reveals all the external sources that are bringing the most traffic to your product listing.          

Sellzone Review - The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool

Furthermore, merchants can also view the detailed reports of their competitor’s product listing too. 

It will simply help them to identify those external sources which can bring more and more potential traffic to their product. Once the sources are identified, the investment can be done right that will surely boost up the sales graph more exponentially. 

Sellzone Review - The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool

The simplest way to do this is by adding up to 3 competitor product listings and analyzing their detailed reports. The biggest advantage of this Traffic Insights tool is that you can access reports of competitors without being the owner of listings. Great feature, isn’t it?

Merchants can analyze Overview reports, Referral reports, and PLA reports while making further strategies. It is pretty much essential to know the importance of every report to follow up with the strategy you are making for expansion. 

  • Overview report: The overview report simply tells you about the total reach trends through organic channels. In this detailed report, merchants can view the Google organic search reports that tell us the use of a specific keyword that will bring the listed product on top of the searched results on Google. Merchants can improve the positioning of the keyword so that your product listing will appear on the top of the searched results most of the time.    
  • Referral Reports: These reports provide the estimated potential traffic which is coming through external sites. Merchants can browse the detailed reports carefully to shortlist those websites whose backlinks are helpful for them to generate organic traffic.
  • PLA eport: The Product Listing Advertisement(PLA) will tell the merchants about a range of specific keywords that are to show up in Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).     
  • Display Ads Report: shows changes in the number of domains publishing display ads associated with the analyzed product.

Split Testing

The split Testing tool basically helps the merchants to understand what kind of description and product details they should mention in order to grab the maximum organic traffic. With rising competition, it is important to understand what actually needs to be done to attract customers in more numbers. 

Sellzone Review - The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool

Product listing titles should be relevant and eye-attracting so that customers directly open up your listing and hence avoiding your competitors. 

The task can be much easier with the help of the Split Testing tool because this automatic tool will run all the required analysis for proper results.

Sellzone Review - The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool

To go ahead with it, just follow up with the listed steps:

  1. Connect your Amazon Account: First of all, connect your Amazon account using Amazon Seller ID and MWS Auth token. You may extract these details from the Amazon MWS dashboard if you don’t have them with you. 
Sellzone Review - The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool
  1. Using the tool: Now using the split testing tool, run tests from the description, price, title, and main display image. You may run the test for a few days and can analyze whatever the tool will show up. You may test the parameters of different product pages with yours for better analysis. 

Split Testing is by far a very effective tool of Sellzone toolkit and therefore, it holds massive importance for the merchants to boost up the sales. 

Listing Quality Check

This audit tool of Sellzone toolkit basically provides the data to merchants that are somehow related to content errors, description style guidelines set up by Amazon. Upon meeting all these parameters, the product listing will tend to appear in top searches and hence outshining the other product listings. 

Any merchant can get the audit report just by pasting the URL of that specific product followed by clicking upon the “Check” button. The tool will conduct the necessary checks and then it will prepare the final analysis report.

Sellzone Review - The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool

The checks are categorized further into two types. The first one is a successful check and the other one is a Failed check. When you click on the “All Checks” tab, then you will get to know about a whole lot of analysis done by this tool. 

Sellzone Review - The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool

This tool is such a prominent tool that extensively searches for errors such as title length, description’s content, visuals, and even the blurred images too. Merchants may work upon every failed check and can come up with a better version.

This outstanding tool is again very helpful in analyzing the competitor’s product listing too without being the owner.  The tool also provides the best sellers benchmark in your listing category.

So, don’t wait and start using the Listing Quality Check tool for your product right now and boost up your sales performance rapidly. 

Customer Support of Sellzone

The customer care support of Sellzone is pretty much responsive and it is probably one of their best services. They are ready to answer all your queries within a very short time gap. You may chat with them or can leave your queries on Email. Additionally, the support team usually replies to you within a few seconds as their executives are always there for you to help.

As a merchant, if you have any doubt related to the working of tools and all, then you may browse the FAQ’s section on the customer support webpage for immediate assistance. 

The Sellzone social media response team is also very much efficient in its work. You may contact them through major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter too. 

Sellzone Pricing Plans

Sellzone toolkit is pretty much affordable for all the Amazon merchants who aim to expand their businesses globally. 

However, if you are confused about whether to subscribe to the Sellzone toolkit or not, then you may use their free plan for a few days to check its effectiveness.

Sellzone Review - The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool

The free plan of Sellzone consists of:

  1. Split-Testing tool for unlimited checks. 
  2. Listing check that is required for Amazon.
  3. A brief overview of External traffic.

If you are satisfied with the free services, then quickly subscribe to the paid version of Sellzone toolkit as it offers more comprehensive features than the free version. 

Sellzone Review - The Growth-Oriented eCommerce Tool

The paid version of Sellzone offers these features:

  1. Listing protection for your product page. 
  2. Detailed audit reports with external sources of traffic.
  3. Customized features with regular updates over email. 

The paid version of Sellzone is available only at a $50 per month charge and it is really a good deal, to be honest. Just try it once and give a boost to your business digitally. 

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Pros and Cons

In this section, we will now browse the Pros and some Cons of Sellzone that you should know before subscribing to it. 


  1. Sellzone is designed and developed especially for the Amazon platform. 
  2. This growth-oriented platform is popular to provide digital market solutions and strategies to its customers. 
  3. User-friendly interface that suits everybody. 
  4. Designed to optimize the product listing pages. 
  5. Helps in outshining the competitors with huge margins. 
  6. Trusted toolkit for Amazon merchants in order to expand their e-commerce businesses. 
  7. Brilliant Customer care support for providing quick responses and replies to users. 


  1. Does not provide proper marketing strategies after audits and analysis. 
  2. There are very few features listed under the free plan. 
  3. The paid version only lasts for a month at a 50$ charge.
  4. In-depth reports might create a lot of confusion. 

Final Thoughts (Conclusion)

Now, after going through each and every detail, you might have concluded that Sellzone is a value for money toolkit. Every feature which this toolkit provides is relevant in itself. 

Just with the basic understanding and description of the tools, you may be able to make suitable changes in the listing page and can boost up your sales up to many times. Amazon merchants who are using this toolkit are pretty much happy with its performance and there is no doubt you will be the next one who is going to be satisfied with it. 

The 4 major powerful tools of Sellzone are just magnificent that is really of great help to the merchants. There is an unlimited number of Amazon merchants who are using the Sellzone toolkit for many years and that is why they are continuously making huge profits from their online business. 


It might be possible that you are still left with some questions clicking up in your mind. That’s why we recommend you to browse FAQ’s section below. 

Is Sellzone the only toolkit for Amazon Merchants?

Along With Sellzone, there are a whole lot of toolkits that are available online. In fact, there are hundreds of toolkits that claim to provide the best digital marketing solutions to you. However, if you are using Sellzone, then you don’t have to make any huge efforts to get digital marketing solutions. It is a one-stop solution to every requirement that is required for the expansion of your eCommerce business. Get detailed audit reports of your product and optimize it efficiently according to the changes that are suggested. 

What are the major differences between paid and free versions?

The paid version of Sellzone simply provides you the detailed audit reports for a better optimization process. Once the parameters which are causing suppression in the listing are identified, it will become much easier for you to make your product rank in the top searches.

Whereas in the free version, you are not going to get the detailed reports, and also you cannot use all the 5 tools of Sellzone. 

Will I be able to compete with well-established Amazon merchants by using Sellzone?

Yes, competing with big Amazon merchants is not a big deal as far as you are a subscriber of Sellzone. Proper keywords, Amazon recommended styling, clear display images and every other parameter recommended by Sellzone might take your product listing to a whole new level of top-rankings. 

But for, that you need to be consistent with the optimization process regularly and very frequently too.